Feb 212014

My family stayed at the Mountain Club on Loon Mountain the weekend before last.  It’s a resort that’s located right at the base of the mountain.  We took a few steps out of our room, walked out of the door to go outside and were were literally standing at the bottom of the ski slopes. Here are a few pictures I took of the ski/snow boarding chair lift and slopes just so you could see what I saw when I stepped outside.








I am not a big skier (mostly because I can’t stand to be out in the cold for that long), but Chris and I talked about taking a family lesson with the kids the next time we are up there.

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  1. It will be nice for the kids to try skiing or even snow boarding

  2. That looks like a nice place to ski. I used to ski all the time at blue Hills, but I have not been in a long time because I don’t like to be out in the cold anymore either.

  3. I have never been skiing. Maybe a baby slope for me would work!

  4. Believe it or not I have never gone skiing and not sure I would ever be able to now that I never tried, but looked like fun 🙂

  5. We were talking about getting our two a snowboarding lesson too. Actually we’ve been threatening to go cross country skiing, however, I am like you and not a big fan of the cold. It looks very nice up there at Loon. Was it freezing cold when you took those pics? 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness this looks like a blast, I so would love to take my family skiing!

  7. I worked up at Loon when I was in college at PSC (Now PSU). Tons of us did for the ski pass that came with the job 🙂

  8. I bet there are crowds all the time at Loon right now with the fresh powder we keep getting hit with!

  9. Many years ago, before I got my hip replacement, .. I decided one thing I wanted to try was ski. I needed lots of lessons. I couldn’t stand up even on a small hill. I would love to go to Loon Mountain though… you wiill find me in a warm building sitting in front of the fireplace sipping hot tea.

  10. I’d have to try it on the little kid slope, I’m not sure I’d be able to stay upright, lol!

  11. I’m a horrible skier. My legs drift apart and then I fall, sigh!

  12. Looks like fun but i would never do it because i would probably be on my backside the whole time lol.

  13. Oh wow that makes me want to schedule a ski trip! And family lessons would be such fun!

  14. A family lesson would be fun! I have never been skiing but would like to try once.

  15. What a fun thing to do with the family.

  16. Beautiful! I want to learn to ski. My hubby does NOT. LOL

  17. Loving all these winter sports and events to go to. We have skiing out here but I cant ski, so haven’t been there. lol

  18. My son and husband want to go skiing really bad! I wonder if it is because they are watching the Olympics…this place looks like a lot of fun!

  19. We are so blessed to live near places like this!!! Love the pictures, I want to go up now but i70 is too bad with traffic think I will wait a year.

  20. I have never been skiing, but it always looks like so much fun! A friend of mine goes skiing every year since she was a young girl.

  21. I’ve always wanted to try skiing. I’ve never been fond of “being a skier”. Really, I’m just not that good on slippery surfaces, which is why I also don’t ice skate. I’m just a disaster, really. lol.

  22. I absolutely love to ski, but my husband doesn’t really enjoy it. The last time I went skiing was when were engaged. And it was actually at Loon Mountain! I really need to get back up there!

  23. I have never been skiing, and I think I’d be scared. I’m not very coordinated when it comes to walk on my own two feet sometimes; I couldn’t imagine being on skis!

  24. And here is where I draw a line.. I was not made to be strapped to 2 sticks , riding an elevated shaky car to get to the top and trust those 2 sticks to get me safely back down at a speed I am not anywhere near comfortable with.. But the view is gorgeous from the fireplace is what I would say lol

  25. Beautiful photos! I’m like you — not much of a skier — but the rest of the family loves it. I’m good for sipping hot cocoa inside. 🙂

  26. Beautiful! I’ve never been skiing. I would love to learn though…. I think…..maybe…maybe not. I’d probably spend the whole time skiing down on my butt! lol

  27. I’ve never gone skiing! However, these pics are beautiful.

  28. This place looks so cool…and I don’t even like skiing all that much! I’d love to visit one day.

  29. Growing up in FL I’ve never been skiing!! Looks like a fun place to go – I bet my kids would have a blast there!

  30. I was in ski club when I was in 7th grade. This is really making me miss those days. I haven’t been since, but would love to go with my family sometime!

  31. I have not skied in years. mostly thanks to one knee surgery. but this makes me want to get back out there!

  32. I took a lesson once and that was the beginning & ending of my ski career – lol

    Looks like fun just hanging around there though. 🙂

  33. I am terrible at skiing. Actually, all winter sports. But lately I’ve been wanting to go to a ski resort anyway.

  34. I’ve never been a skier, but I would love to learn. We have a resort nearby, so maybe when our kid is a little older we can make it a family thing.

  35. skiing has always looked fun to me. But I have never had a chance to go!

  36. I always been intimidated by skiing I think it’s do to the fact I sprang my toes just tripping over the floor so I am not sure how well I would do on ski’s. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Oh it also looks too cold for me. lol

  37. i have never ben skiing not sure i would be any good at it now as walking is a trial some days.

  38. How awesome to be so close to the action if one is a skier! I’m not either, I’m not a fan of the snow or cold at all (hence why I moved from up North to Texas LOL)

  39. I’ve never been skiing before. Honestly I think I’d break a leg. My left ankle turns in a lot. I have to wear special supports because of it. Ya my shoe selection sucks!!!

    Skiing looks fun though!

  40. I have never been snow skiing before. It looks like a lot of fun. It’s something on the bucket list.

  41. I’ve never been skiing, it looks like you had so much fun though!

  42. So pretty! I’ve never gone skiing, but I love the snow. 🙂

  43. Looks like a great place! It makes me want to get back on my snowboard!

  44. Wow, this looks like a ski location like the ones that you see in the movies. My boys love the snow so they would have enjoyed going there.

  45. Gorgeous! I would totally bust my butt trying to ski but it looks fun!

  46. Wow! That looks like so much fun!

  47. That looks so fun. I wished it snowed around here, then I would love to learn how to ski.

  48. I have never partook in any snow activity! Skiing looks fun, but I think I’d enjoy snowboarding more. But like you, I dislike being in the cold 😛

  49. I didn’t ski when my kids were young but we took them and gave them lessons just so they could see if it was something they wanted to pursue. They enjoyed it but never really wanted to continue with it.

  50. I’d simply love to do this someday. We don’t have snow :/

  51. That looks like fun! I’m so glad the weather is warming up though. Maybe next year!

  52. I’ve never been skiing, but I’m not very coordinated, so I don’t think I’d be very good! lol

  53. Both of my big boys loved surfing when they were kids. When we moved up north, they both took right to the snowboards too, and they loved them!! This looks fun. I’ve never been to a ski slope / resort.

  54. I would love to go skiing! This just looks like so much fun. I can’t wait to check skiing off my bucketlist

  55. I do not like skiing nor snowboarding at all. My daughter did try skiing for winter program at school last year and LOVED it. I haven’t been to Loon Mountain but it does look like a great place to ski for those who do!

  56. I have no idea how to ski but it looks like so much fun. We have a little local place around here called Paoli Peaks that people love to visit. I honestly, have never been there. Maybe I will one of these days. Maybe not. Hmm. I’m sure I’d break my neck, or a leg or something.

  57. Reminds me of Mont Tremblant 🙂

  58. So much fun! We just got a massive pile of fresh snow here, the ski hills will be happy 🙂

  59. I love snow ! I now know where I am going for my next vacation

  60. Very nice apres ski outing. I love to look but can’t ski. Plus the cold gets to me too. It is a beautiful setting.

  61. I So Need To Go There Again I Miss It Such A Fun Place!!!

  62. I’ve never been skiing, but I think I’d really enjoy it. Going so fast and not really able to control what you’re doing, but at the same time being in charge of exactly what your body is doing. Its probably best that I don’t try to ski…

  63. These ski slopes look fun! I’ve been thinking about taking a lesson in either skiing or snowboarding – it looks fun!

  64. I’ve never been skiing before and neither has my hubby! I paid to ski when I was a teenager but never actually did it, haha. We are planning a ski trip in the future for sure!

  65. Looks like a ton of fun! I’ve never actually been skiing, which is weird since I just moved to one of the mostpopular states for skiing!

  66. I’ve only been skiing once, but it was certainly an experience. I hope to take our boys in a few years.

  67. We have a house at LOON! Seriously every time I read your blog, I am like- we did that! We go to LOON all the time. We have a house right across from the mountain. You should do lessons there. They have a wonderful program. My husband started skiing there at the age of 4 and my daughter is almost full on skiing bc of them at 5!

  68. I have never been skiing before. looks like a fun time

  69. I’m terrified of falling, pretty clumsy & hate snow so I know this is going to sound odd, but I’ve always wanted to take a skiing lesson. Weird right? I think it just looks fun & I want a cute ski outfit lol.

  70. I haven’t been skiiing since my teenage years, but this looks so fun! I would love to visit there.

  71. Reading through the comments, it’s fascinating to find so many moms who don’t ski or even want to ski. I can relate because it is kinda scary and, given the publicly shared deaths and accidents we all heard about, it makes trying daunting. But I bet if we overcame our fear and worked with a safety conscious instructor, we might get to enjoy it. In the meantime, I’m all apres ski. Like Mina above, I love the gear and goggles. 😆

  72. It’s so beautiful there! I would love to learn to ski!

  73. I have never been skiing or ice skating. I think that makes me a bad New Englander lol

  74. I live in one of the biggest ski resort towns on the East Coast and I’ve only gone once. I fell down, an elderly couple had to help me up, and that was the end of it, lol. Still, I love the name, Loon Mountain. Sounds like just my kind of place!

  75. Wouldn’t that make it really noisy in your rooms?

  76. I have never been skiing but that view is definitely worth going for. I might have to try it out sometime {on a bunny slope}. 🙂

  77. It’s beautiful there! Thanks so much for sharing your family trip

  78. I used to go skiing every weekend when I was a teen. I’m scared to have my boys try, though.

  79. How pretty! I really need to take my kids skiing!

  80. I have never been skiing, but it seems like it could be fun – just not for me. I’m clumsy as all get out. ~lol~

  81. I have never been downhill skiing it is something i would definitely love to do. I lived on Loon Drive in CA many years ago…totally random thought..