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The Skinny House is located at 44 Hull Street in the North End is an extremely narrow four-story house that has the unique distinction of being the narrowest house in Boston.

Legend says that in Colonial times Joseph Euestus (who is buried across the street in Copps Hill Burying Ground) and his brother inherited land the house sits on from their father. While Joseph was away, his brother built a grand house on the part of the land away from Hull Street leaving little for his brother. But it was Joseph who had the last laugh. He built the skinny house on the narrow lot in front of his brother’s home and at four stories it was enough to cut off his brother’s view of the harbor. The legend persists and today the house at 44 Hull Street is still often referred to as the ‘Spite House’.




The skinny house is a 1166 square foot single family home. It has 2 bedrooms & 1 bathroom and it’s located along Boston’s Freedom Trail.

According to Wikipedia, the house spans 10.4 feet at Hull Street, its widest point. There is no entrance here; the house may only be entered via a small alley.The house tapers to 9.25 feet at the back. On the interior, the outer walls are as little as 8.4 feet apart and none are more than 9.2 feet apart. The home’s narrowest interior point is 6.2 feet across, close enough to allow an adult to touch opposing walls. There are only five doors in the house although it has four levels. The second floor holds the living room and the bathroom, one of the few spaces separated by a door.

According to Zillow, the house is valued a little over $600, 300 right now.

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  1. The spite part is sad, but if you were single and wanting to live in Boston, this could be cute? The history is certainly interesting!

  2. $600K wow, would seem a lot except for its’ historical significance. Is it privately owned?

  3. That is so cool! I can’t believe it costs that much. I wonder if it’s because of its notoriety or if all homes in the downtown Boston area are that pricey.

  4. You know, I am sure I’ve walked past this, but I don’t think I’ve ever noticed it or given it a second look lol. I will try to pay more attention next time 🙂

  5. If a guy lived there he would have to tell girls it’s bigger than it looks

  6. I wonder who lives there now? It would be perfect for a single person, maybe a couple. It sure is prime real estate and an interesting story!

  7. Oh wow, well that is surely one way to get back at someone! Lol! That looks so cool though, I’d love to see the inside. I am so curious on how it’s set up in there now!

  8. That is an interesting story. I have never heard of this place.

  9. Loved the background story to this and that house truly is very skinny indeed. Would love to see the inside and how they decorated it.

  10. That is def a skinny house! Love the back story in it!

  11. Wow skinny! Around here we have a house that’s shaped like a sliver of pie. I’m pretty sure you could reach the walls on each side when you stand in the center of the room. Weird

  12. Wow, that is a sad story! I’d love to see what the inside looks like, seems like it would be a nice little spot for a single or couple!

  13. Zillow bases it’s estimates only on square footage and neighborhood, not historical significance or other interior furnishings. I hate that website. But I love this skinny house and remember seeing it in Boston!

  14. it would be cool to see inside!!

  15. I love this! Stuff like this is why I became an architect. I desperately want to see inside it.

  16. That’s so cool! I love different homes. I like underground homes to. Do they treat this like a museum, or is it a home? From the looks of it, someone lives there. I know the entrance would be a pain, but besides that it would be so cool to live there!

  17. Holy crap that’s an expensive little house!

  18. Love it! Smart guy.

  19. This is a great story! Neat house, but I’d hate the walk up three flights of stairs.

  20. Great story! I couldn’t imagine living there!

  21. Definitely an interesting house and an even more interesting story. That is a lot of $$ per square feet! How do they get furniture in that house? The front window?

  22. I can see why it’s called the Skinny House – it is super tiny!! I wonder what it would be like to live in such a narrow home? I think $600 is probably reasonable considering it’s a historical place!

  23. That is a fascinating story! I can’t believe it’s worth $600K — wow!

  24. I would love to see the inside of it. I bet most of it is fairly dark inside with the buildings on both sides. Very cool story.

  25. Very unique house… I am curious to know what the inside of it looks like now.

  26. cool – expensive little house – never seen that before – very interesting 🙂

  27. I seriously think you should be working for Frommers! You have the best locations to tell us about!!!
    Do it .. work for Frommers!


  28. What a great story!! The price is crazy though! 😉

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  29. Wow, that is one narrow house! Have a terrific weekend!

  30. Seeing this pictures makes me miss the area so much!!!

  31. Nothing quite like sibling rivalry! Neat house, but way overpriced!

  32. that’s really messed up what they did to him. I find it funny that he still built a house there, kind of showed them.

  33. Holy crap! 6000,000 for a skinny house! Well it is Boston and it’s historical. I think I would feel a little cramped in there.

  34. The backstory behind this cracks me up. I’d totally live there.

  35. That house is insane!! Not only does it look weird and out of place, but how do you decorate something like that?? lol!!! Very interesting post!

  36. Very interesting!! Seems like a lot to pay but I guess it’s because of the history. What people won’t do to spite others! LOL!!

  37. This is very interesting, especially since the entire house only has five doors, yet it has four stories. I wonder who lives there?

  38. This is a really neat little house! I think I would get claustrophobic in there though!

  39. I’ve seen that from the outside, but would love to spend a day there inside. Must be very strange. 🙂

  40. I think this house is really cool! We have a house in our town that is 1 story and about 12×15. I think it’s adorable although I can’t imagine how you live in a space that small.

  41. that is the cutest house ever reminds me of the movie Stuart Little for some reason.

  42. I would imagine those are some steep stairs to climb, narrow and steep. I think we saw this house when we were in Boston. There is no way that I would want to live there, although I think it is pretty cool.

  43. I think I need to plan a trip to Boston soon and have you show me all the cool places you post about! Still trying to qualify for the Boston marathon to earn my way there….

  44. I’d definitely live there if I were a single lady in the city. It’s unique, that’s for sure.

  45. Eek! That’s sibling rivalry for sure!! And tiny

  46. This Is too Funny, I Think I Saw Something On TV About This!!!

  47. WOW! I’ve never seen anything like it!

  48. I’ve seen houses like this in other parts of the country and am always amazed at their value! I like more house for my buck. lol

  49. I can totally see the price tag of this house. The history of it is so interesting and I would LOVE to see inside!

  50. WHOA that’s a skinny house with a fat price tag! It’s so cool looking, though!

  51. Wow what a crazy little house, I think I would feel quite claustrophobic in it personally but I think it would be amazing to nose inside. x

  52. Whenever I see or hear of houses like that all I can think about is what kind of furniture could you possibly put in there. 600K seems pretty steep for something so narrow!

  53. Boston must be so expensive if that house is 600,000! It’s neat looking though!

  54. Wow, that is such a cute house. So much history and uniqueness in Boston.

  55. That is such a unique house!

  56. Haha, what a smart guy. So mean, but smart.

  57. That’s actually a really cool background story on the house. Can’t believe it’s worth over 600 grand though…that’s a whole lotta money for a skinny little house!

  58. Lol funny story. Would loke to see the inside of the house.

  59. Talk about a family feud! That was just a low blow!

  60. Wow! I love the history of buildings, thanks for sharing this! It reminds me of Sirius Black’s house on Harry Potter LOL

  61. I cant believe how expensive it is. It’ s pretty cute though.

  62. I would feel a little stuck or trapped i don’t think I would be able to breath entering in that house. i would put a front door coming of the street. I wouldn’t know what I would use it for and here I am thinking my two bedroom apartment is small.

  63. This is pretty awesome and I love the history behind it. Although I personally wouldn’t pay that much to own the history but I’m sure others have and would.

  64. Oh I love historical stuff. “Spiteful” sounds about right if your going to build a house that small to annoy someone. Thank you for sharing this bit of Boston History.

  65. I love knowing the history behind houses, it’s so fascinating. It’s a really cute house,love the grey, but I wouldn’t want to live there. too small for me

  66. wow that is one skinny home! Reminds me of the Disney movie Up! I like how they found used a tiny space or living!

  67. That sounds like something my siblings and I would do, lol. I love that he outsmarted his brother but how on earth would you get furniture in that thing.

  68. $600,000+ for it?! Wow!

    I love the story behind it 🙂

  69. We teach our kids the “You divide, I choose” rule. The person dividing (whatever) is allowed to divide in any fashion and ration they please. The person who is NOT dividing has first choice between the two selections. Amazing how carefully things get cut/split/divided with the knowledge that you may end up with the smaller one. There were obviously no such lessons in the family of those two brothers but I like thinking the “2nd” brother looked at it as a glass half full instead of half empty. Whether he blocked the view out of spite or it just happened as a result of building ANYTHING in that space could probably be debated.

  70. I love the history – have you ever been inside of it? This would be perfect for someone single and living alone, if the house could talk, I’m sure it would have many great stories to tell. I love the part about the “last laugh”, too funny.

  71. Looking at that house gives me anxiety. It’s crazy there is so much square footage. I bet it’s not fun to bring the groceries in!

  72. I seriously love this little house and the history that goes with it. The price tag would never be in my budget, but one can dream right?!

  73. Oh my goodness, that really is a thin house! I don’t know if I would be able to live there because I have claustrophobia and it seems awfully small.

  74. I love the legend behind the house.

  75. I loved reading the story about this house. Looking at the row houses is always fun but this tiny thing is super fun.

  76. It seems like I have seen this on TV at some point. Very interesting.

  77. Holy smokes, that is a tiny house. I am not sure I could live there…it might be a little too confined for me.

  78. This house reminds me of the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. What a cool piece of history!

  79. Haha, this is a cool story and I would absolutely love to see this house in person! Definitely stands out. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  80. wow – history (and spite) are expensive. but what an interesting place it would be to live. It may not be your forever home — but It would be neat to say you lived in such a “rich” place.

  81. I’m feeling claustrophobic looking at this house. ~lol~

  82. Wow!! That is a lot of money for a little house!! 🙂 It’ super cute, though and has great history.

  83. I have seen pictures of this house before but never knew anything about it.

  84. I absolutely love the North End. I’d never heard of the skinny house until your post. Very interesting!

  85. The spite house is adorable! I like that it looks different from the surrounding buildings – and the history of it makes it all the more interesting.

  86. Not sure I would want to live in a house called the Spite House. Interesting story.

  87. What an interesting story! I would get claustrophobic in that place. I’m sure of it!

  88. BAHAHA sweet revenge!! That is a pretty nifty looking home though. I wouldn’t mind living there.

  89. Very cool story. I would totally love to see the house in person too. It’s a cute little place.

  90. I would have thought it was a lot smaller than that. Very cool and loved reading the story. Too funny.

  91. WOW! What a unique house – I’m DYING to see the inside… I wonder if Zillow has any pics?

  92. Wow that is skinny! I have rooms not much smaller then that! I’m guessing the $300 you mention is thousand?