Feb 282014

During the February vacation, we were looking for something to do with the kiddos and I ended up coming across a post on Facebook about an Owl Festival that was being held at the South Shore Natural Science Center in Norwell.

The way the building was set up, was that there was an EcoZone Museum to the left and then the Owl Festival was being held in a big function room on the other side.  We decided to see what was in the EcoZone Museum first. Basically, it is a multidimensional, interactive exhibit area that focuses on the ecosystems of southeastern Massachusetts.



There is a  life-sized model of a red maple tree whose branches extend over Turtle and Frog Ponds – and there are about 20 live turtles and frogs in there.  The “boys” loved watching the turtles play.



A hollow log (under the tree), large enough for both children and adults to crawl through, divides the Turtle and Frog Ponds.

There were also other animals hanging out in the EcoZone that we enjoyed looking at:



This interactive Naturpedia was the highlight of the day for my six year old.  He was able to learn all about 160 local creatures!  There are photos of Mammals, Insects, Birds, Amphibians or Reptiles and it includes 148 digital recordings of most of those animals.


The EcoZone Museum isn’t that big, so you can spend a lot of time in there – or just a little.  We were in there for about a half hour before we moved on to the owl festival in the other part of the building.  On Facebook it said that the kids could enjoy crafts, games, live animal presentations and more, so that sounded right up the gruesome twosome’s alley.

The highlight of the owl festival, by far, was that they got to dissect an owl pellet (yuck).  The SSNSC provided the pellet, the tools and magnifying glasses.


They got to dig through the pellet to see if they could find all of these bones in there:


I am not sure if they found them all, but they found most of them – and the volunteer from the museum was kind enough to give them a ziploc bag so they could bring it all home.  Oh joy.

There were all sorts of owl related things on display& at one point someone came in and gave a talk about owls in the area.



There were coloring pages, paper bag owl puppet making stations and crafts set up, too.


Both boys LOVED this craft in which they got to make an owl out of Pom Poms:





There was only one owl on display there that day (I think because of the snow we got the day before), and we had to go outside to see the it.  If you look real hard, you can see the Great Horned Owl behind my boys in the cage.


My boys love science and this place was right up their alley!  Want to see for yourself? The South Shore Natural Science Center is located at 48 Jacobs Lane in Norwell, MA.

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  1. That looks really cool. Glad that they got to make their own little owl. Dissecting poop is always fun! 🙂 We had a baby Barret owl in our woods last summer (oh summer where are you?) He was fun to listen to at night.

  2. Owl poop was gross, but there is a lot to see there.

  3. my boss is obsessed with owls. they’re all over the house (thankfully, no stuff ones–those would freak me out!)

  4. Oh how awesome! I always loved doing things like this with my kids! We visit a small wildlife center nearby on occasion and it’s fun to see all of the wildlife setups and info they have on display. Love those pompom owls!

  5. Looks like a lot of great and fun hands on activities for your boys and think my girls would like something like this as they got older. Thanks for sharing, Robin!! 🙂

  6. These are just the kinds of places the kids like to go too. Smart choice from mom. It looks like they had a nice time!

  7. Oh my… I dissected an owl pellet in 5th grade and it is pretty much the only thing I remember from that whole school year. Gross!! All those bones. Glad you boys had fun!

  8. I’ve never even heard of this place- you find the best places to go. I really need to get over the bridge more.

  9. Well holy owl crap!! I really don’t know why anyone would want to look at it, but I guess to each his own. Sounds like another fun day.

  10. The boys so would love that place. Looks like a lot of fun.

  11. You get to go to so many places! I feel like I have a boring life compared to yours. lol

  12. Museums are just the best .. Reagan has a ball at them and I love going to them. You get to do so many amazing things. I love what an awesome childhood your kiddos have! You’re a rockstar mama!


  13. why yes, my kids and I could totally get love in that science center for a few days! What a fun adventure. My kids love natural science.

  14. I love when things are fun and you’re learning. My son would love this.

  15. This looks pretty neat! Although I’m terrified of birds, so I’ll just live vicariously right now LOL

  16. Looks like a really fun and educational day! Both of my kids would love this. They love learning about new things and getting to visit science centers and museums!

  17. AHA HAHA HA I just left a comment the other day about dissecting owl pellets. I can’t believe that’s still something that they do at science museums!! We did this every year in elementary school and I never found it gross. But the owl threw it up, so it is totally gross. I guess because it didn’t smell, it never bothered me. And it was like a treasure hunt, so I was always intrigued by the bones and stuff.

    I’ve always thought the name Norwell is such a sad name. It’s like not well. Whereas on the Cape, we have Wellfleet. So much more positive!!

  18. I love the iguana picture! I had an iguana for years. He was like 5 feet long when he passed away. Looks like such a fun place!

  19. Owls are cool! Their poop…not so much.

  20. What a great place to have nearby. The Owl Festival looks like so much fun!

  21. I love how hands on this place is. Well, all except the owl pellets lol. The little ole Pom poms are so adorable too!

  22. What a fun day out! We love going to science centers.

  23. I love places like that. We don’t have a Science Center near here, but they do have a museum in Kansas City, which is 2 1/2 hours away. The best one I’ve been in is in Chicago though!

  24. I wish we had more hands-on places for the kids here. Your boys look like they really enjoyed that science center!

  25. What a great place. They really need to have more Science Centers like this around the United States and accessible to parents. It is the best education a little one can get.

  26. Fun and educational! you definitely can not beat that!

  27. That looks like a really fun day! My kids used to love visiting places like this.

  28. What a fun and exciting day. When I was younger, I love going to places, discovering new thngs and just exploring. It gives me excitement and I am sure your kids have felt the same way!

  29. Owl Poop dissection. My son would LOVE that. This looks like an awesome place to visit. It’s nice you had a fun place to visit with your family.

  30. I love local science museums! The boys’ owls were adorable!!

  31. the little owl pom poms are so cute!! my girls would love that.
    they’d want to hang out with the turtles and frogs I am sure — they spend half the summer trying to catch them up here. What a fun place.

  32. That would be so much fun to see, my youngest would love the digging to find all the bones. You have so many great things to see in your area, I sure hope to visit one day.

  33. I love how interactive this is. My husband, especially, would love it. (My boy would too – when he’s a bit older.)

  34. We llove Science centers!!! This one looks fabulous. Glad you had a great time!

  35. My brother would love this. He love all types of animals.

  36. My brother would love this. He love all types of animals.
    This looks like so much fun and very educational.

  37. The owl pellet thing is cool, but bringing it home…not so much. That’s just gross!

  38. This looks great my daughter loves to go to Science museums. They are always interesting.

  39. How fun! My kids have done the “what did the owl eat” thing in school. They find is so interesting, and they till talk about it a year later.

  40. Robin, you take the best photos of your guys, Chris included when they are looking and learning and fascinated. Great. Perfect. #1) no you can NOT have my shoes. lol #2) Just tell Chris you will spend $20 at Charming Charlie and then try like dang hard to just spend $18 and before you know it you’ll be back into his good graces and accumulating a bunch of $18 total items times 5 or 6. Seee? lol

  41. How cool that they have so many interactive things! My son could spend a week there!

  42. wow – so much to learn at the South Shore Science Center! What a great find!

  43. These are some great photos and I could just imagine all of the lessons that I could support in my classroom with the exhibits there. It’s a wonderful place for discovery and for learning.

  44. You always visit the coolest places! The kids look like they enjoyed it!

  45. You go on the best family outings. They are educational and also fun!

  46. What a cool place to visit. I am a big fan of science museums/centers. The hands on aspect is great for kids.

  47. Very cool science museum! Yes, you do always post always very cool places!!

  48. That science center looks awesome! I love turtles so much. 🙂

  49. Y’all do the most awesome things! In the 25 years I lived in MA I never had such adventures and I’m so jealous. Lol. I would love this place and would be right there watching the turtles just like your “boys” did. I’d love to see the owl exhibit too. Maybe I should add this as a day trip during the next visit home in May!

  50. That is such a cool museum. I bet your kids really enjoyed this one 🙂

  51. I’m really love science! Would love to visit the center. Looks like your kids had a lot of fun with the owl pellet.

  52. We absolutely love fossil museums! Anytime we see one, anywhere, we have to pull over and go inside 🙂

  53. Talk about making learning fun! This looks like a great science museum!

  54. The only thing that makes me feel better about my babies getting big is that we can do more fun stuff like this now!

  55. I love places like this, especially as a homeschool mom. Looks like this museum has a lot to offer!

  56. I love going to places that are fun but where you can learn things.

  57. Science museums are fun to visit, both for kids and parents. I know my kids would have enjoyed this one.

  58. This looks like such a fun (and educational) outing! I love the framed box of “What the Owl Ate”…LOL

  59. Both of my boys would love this. Anything to do with nature and animals is right up my 4 year old’s alley. My teen loves science. This would be a great day trip for all of us.

  60. My boy would love this! We did owl pellets in 3rd grade and I still remember it being really cool!

  61. How fun! We are going to be visiting the local Natural Science Center here soon. I hope we have as much fun as you did.

  62. What an awesome museum experience! I love everything about it….except maybe the bringing home of the owl pellet contents. That grosses me out a little. But everything else is amazing.

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  74. I love science centers! We have a fabulous one in Hartford. My son and I can spend a whole day there!

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