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The Summer is Already Half Over, don't Miss Out on Going to Water Country in Portsmouth, NH this summer. It's New England's favorite water park!

Here in New England, summer is way too short and my family really tries to make the most of the nice weather we do get. One thing we do every single year is head up to Portsmouth, NH to Water Country. There are several water parks in New England, but Water Country is by far our favorite.

For over 30 years, Water Country has been the go-to destination for family fun in southern New Hampshire. Water Country features family-friendly rides and attractions like Big Ollie, Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror, and the lazy river. They have more slides, pools and attractions than any other water park in the area and there is definitely something for everyone there.  A day at the water park is just that, a full day!

The Summer is Already Half Over, don't Miss Out on Going to Water Country in Portsmouth, NH this summer. It's New England's favorite water park!

My family had a blast spending the day at Water Country this past weekend and I wanted to share a few tips with you for your trip:

  1. You CAN bring outside food and drinks (non alcoholic) into Water Country.  They have several dining options inside the park if you don’t feel like dragging a cooler with you, but you have the choice and I always like having options.
  2.  The pavement between attractions gets HOT by the afternoon, so make sure you have flip flops or something to wear on your feet because it WILL hurt to walk on the hot pavement, trust me.
  3.  Get there early!  This is especially true on weekends. There are limited chairs and picnic tables and they WILL go fast, so if you want to get a spot, be there when the park opens.
  4. Spring for the locker for your valuables.  It’s totally worth not having to worry about leaving your stuff unattended at your home base for the day.
  5. Don’t forget to pack sunblock, a bag for wet bathing suits, a clean/dry change of clothes, cash (for rentals), swim diapers if needed and most importantly, a portable phone charger.

The Summer is Already Half Over, don't Miss Out on Going to Water Country in Portsmouth, NH this summer. It's New England's favorite water park!

Here’s everything you need to know to plan your visit:


Standard Parking
Regular Parking is $5 per vehicle.
Preferred Parking
Preferred Parking is $25 per vehicle.


Life Jackets
Water Country allows Guests to rent Life Jackets on a First Come…First Serve basis. Each Life Jacket rented from the Rentals Shack requires a $10.00 (cash only) deposit. Deposits are refundable on return of the life jacket at the end of use and undamaged.

The Summer is Already Half Over, don't Miss Out on Going to Water Country in Portsmouth, NH this summer. It's New England's favorite water park!

Tubes can be rented at the Rental Pavillion. Guests who purchase a Tube Wristband will be entitled to his/her personal tube for the day. Reminder Guests the following:

• Water Country is not responsible for Tubes stolen from other Guests.
• It is the Guest’s responsibility to keep track of and hold onto his/her tube throughout the day.
• To deposit and pickup tubes throughout the day, a valid wristband of the determined color must be worn on that Guest’s wrist.
• Guests who do not have a Tube Wristband cannot pick-up a Tube at the Rental Shack OR carry it around the park.

Rentable Lockers
Water Country offers rentable lockers for Guests to safely secure their personable belongings such as bags, towels, cameras, wallets, and purses while they enjoy the park’s attractions. Guests will be able to purchase keys to our rentable lockers at either the Ticket Booths (with Park Admission) or Rental Shack (located to the right of First Aid).

• All-day unlimited locker access for EACH locker rented (no coins required)
• ONE locker key per locker rented ONLY

LARGE: $20
JUMBO: $25
*Season Pass Holders save $5!

The Summer is Already Half Over, don't Miss Out on Going to Water Country in Portsmouth, NH this summer. It's New England's favorite water park!

Water Country is located at 2300 Lafayette Road in Portsmouth, NH 03801.  And guess what?  Water Country is on InstagramTwitter & Facebook, too, so be sure to follow them to keep up with their latest news and updates.

If you’re in New England and looking for a fun day out with the family, Water Country is the place to be.  My boys are already asking when we can go back!

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  25 Responses to “The Summer is Already Half Over – Don’t Miss Out on Going to Water Country This Year!”

  1. That looks like a great place for a family to spend a warm summer day. I have in-laws in NH and think I heard a nephew-in-law say he went there.

  2. You’re so right! I need to get a water park with my daughter before it’s too late!

  3. This looks like such a fun place to spend the day with the family. I love that you can bring your own food and drink into this water park. Looks like so much fun!

  4. My youngest son is heading to the water park with friends today. We’re coming up on the last few days of water park season so he will try to squeeze in as many visits as he can before jetting off to college.

  5. My family loves visiting Water Parks and we try and find at least one new one to visit each Summer as it allows us to make new memories and spend time together as a family without electronics.

  6. That looks like a fun place to go. Unfortunately where I live summer is basically over as far as freedom my kiddos start school next week. Maybe as a last resort we should go to a waterpark like this. It’s a great idea!

  7. Our kids love going to the water park. This is a great way to spend the day, especially since it’s still the hottest part of summer!

  8. I love a good lazy river! We have one in our own neighborhood pool and I have yet to check it out! I know, sad…. very sad.

  9. My girls love water parks. This looks like a fabulous destination for our family. I bet my kids would have a blast here.

  10. What a cool place! We always like to go to water parks during the summer to beat the heat. My kids are old enough to do their own thing, so I usually pick a chair and read!

  11. I’m always looks for great places to bring my family. This looks like a place that they would love. It would have been perfect to visit today.

  12. This sounds like it was a really fun day and the perfect way to cool off. I need to visit a waterpark before summer is over.

  13. Wow this sounds like a fun day of spending time cooling off from the heat. And I love your tips all very useful!!

  14. I need to hit up a water park. I always have a good time when I go to one.

  15. My kids would never leave that place. I swear they are fish!

  16. Looks like so much fun?m! You guys always have such fun trips and things to do. I’d love to visit and my kids would love it too!

  17. I have not had a chance to visit this year! We did have fun the one time we were able to visit!!

  18. I haven’t been swimming all year 🙁 I’d love to go to Water Country and float on the lazy river all day at least once before summer is over.

  19. Ok first, I cannot believe the summer is almost over. And yes I so need to get my kiddies here!

  20. My kids love visiting waterparks. I haven’t heard of this one before, but it would be fun to visit. It sounds like your kids had a blast.

  21. This looks like such a fun place to spend a day and cool off and relax. My kids would like it too

  22. Wow! This place looks like a total blast. We live in Manhattan and this would be the perfect getaway with my four year old!

  23. We went to Water Country 4 years ago, the kids had a blast. I couldn’t enjoy the water due to woman’s bad timing issue but the kids had so much fun.

  24. This looks like so much fun. Wish we had more water parks, as the few we do get so busy.

  25. During summer you’ve got to at least go somewhere there’s waterlike the beach or the pool. And Water Country sounds like the perfect place to go and it looks amazing.