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**Masshole Mommy and her family received complimentary admission, parking, cabana and a locker rental during the day of our visit.  All opnions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

Here in New England, we only get about three months of summer, so my family really tries to make the most of it.  One thing we do every single year is head to the water park.  This year, we decided to make the 90 minute ride up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to spend the day at Water Country and I am so happy we did.


One of the nice things at Water Country is that they offer cabanas, so you can have your own personal space for the day.  We liked the idea of having a place to keep all of our stuff, so we happily set up shop in one of their Standard Cabanas, which was located right next to the Wave Pool. The cabanas at Water Country accommodate six people with a small table, 2 chairs and 2 Lounge chairs.  No worries if you have extra guests because you can fit up to 2 additional people ($10 per guest) in the cabana with you.

Water Country Cabana

The first thing the boys wanted to do was go to the Adventure River.  In there they were able to go through waterfalls, fountains and caves on the ¼ mile long river ride. FYI – all children under 48” must wear a life jacket in the Adventure River. Tubes are provided on this ride, however they are not required. My boys went a couple of times with tubes and a few without – and they were happy either way!

Water Country Adventure River

Next up was the Giant Wave Pool.   Did you know that the Giant Wave Pool at Water Country is New England’s largest wave pool?  It contains 700,000 gallons of water!  Kidlets under 48″ are REQUIRED to wear a life jacket and free life jackets are available throughout the park. Tubes are not required to go in to the wave pool, but rental tubes are permitted.

Water Country Giant Wave Pool

The gruesome twosome also ended up spending quite a bit of time at Bubble Bay, which is adjacent to the Giant Wave Pool.  This play area features spraying geysers and bubbling water for kids to enjoy – and that my kids did!

Water Country Bubble Bay

Throughout our day there, we walked through the park and I am not kidding when I say that there is something for everyone at Water Country.  The Dragon’s Den Tube Slide had long lines all day and my oldest son had a blast on the Double Geronimo Extreme Body Slide (It’s a  58-foot high twin speed slide)! Riders must be 48″, so my little man had to sit that one out.

Water Country Park 1Water Country Park 3
The boys also loved the Tahiti Tree House where they got drenched under the giant tipping bucket. There were also lots of slides and other water attractions to play with in there, too!

Water Country Park 2

We were literally there all day and could have easily spent several more hours there had the park been open longer.  Everyone had such a fun time at Water Country.

Here’s everything you need to know to plan your visit:


Standard Parking
Regular Parking is $5 per vehicle.
Bus parking is free!

Preferred Parking
Preferred Parking is $15 per vehicle.

Buy a Parking Pass!
Only $20.00. A benefit reserved for our 2014 Season Pass holders only.
Parking pass entitles holder to General Parking any day during the 2014 season.


Life Jackets
Water Country allows Guests to rent Life Jackets on a First Come…First Serve basis. Each Life Jacket rented from the Rentals Shack requires a $10.00 deposit. Deposits are refundable on return of the life jacket at the end of use and undamaged.

Tubes can be rented at the Rental Shack for $6.00 per tube. Guests who purchase a Tube Wristband will be entitled to his/her personal tube for the day. Reminder Guests the following:

• Water Country is not responsible for Tubes stolen from other Guests.
• It is the Guest’s responsibility to keep track of and hold onto his/her tube throughout the day.
• To deposit and pickup tubes throughout the day, a valid wristband of the determined color must be worn on that Guest’s wrist.
• Guests who do not have a Tube Wristband cannot pick-up a Tube at the Rental Shack OR carry it around the park.

Rentable Lockers
Water Country offers rentable lockers for Guests to safely secure their personable belongings such as bags, towels, cameras, wallets, and purses while they enjoy the park’s attractions. Guests will be able to purchase keys to our rentable lockers at either the Ticket Booths (with Park Admission) or Rental Shack (located to the right of First Aid).

• All-day unlimited locker access for EACH locker rented (no coins required)
• A $3.00 Refundable Deposit for EACH key returned
• ONE locker key per locker rented ONLY
• A lost, stolen, or broken key DOES NOT qualify for a $3.00 refund
Type Price Locker Size

STANDARD $10 + $3 Refundable Deposit 12” X 12” X 18”
LARGE $15 + $3 Refundable Deposit 18” X 18” X 18”

Water Country is located at 2300 Lafayette Road in Portsmouth, NH 03801.  And guess what?  Water Country is on InstagramTwitter & Facebook, too, so be sure to follow them to keep up with their latest news and updates.

If you’re in New England and looking for a fun day out with the family, Water Country is the place to be.  My boys are already asking when we can go back!

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  1. I love it here they have rides for every age 0-99. I can’t wait to go back and use the wave pool. Getting the cabanas is a must though because they make it easier.

  2. I think having a cabana is a great idea,we do not have these in our water parks mostly because most of it is located indoors as UK weather is not always that nice lol.Looks like your boys had a great time.

  3. We took the girls to Splish Splash last year and want to try to go back this year (that is our local water park). Love these types of parks, too and just so much fun 🙂

  4. We used to take our kids there every year when they were little. We all always had a great time there.

  5. This is right around me, I’m definitely going to check it out!

  6. It looks like you had a fun day! I love that they have personal cabanas.

  7. Having a cabana is a great idea! It’s nice to have a home base in a park like this when you have kids. Everyone can rest.

  8. Looks like everyone had a great time. What fun!

  9. My son would love Bubble Bay! (I could do with a lazy river, and the lounge chairs.) Such a fun place!

  10. The cabanas are a great idea. I can only handle so much sun before I am a lobster so am always seeking shade.

  11. My family loves waterparks, this place looks like it has some great slides! We are in a heat wave right now – I want to go now!!

  12. I have heard a lot of good things about this place. Water fun and kids, is a fun combination to watch.

  13. Who could not have a great time at a place like this?! Love it.

  14. We love water parks, and cabanas are great for getting some shade space.

    • I wish the water park we went to had cabanas to rest in! It is always so hard to find shade because it is usually crowded.

  15. Water parks are so much fun for both kids and adults. I love that you can get your own cabana!

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  19. We love the Water Country in Williamsburg, VA. We’ve already been a couple of times this summer and want to go back.

  20. Looks so fun! I have yet to go to a water park yet with my boys. I’d love to do that one summer after my boys know how to swim. Water parks are so fun!

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  22. What a fun time! That looks like exactly where i wish I was right now. It’s so hot here in FL and we are planning to go to the water park next week if it doesn’t get rained out. It’s a few hours away but totally worth it. They have the best water slides!

  23. That place looks so fun. I have a few watermarks near me but we haven’t ever been to any because of the baby. I am thinking she will be better to go next year and I can’t wait!

  24. That’s a fun looking park! I like that you got the cabana, that would be cool to have a secure place for the day for your things.

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  26. Very cool review! Thanks for the heads up on all the park’s details.

  27. Seriously when are you going to adopt me. I love all the adventures that you go on. It looks and sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.

  28. My kids love the one that is like this in our town. They offer free sunscreen too. I can’t imagine summer for only 3 months. Wow!

  29. I would rather go to a water park then go to a roller park.. my wife and kids disagree.. This is not too far from us a few hours.. thanks for the info and great pictures!

  30. ROFLMAO! Glad we aren’t the only ones who only get 3 months of summer. I can totally relate to wanting to go to the water park. I love being able to curl up with a book and escape even if its loud all around me :0)
    This place looks awesome!

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  40. It looks like a really fun time! Something to look into whenever I’m in the area 🙂

  41. I love seeing pictures of water parks and hearing about different ones. That way, I can keep my options open! This one looks like a blast!

  42. Is that an automatic tube lift that takes the tubes up to the top? I wish our local places had one of those. We have to lug them up ourselves and it SUCKS when carrying a 30/40# kid.

  43. looks like a blast! Cute pics 🙂

    I always like the “lazy River” ridesxoxo

  44. Our family loves places like this!!!! We have one here called WAter Worls. Love it.

  45. Wow! You’re right about something for everyone. That looks like a pretty awesome place to hang out. I’d be there all day (and night).

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  53. I love water parks. They are great places to cool off in the summer and to spend family time together.

  54. Living in Maine, I know what you mean about making the most of our short summers before the snow starts flying again! Portsmouth is a doable trip for us. I will have to keep this place in mind for when my daughter is a little older. I can’t wait to get in that wave pool!

  55. This is an awesome place. Looks like tons of fun.

  56. Wow NH sure has changed since i was a kid. Can I Come hang out with you?

  57. Looks like you guys had a great day! Water parks are a great place for family fun during the summer!

  58. Oh wow, looks like a lot of fun! I love that you get your own cabana. I really want to take my kids to a water park this year.

  59. We were here on Monday! It was awesome and that cabana is the same ones we had, totally great. I love that the cabana area is restricted, so I didn’t even feel the need for a locker. All my stuff was safe, even though I suppose I could have taken a risk as other guests in the cabana area may not be trustworthy. We went on a Monday and it wasn’t too packed. Love the pics! I am still working on my write up of our day, can’t wait to have you read our experiences!

  60. I’m not sure if my first comment went through, so here goes again. Sorry if this is twice for me. Water Country looks like so much fun. My kids love to go swimming in the summer, and they have never tried a wave pool!

  61. This looks like a fantastic water park. We’re considering taking our two older kids (almost 4 and 5) to a water park for the first time this summer.

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  75. It looks like there really is something for everyone. For me, it would be sitting on that lounge chair!

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  77. I love how they get those tubes on the conveyor belt like that. Nothing pisses me off faster than trying to lug one of those big tubes to the top of a slide.

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  81. That sounds like a phenomenally fun place to spend a hot summer day! I like that there is something for every age and comfort level of the family to do. If the daring ones want to go down those high slides they can and the little ones can play at the splash pad!

  82. A fun looking waterpark. I love wave pools! My first time with the kids was like 6 years ago and they loved it. I’d love to give this place a try

  83. What a great water park! Looks like it was a blast!!

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