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I’m sure I can’t possibly be alone when I say that I love shoes. By shoes I of course mean boots, flip flops, sandals, flats, heels, the whole nine yards. I know not all women are into shoes but I am definitely part of the stereotype and I’m a proud shoe lover! There’s nothing I like more than making sure my tootsies are warm, cozy, and comfortable as we head into the fall and winter months. I like my boots to be stylish but also effective at providing comfort…let’s face it, I’m all about comfort!


The Naot Gazania is an awesome boot. They’re a low, lace up, calf height boot. They have a zipper and laces which is awesome for me. I like that I can adjust them for the perfect fit but then easily put them on and remove them with the zipper. Another really great feature of these boots is the sole. It has about a million layers of comforty goodness…okay not a million but there are a bunch! The Gazania boot has a cork and latex footbed which is great for breathability and moisture absorption; the whole insole is then wrapped in suede and overtime your footprint is molded right in there. Nothing better than feeling like your shoe is meant only for your own foot. It’s like heaven in there!


In other news, this boot is also pretty durable. We get a pretty harsh winter so I like to make sure that my boots are capable of withstanding some serious beatings while still being comfortable and good looking. Gazania comes in two different colors…Am I the only person who buys the same shoes in different colors?!? When I find something I like I totally go for it, buy them all. Once I know that a shoe or boot in this case, is going to fit great and look amazing, I want to stock up without being overly ridiculous. The easiest way I’ve found to make that happen is by purchasing the same style in a couple different colors.


When shoes come in different colors, especially boots, I can wear them all season long with almost any outfit! During the fall and winter months I could live in boots as long as they match my different outfits and accessories. We can’t forget along the way that shoes need to serve a purpose here…they need to keep my toes happy while I’m working and going about my daily tasks. A happy foot means a happy day. Is there anything worse than having an uncomfortable shoe on? It can really set the tone for the entire day which is why I love these Naot Gazania boots. I always know when I slip them on that I could wear them for an entire day and never notice a difference. They remain comfortable even after being on my feet, running around, throughout the whole day!


Do you have a favorite pair of shoes or boots? What makes them your go-to footwear?

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  1. Those are really neat boots. I like that they have zippers on the sides.

  2. This is such a cool boots… walk more with your neat boots.. They are cool!

  3. This is such a cool boots… walk more with your neat boots.. They are cool!

  4. Those are great boots! I love boots like this that are tough but still good looking. Love it!

  5. I love when you can wear a pair of boots with pretty much any outfit. Versatility and comfort are keys for me!

  6. These boots look pretty cool! Love the color of them.

  7. Fall boots that are comfy are a must for me. I need a new pair and this brand sounds great. Never heard of them until now.

  8. These NAot Boots do look comfy and durable. enjoy your new buy and thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh my gosh I absolutely love these! Now I want a pair! Right now I’m still sporting my knee high leather boots for autumn. After that these would be a shoe in!! (Ha ha get it?).

  10. I love boots because you can wear them with anything.! Those look durable and very comfortable.

  11. wow this looks like a cool pair of boots. i like them.

  12. I love a pair of rugged boots. I have some Naot boots, but they are really dressy and I don’t wear them a lot. They are comfortable, though. My Danskos are my everyday winter boot.

  13. I love books with jeans. They are classy and cool.

  14. My favorite are my snakeskin Michael Kors ankle boots. They’re 5″ heels, but they’re kind of thick with the perfect platform to make them sooooo comfortable. I get compliments everywhere I go. On these boots, I’d love to see them ON someone – my husband and I ride Harley Davidson, so these look like they’d be good for the bike.

  15. I love these boots! I would love to get them myself! I need some so HMMMMM I might have to get myself a pair!

  16. I am loving these boots! They are so cute! I do have a favorite pair that I wear all the time!

  17. I love my tennis shoes the most but i really want a good pair of boots for weekends. I have a wee bit addicted to boots.

  18. I’m with you – cozy feet equal happy feet! I love the weathered look of these boots. They look super comfy right out of the box!

  19. What comfy looking boots! I used to have a pair that I loved, but got lost when we moved to our new house. I think these look like the perfect replacement!

  20. I love the zipper! So you don’t have to lace them every time because lets face it every second counts when your a busy mom!

  21. That looks like a really nice pair of boots. I wear flip flops and sneakers most of the time.

  22. Those boots are too cute! I have so many boots it’s hard to pick a favorite.

  23. I pretty much live in my cowboy boots until the snow falls, then I move into my snow boots. I too, like a durable yet good looking boot.

  24. I like the little heel on them. They look very comfy.

  25. Well written review… I like the fact that your picture showed that you’ve obviously worn these boots, which really gives your review credibility. My love for shoes is real, currently own over 100 pair so I really shouldn’t buy another pair but your review makes it tempting 😉

  26. I live in my red cowboy boots! But I actually need a new pair of boots for the winter And these look like my kind of footwear!

  27. I absolutely agree with you fellow shoe lover. Happy feet – Happy day. I love shoes too and now that fall is here, I cannot wait to go shopping for some new boots. Looks like you are already taken care off. Nice review.

  28. I can’t live without my UGGs! They are hands down the BEST boots ever. Warm. Comfy. Go with everything!

  29. I love my grey boots. They look great with lots of stuff.

  30. Oh wow! I love these boots ! Perfect for hiking and Fall/Winter Season!

  31. Those are cute boots! They are perfect for fall.

  32. I’m not sure I ever met a pair of boots I didn’t like. These look like the perfect winter footwear. I definitely like a durable pair of boots that I can get lots of use from.

  33. These boots are definitely awesome. I love how unique they are with the zippers.

  34. I have been looking for new boots for Winter. I love wearing sandals for as long as I can. Even when there is a little bit of snow.

  35. These look like comfortable boots. I like the dual tie up and zipper up look.

  36. These boots looks pretty comfortable. They are cute, too!

  37. I love how these boots have a rugged look. They would be great for a pair of jeans and hoodie!

  38. Those boots are so nice! Perfect for a trip.

  39. I love the look of these boots. I’m a big fan of boots. I love them a lot! I have a few pairs of boots and they’re great for this time of year.

  40. Naot is an amazing brand. Their shoes are very well made and last forever. My favorite go to fall shoe is either my booties or my tall walking boots. They are comfy and stylish.

  41. Its definitely boot season! These particular boots arent my style but they look like they would be good for the outdoorsy type or a great manly man or a combat boots type of girl.

  42. Those are great boots! I love boots like this that are tough but still have style!!!

  43. It’s awesome that these are comfortable enough to wear all year. They’ll be great for all sorts of weather.

  44. I never can find comfortable shoes because I need orthotic inserts and not everything fits them. These look wide though so maybe they’d work.

  45. Right now, comfortable feet mean the world! These look so durable yet so lightweight… I would totally walk around in these!

  46. These boots look awesome and durable enough to withstand all types of weather and terrains. It would sure come in handy up north where I live. Lots of wet/snowy days lie ahead! 🙂

  47. My favorite boots are a pair of Stuart Weitzman booties – they’re so practical, perfect for everyday and worth the investment! Love having a good pair of shoes you can count on!

  48. My go to footwear is a pair of stilettos covered in glitter! I love them. They make me feel super pretty and powerful. That is a killer combination.

  49. One of the reasons I love fall is because I can break out all my boots. I love my walking boots, booties and tall boots with heels.

  50. I’ve never heard of this brand before! I love boots a lot and have bought a number of new pairs this season that I can’t wait to wear 🙂

  51. I certainly dont experience harsh winters in Texas but we’re moving to the Smokey Mountains in TN next year. I’ll need those boots then!

  52. These are way cute! I live in my Hunter and Sorel boots during fall and winter!

  53. I’m in the market for some new walking boots. Glad to see that you love these! I will put them on my list of boots to try

  54. I love me some combat boots. These are so great!! I love the design

  55. Naot Gazania boots look very comfortable! l realy need a new pair of boots this winter.

  56. This is a great find! It looks comfortable and durable! I also love the style!

  57. That’s awesome. I love wearing boots during this season as well, it’s my favorite kind of footwear! Honestly, I’ve never tried this brand before but it looks great!

  58. These boots look so great! Perfect for the upcoming fall and winter seasons! I’m totally like you and will buy my favorite shoes in different colors – sometimes I’ll buy two of the same color just in case, heaven forbid, something might happen to the first pair I’ll have a back up pair lol xD

  59. I love boots that have both laces and a zipper. Sometimes you just don’t want to have to untie them!

  60. These boots are stylish too! Actually, I’m being obsessed with boots nowadays.

  61. Those are a comfy boots, perfect for fall season

  62. I am still in search of my favorite boots but I do have a pair of Naot shoes and they are soooo comfortable!

  63. My Daughter is the shoe fan. Any time we got into a store she needs to try on shoes and tries to get me to buy them (She’s only 2). Me on the other-hand, I’m particular about my shoes. They need to be amazing and supportive for my flat feet

  64. Super cute boots! I need to get me a nice pair to be honest!

  65. I’m sure my daughter would also love these boots. This is really made for walking.

  66. What a cool boots! These are adorable and great for walking. I want to have it too.

  67. One of the moms in my son’s cub scout troop wishes she’d had walking boots before the camping trip. These would do the trick!

  68. These boots look perfect for winter, sturdy and reliable. It looks quite comfy as well. I’ve been preparing for the weather since I want to make sure that the family and I have everything we need! I’m definitely checking this pair out!

  69. Looks like a great rugged boot. My important is if they are nice and comfortable.

  70. These are some great looking boots. I like wearing booties that are comfortable.

  71. I think sneakers are my go-to because I am running after my kids all the time! But, living in Maine, we also have a pretty harsh winter. I need to get some new boots!

  72. I am not into shoes, but I definitely love me some comfy boots! These look fantastic! I love the worn look as well!

  73. These boots are really stylish. I like the way that they look and that they protect your feet from the elements during the fall and winter.

  74. Those are so cute! I bet they are super comfortable.

  75. That looks nice! I have a fave boots too! It is easy to walk and wear all day!

  76. I love the style of those! I’m definitely a boot person in the fall and winter. You can wear them with anything!

  77. Boots are probably my go to foot wear when the weather is cooler. Love these!

  78. Such cute boots!! I want to have a pair just like them.