Mar 262014
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There are just some things that I can’t wrap my brain around.

1.  Hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock.  I don’t know about you, but first of all, I can’t fall back to sleep instantly, so once I’m up – I’m up.  Why would I just lay there?  The thought baffles me.  And secondly, for those people that can fall asleep instantly, what’s the allure of a second (or third) mini heart attack when the alarm goes off yet again?  Isn’t getting the crap scared out of you once per morning enough.

And even furthermore, if you need the extra few minutes of sleep that badly, why don’t you just set the alarm to go off later?

2.  Pictures of extreme temperatures from a phone app posted on Facebook.  You know what, I have my own phone and if I am interested in the weather, I can see for myself.  Or I could just watch the news like we did in the old days.  I really don’t need to see 573,856,589 of the same picture cluttering up my feed.

3.  Starting a movie half way into it.  My husband is a big offender when it comes to this.  We’ll be sitting on the couch and as he’s flipping through channels, he’ll find some random movie, which has already started, and watch it.  I am working on training him to stop this behavior, but he still does it every now and then.  I have several issues with this:

  • If it’s a movie I have never seen before, how am I supposed to know what the heck is going on if I’ve already missed the beginning of the movie.  You know, the part where they usually explain what’s going on…..
  • If it’s a movie I’ve already seen, I’ve already seen it.  Unless it’s Star Wars, The Goonies or Ghostbusters, chances are I have no interest in watching it again.

Just me?

4. Math.

5.  Women (not pregnant women) that bring their male companions with them to the OB/GYN office and make them sit out in the waiting room while they go in and see the doctor.  Ladies, way to make your man totally uncomfortable.  Unless you’re pregnant, there is no need for a man to be there with you (unless you are not there for an exam and need him in the office for moral support).  I was there recently and there was a lady waiting to see the doctor and not only was her husband there with her, but her two tween boys.  What.  The. Hell?  I have never seen such looks of horror as I did on those three guys faces.  I felt so sorry for them.

6.  Pictures of feet.  Gag.  I don’t understand why people do that (especially if their feet are nasty) – it’s makes my skin crawl every time I see one pop up on Facebook.

7.  Decaf coffee.

Now it’s your turn.  What are some things that make you scratch your head?

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  97 Responses to “Things I Don’t Understand”

  1. Ha! I just spit some of my decaf coffee onto my keyboard. I kid, I kid. Now this is funny! I am with you on some of these like feet but a big offender on others. I am a total snooze offender and honestly came unbelievably close to posting a pic of the temp from my car on one really chilly morning. Luckily my dash was so dusty the pic just didn’t make the cut.. LOL!

  2. I am guilty of the feet one last night on Instagram, but I couldn’t resist and they were wearing socks of the comparison of Lily’s tiny little foot to Kevin’s ginormous foot. But still yes to many of these, except the math one, because I actually taught math, but not a fan of the way it is being taught now, so that counts for something (I think!).

  3. I am so with you on hitting the snooze. Also (and I know I will offend someone) What is up with Decaf… I mean really! lol

  4. Decaf coffee is a head scratcher. So is instant coffee. My grandparents did both. 🙂

  5. I know, right? What’s up with decaf? And I have seen more than my fair share of uncomfortable men at the Gyno’s office! It’s uncomfortable for everyone.

  6. Thank you for the obgyn(let me thank you again thanks) Also if I start a movie in the middle it is because I am usually waiting for a funny or cool action scene

  7. I so agree with most of the points you make. The worst for me is pics of feet. I just cringe and feel weird just seeing them. Honestly I swear I can feel the smell coming through the pic all along, lol!

  8. Kids not finishing their last snack or meal and being hungry 5 minutes later…..good thing they are cute. I do not tolerate this well…..think that’s why not too many kids revisit us….bahahahaha

    kids being kids. I’m sure there are others this is just the first to enter my mind. You took all the good ones 😉

  9. absolutely NO Decaf in my house ever.. I hate my own feet I don’t want to see yours..I don’t use alarms because I don’t like mini heart attacks lol.

  10. Why are the kids off for Good Friday in PUBLIC schools? Esp. when we go to school on days like this (blizzard snow) so we don’t have to make it up in the summer. Really? If you celebrate, then take it off… but otherwise it’s a nuisance.

    And what does it say that we get THAT Christian day off, but they want to take “God” out of the Pledge of allegiance?

  11. These are Great!! I agree with you 100%. I also don’t like “selfies” because the picture is always nasty! And drunk brides. A wedding gown and drop dead drunk simply don’t go together for me!

  12. I’ve never understood decaf coffee either! What’s the point? haha.

    Danielle at Framed Frosting

  13. I am right there with you on Math and Decaf Coffee, haha! I just don’t understand both. This is a great list Robin! feels like I got to know more about you 🙂

  14. 1. i stopped using the snooze way back in high school when, as you say, i’d give myself multiple heart failures every morning. totally not relxaing to doze off and then get shattered awake every 5 minutes!

    2. i don’t facebook for personal use, so thank GOD i avoid that.

    3. k-ster is the master of starting a movie anywhere into it and then not knowing what’s going on when i ask questions. he has no problem watching the middle of it today, the beginning tomorrow and the end next week. it makes me INSANE. either watch it from the beginning or keep on going!!!

    4. i’m with you on the math. except for addition. i’m a master at fast addition, but that’s it.

    5. i totally don’t understand the ob/gyn thing. sounds to me like that’s a man who can’t be secure in himself enough to let professionals be professionals.

    7. decaf coffee is about all i can handle after noon.

    6. it’s not just the pictures of feet that get me, it’s the people who think it’s ok to subject my eyes to their 110% nasty feet in their flipflops when we are nowhere near a beach. feet are awful to begin with, but can’t we be spared the nasty, overgrown toenails, skin flaking off and filth on the bottom of people’s feet in the grocery store?????

  15. You crack me up girl!

  16. Ha ha! Love these! Can’t imagine ever starting a movie in the middle although my husband can walk in the middle and get immediately involved! I do love my snooze, though!

  17. Yes, the feet thing on Facebook kills me! I can’t stand that – I don’t even want to see my feet, why would I want to see anyone else’s!

  18. I am not a morning person. I need that snooze button to go off at least 3 times before I get motivated to roll out of bed.

    Feet. Yes! I think feet are just gross and completely agree with you there.

    Instagram pisses me off a lot. I can’t stand it when people post 30 photos in a row, and a lot of them are selfies. Really? And selfies in a nasty public bathroom. Why?

    Mothers who post a lot of selfies of themselves online with their boobs hanging out, screaming “look at me!” I think if you are beautiful it will show without having to draw that kind of attention to yourself. I just feel sorry for those women who beg for attention with the trampy looking shots. And once you become a mother, show a little respect for your family and keep the boobies covered. Nobody wants to see that.

  19. Hilarious list! I’m right with you on 99% of these, especially decaf coffee! I would also people who drink diet coke 🙂

  20. I haven’t used an alarm clock since I got my cat–she has it down pat as to when she deems it time for me to get up! (and go to sleep for that matter)–I agree-once I am up I am up and usually I hit the computer until my eyes start closing again. Feet do not bother me. I don’t watch movies on TV and when I used to sit there with an ex boyfriend who did–I was reading!

  21. How about Braille….on the keypad of a DRIVE UP ATM. Think about it…..

    Loved your list. Thanks for dropping by!

  22. Haha, I can agree on a lot of these. Especially math. Ugh! My hatred for that subject is beyond me.

  23. Every time I read one of your posts I like you more, Robin! LOL And I’m sorry, but I DID post a pic of my feet today – but they were in slippers! I was touting the joys of keeping a pair of slippers at work for comfort!!! I hope you weren’t too grossed out! LOL (And my feet are not nasty under the slippers, either, rest assured!)

  24. I definitely agree about the feet photos.

  25. I don’t like when kids nag you for a snack, take one bite and say they’re done. My youngest does this all the time. When asked, he says, “I’m not hungry anymore.”

  26. I have never seen temperature pictures in my facebook feed! Thank goodness! I would not be thrilled with that!

  27. I don’t get math either. No thank you.

    I see so many temperature pictures on Facebook. I’ve never done it. I mainly just am like, “It’s hot as balls out!”

  28. I don’t understand decaf coffee. But then again, I’m not a coffee fan at all!

  29. I am one of those people who hits the snooze button A LOT!! I fall back asleep right away and have a big struggle not to hit it more than once or twice. I know I should break the habit – but I can’t!

  30. For me when it comes to number 1 sadly I can fall straight back to sleep and I set it at the same time everyday to try and get a routine – I take meds that make me very tired and I have CFS so some days I do need more sleep, but I always ‘try’ to get up at a decent time (at least I can say I tried then 😉 ) lol xx

  31. I agree with every one of your items, especially math! Never got it, never will.

  32. Oh man, #7! One time I was at a function with my grandma and we were getting coffee from one of those large, unmarked dispensers. She said, “I hope it isn’t decaf! Decaf is a waste of fluids!” I couldn’t agree with her more.

  33. I am guilty of a few of these. My hubby will hit the snooze for AN HOUR OR MORE at times and that I don’t get at all. One thing that gets me wondering is people that bring like 27 people to the grocery store with them. WHY is it an extended-family affair? Math sucks. And… feet yuck. lol

  34. There are tons of things that get under my skin and/or irritate me. I would have to write a book to list them all and would be arguing with so many people, not worth the headache or my time.

  35. now you make me start my own list :D…but true, I keep pushing the snooze button once the alarm started …guilty for watching the movie in the middle of the way and sometimes just simply leave it in the middle of the way as well …

  36. HA HA HA HA!! What a great post! I agree with you! I hate feet!! Decafe coffee? Why bother!

  37. Some of these made me laugh out loud.

  38. Lml, I agree with you on one and two. I can’t stand it when hubby is constantly hitting the snooze button. Before we had our son this was an issues because I could never go back to sleep.

  39. People on welfare who don’t need it, people who speed down residential streets, and people who copy other’s work annoy me,,,I don’t get it.

  40. Oh, if I could uninvent the snooze button, I would. And math? I don’t believe in it.

  41. I am with you… I never hit snooze as I am the one who is up as soon as the alarm goes off. Hubby can fall right back to sleep, though.. (So jealous!)

  42. The pictures of extreme temperatures really get me! I remember one day they filled my Instagram feed! Lol! I’m also a snooze button offender. I can fall back to sleep instantly but you’re right, I probably should just sent m alarm to a later time.

  43. feet are gross. exception babies under 3.

    also, i hate movies starting halfway through. i get all crabby and stabby.

  44. definitely agree with math and decaf. Someone handed me a decaf Tim’s the other night and I just looked at them, “why don’t you like me?” 🙂
    Although I am guilty of the snooze button thing — but I wake up to music (my iphone is my alarm), so that’s the appeal. I just want to lay there and hear more music really. it is not so much about sleeping.

    As for something truly stumping right now? I have just happened upon a show called Naked And Afraid — they drop these people off in some wild remote jungle (the Peruvian amazon this show) and they have to survive for 21 days. That part, fine – survivalist show, cool. But why…why??!! with the nakedness? what is the point of that? plus of course they group a man and woman together who have never met before.

  45. lol before being a parent I couldn’t fall asleep instantly but now I’m just exhausted! Still, I usually can’t fall asleep too easily either. Here’s one: Why do we park in the driveway and drive on the parkway?

  46. People not understanding that when your child is sick you don’t have the time to spend with friends. Also sometimes what a friend can do is stop and visit for just a few minutes. Why do you always have to go to them

  47. Interesting list of things… and I agree… with all of them! May I add to the feet photos, photos of bicycles? What’s with that?!

  48. What I would give to be woken up by the alarm and be ready for the day. Alas, I am one of those people who in the morning can fall right to sleep again and enjoy those next 9 minutes. I however have the worst time falling asleep!

  49. Decaf coffee totally baffles me as well.

  50. My hubby starts movies half way through. Hate it too!

  51. I can’t watch a movie unless it’s from the beginning either. Even if I miss five minutes, I’m not interested in starting it. lol

  52. 1. Hubby is the biggest offender of hitting snooze a million times, but he is also a person that can fall asleep the second his head hits the pillow. I have hit snooze a few times, but it’s usually after a night when insomnia has kicked my butt and I have to drag it out of bed to take the kids to school way too early in the morning.

    2. Hmmm… doesn’t bother me that much mainly because most of my Facebook is family and friends in other states so it’s nice seeing what temperatures are like in other places. (Especially when it’s -50 back home and it’s 70’s here!)

    3. That I cannot do – unless I’ve already seen it and really, really, really like it. If I have never seen it, there is no way of starting it in the middle. If I don’t like it, I’m not turning it on anyway. Good think I get remote control control! 

    4. Ditto.

    5. Ew! I feel bad for those men too!

    6. Totally agree with you!

    7. Should be illegal. It’s not even real coffee, is it?

  53. A lady brought her two teenage sons to the OB? Yeah, what the hell?! There’s no way I’d be bringing my sons (if we have any)!

  54. Haha! These are hilarious! I don’t get the ob/gyn thing either, I must say. I haven’t seen a whole lot of temp pics posted, so I haven’t had the chance for them to bother me yet. Feet don’t bother me.. but then I’m a yoga teacher so I see bare feet every day. I’ve never used an alarm clock, a bit strange as I always wake up by the time I need to. However, I have had roommates that did the snooze button pushing, and I had to stop myself from hurling their clocks from an open window. And Math can suck it 😉

  55. Lol. I can’t have caffeine because it affects me really badly but I love the taste of coffee so decaf I go. And, oh man !! Starting movies half way through !? That’s the absolute worst. Or, putting on a movie as background entertainment. You’re either watching it or you’re not !! And if you’re not then just turn it off !! haha

  56. Totally with you on numbers 3 and 5. I just can’t.
    This morning I scratch my head at those going 5 miles per hour in every lane but the right one. Listen man, if you don’t want to get home go in a car and let me arrive!

  57. What irritates me are people who pull up to a toll booth and then scrounge around for their toll money! There are several signs that tell you how much the toll is – and prior to getting on the toll road there is a sign that states you’ll have to pay a toll!

  58. But I can fall back to sleep instantly 😛

  59. The movie thing KILLS me! My husband does that and it drives me crazy. I have no desire to start a movie half way through, regardless of whether I’ve seen it 50 times or never before.

  60. Ha, I totally am addicted to the snooze bar!

  61. I enjoyed reading your list!. What drives me crazy is people who are writers and refuse to use the spell check and grammar checker that comes wtih the word processor they are using.

  62. I love your list and I agree with ALL of the, I love the whether on Facebook…I also don’t understand that one!

  63. This is a funny post! I love that Math has no explanation- that’s a given for me too! I used to be a snooze button person- but I’d hit snooze basically in my sleep and never wake up. My husband got so sick of it he took away my alarm clock and just wakes me up himself. I respond much better to a person’s voice than a machine.

  64. I like posts like this! Wow, where do I start? lol I don’t understand why people on the West Coast get deathly upset at their friends for posting what happened on a tv show as soon as it’s over on Facebook. I mean seriously if you don’t want to know you have to not only stay off Facebook but Yahoo, Google, YouTube & so forth ’cause as soon as it’s over EVERYONE starts posting about it. Like when I lived in San Francisco and I couldn’t wait to find out who won on American Idol, I would get online and check and know ahead of time but if I didn’t want to know, I knew not to get online or on certain sites ’cause it’s big news.

    I don’t understand why cashier’s at all stores still don’t know how to use coupons. I mean the whole “Extreme Couponing” movement started in 2010 or 2011, it’s been a few years now and coupons have been around for decades yet the majority of cashiers look at it like it’s in another language lol.

    I’ll never get why Soooooooo many apartments/houses don’t allow you to have a pet when there are so many homeless pets. I mean these pets need homes or they’ll be killed, if you’d let me have at least a cat then I could rescue one. I mean everyone I look at says “No Pets”. That’s so rude to me just ask for a bigger deposit, I’m willing to pay more. But no they don’t wanna hear about it. You’d think the law would step in and say listen there are way too many unhoused animals we’re having to pay for, let people have pets in their homes.

    Okay I guess I should stop now before I keep going and going lol. But yeah there are a gazillion things I don’t understand. Love this!!

  65. I definitely feel you with the starting to watch a movie halfway through. The other thing my husband does is start watching a movie, get me interested in it and watching it and then turning it off. I am like “wait a minute”! I am here , hello, and I am going to finish watching this.

  66. So funny this goes to show how we are all created so uniquely, because I don’t understand people who can just pop up from sleep! My son is that way, but my daughter and I take some time to wake up. She’ll definitely be a snooze button girl like me. 🙂

  67. #6 is my pet peeve. It is rarely ok to post pictures of your feet in an social media context. I don’t get the snooze button either. I have never once used it.

  68. My husband drives me MAD with #1. It will either beep for 30 mins. Or he hits it like 4 times. Just get up!!! When I used an alarm to wake me up, as soon as it went off, I was up and out of bed. It’s ridiculous.

  69. These are awesome what I don’t get is 1. Putting peanut butter with chocolate that is just nasty why do people instance of ruining a perfect tasting piece of chocolate. 2. not eating pizza crust like hello you just ate an entire pizza made of same dough why not crust and finally putting ice in your coffee right after you poured either drink it hot or cold don’t make it lukewarm that’s just gross.

  70. i about spit out my drink on the Math one! lol. So true!
    And seriously, Men at OB doc….yeah, unless preggo or miscarriage or something like that. They shouldn’t have to be there. And DEFINITELY not the boys! -Amber

  71. Oh my gosh I love ALL of these! I don’t understand the snooze button, either, though I’m totally guilty of using it from time to time. There’s just something about those precious 9 minutes that can sometimes make or break my day! But honestly I always end up feeling like crap with all the waking up and falling asleep for such a short amount of time that I try not to use it.

  72. This made me laugh! I set extra alarms because I am known to turn my off and go back to sleep. So it is a second and third chance to make sure I get up!!

    I don’t understand why people get in a self checkout line if they do not know how to work it, which then requires assistance which then made the entire process extra long for not only them but everyone behind them!

    I don’t understand why people drive lower than the speed limit in the left lane.

    I don’t understand why our postman doesn’t have a consistent schedule. Everywhere else that I have ever lived the mail came at the same time everyday. Not here though. Some time as early as 9am other times at noon and randomly as late as 4pm…weird!

  73. I used to be an offender of the alarm clock, when I was working outside the home. I was always tired with our baby and sometimes used it for a few extra minutes. I never understand people that constantly complain, I have known a few and life really is not that bad – it is what you make it. Being down all the time is just not fun IMO, life is too damn short if things are bad – change them.

  74. People that are perpetually late and think nothing of it.
    My husband does the same thing with movies and with TV shows. Some night I just get up and go to bed and watch TV in the bedroom. Drive me crazy!

  75. I agree with you on all of these except the snooze button. I like to have a few minutes warning that it’s about time to get up for real. I only snooze once but like to ease my way out of bed.

  76. I prefer caffeinated coffee. But when the doctor said no caffeine decaf it was. It serves it purpose, just doesn’t taste as good.

  77. I agree with just about any one of those. I do sometimes like to see the very first snow.

    Things I don’t get: Stickers on fruit. They are just hard to peel and wash off. Tampons with no applicator. I get that they are trying to not waist trash, but I don’t want to be messing with that when it’s that time – YUCK! Common Core Math! I’m still trying to figure out the need to switch to that.

  78. ummm….math is #1 on my lists of thing’s I don’t understand.

  79. Okay I am guilty on the movie thing I often start a movie 1/2 way through…

  80. As for me – its about understanding and contradiction. My boyfriend normally tells me I tend to contradict myself – but for me, I just try to keep an open mind – see everything clearly and understand the situation. Idk what’s to be confused about me but it seems he tends to think I still contradict myself – so weird, lol.

  81. Oh my goodness, thank you for the laugh. I also can’t understand why women bring men to the OBGYN

  82. Lol. I love your list of minor rants….too funny. I just may steal this! I agree about the movie deal….I cannot do it! Neither can I watch one again that I just saw a week ago.

    Selfies are the ones that get me. I admit that I have fallen prey to it, but the excessive selfies really piss me off. Lol

  83. Hmmmm, I can’t think of anything now, but if I do I’ll come back and let you know. I did enjoy reading yours though! 🙂 I can see your point about not watching a movie halfway through. lol 🙂

  84. Same here, I don’t want to watch a movie unless it’s from the beginning. My husband sets his alarm, then hits snooze twice before actually getting up. EVERY MORNING. Drives me bonkers.

  85. I am guilty of some of these – I love hitting snooze, and used to hit it about 10 times before getting up – Last time I went to the OBGYN my husband came – he sat out in the car though at least (mostly because it was the first time I had been to this one and he helped me find the office)

    My main pet peeve lately is when people in the line at the grocery store, push right up on you – I am still trying to put my stuff up there, get it and pay and stuff and the person behind me is so close to me and I can barely get to the machine to slide my card, that really irks me.

  86. Why would you bring your children to the OB? By the third kid, I hardly ever brought my husband. I have a long list of movies I’ll start halfway through (including Goonies) but I’ve seen them all before. I do like baby feet pictures, though.

  87. I agree with math and temperature photos haha, I do however use my snooze button every morning 🙂 I just can’t wake up in the mornings. I need those mini heart attacks to get out of bed 🙂

  88. I am with you on math, starting a movie halfway through and definitely decaf coffee! I don’t understand people who still use checks. Worse, who, when using checks, will wait until the cashier gives them a total before they even PULL OUT their freaking check book. Seriously, you know what the date is, the store you’re in and your name. Start writing that check ahead of time and save the rest of us the anguish of watching you dig for the check book and a pen. Better yet, join the 21st century and use a check card like civilized people do.

  89. I am with you on math. I will never understand it LOL

  90. I have to be honest, I hit the snooze button every morning about three times. I think it becomes part of your morning routine.

  91. HAaaaaa!! I don’t understand people who wake up right away and then can’t go back to sleep! I hit my snooze several times before I’m awake enough to get out of bed. It’s a process. 🙂

  92. You have a pretty grand list here. I agree with most of them.. Most of all, MATH! Why does math have to be so hard? And WHY are they changing it to this new math poopy bologna? How do teachers expect parents to help their children with homework when they’re teaching something we never had to do!?!?!

  93. I’ve been watching episodes of extreme cheapskates. The people on that show make me scratch my head. Some people use cloth toilet paper….and wash it like laundry. One guy reused paper towels and hung them on a line. One guy picked up rice that was thrown at a wedding off the ground. Did he eat it later on?? We never did find out.

  94. My husband is a big offender of #1. While my husband is lulled back into a blissful slumber, I’m having a mini heart attack. As for me, math has never been my thing either.

  95. I’m so with you on the snooze button and decaf coffee. Neither one make sense! My husband is a snooze man and I just don’t get it. He says it eases him into the day.