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Helpful Things I Learned from MacGyver

MacGyver is one of the best guys when it comes to “life hacks”! There are so many great things that I learned from MacGyver; he really does give out some of the best tips and tricks! Some of these can really come in handy, others are just really clever, and some I can’t believe are even real. I suppose this is kind of tribute to the master…In today’s day and age we’re all pretty obsessed with life hacks and MacGyver was the OG of life hacks! If you’ve ever needed to remove a stripped screw, unlock a door from the outside, or turn a chip bag into it’s own bowl then this is the post for you. If you’ve never needed to do any of those things this is still the post for you, you’ll likely rest A LOT easier knowing that you CAN do all of these things just like MacGyver!

Remove a Stripped Screw

You can use a rubber band placed over the top of a stripped screw to remove it without the screwdriver slipping!

Never Leave Home Without a Swiss Army Knife

Okay so maybe leave it at home when you go to the airport but other than that you should have one. It’s got everything you need for all kinds of situations!

You can Stall a Car with a Potato

All you have to do is put that potato in the tailpipe and it will eventually stall out the car! Good to know if you ever need to make a speedy getaway without being followed.

Stopping Sulfuric Acid Leaks is Easy

All you need is some chocolate! Using the chocolate to plug the hole and save the day…Of course, why didn’t I think of that!

Repair Blown Fuses with Chewing Gum Wrappers

They’re made from aluminum so you can use them to repair a blown fuse…just like MacGyver does!

Refrigerators Make Great Heat Shields

You can’t get burned up if you hide behind an old refrigerator door!

You can Make Tear Gas at Home

All you need is a bunch of spicy pepper, baking soda, and vinegar! Just like those school volcanoes only spicy and scary!

Opening Doors Doesn’t Require Keys

You can use a hydraulic press bolted to a workbench along with some lengths of pipe to pry open a door in case you get trapped somewhere!

Stop Bombs Using Cement

If there’s a bomb in an enclosed space you can fill it with cement so that the explosion will be limited!

Always Carry a Bobby Pin

You can use bobby pin to open locks, handcuffs, all kinds of stuff. They’re basically like a key for ANY lock!

Maybe these things I learned from MacGyver won’t totally change your life…BUT you just never know. Maybe one day you’ll be trapped in a basement and need to use some random obscure items to escape! Don’t forget the most important rule of all: Duct Tape! If you don’t have any Duct Tape I’d recommend electrical tape (I’m no MacGyver but it is my second favorite tape).

You never know what you’re going to learn from streaming shows on Netflix.  Whether it’s binging on MacGyver, watching Chef’s Table or even the Little Einsteins with your kids – many times you are picking up useful information and don’t even realize it.

What are  your favorite MacGyver moments? Do you have any life hacks that you can’t live without now?

**Note: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. As a member of the Stream Team I received product & complimentary service, but all opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  1. I refer to my husband as MacGyver. The guy can literally turn anything into something functional!

  2. Ah, McGyver. That guy could could do anything with a paper clip, a piece of gum, and a candy wrapper. I loved that show back in the day. I’m SUPER excited for the new show.

  3. I really loved that show when I was a kid! I hope that the new one will be as good as the old one! There is a lot to learn with MacGyver!

  4. Ha, ha, ha… I used to LOVE MacGyver.. ha! I would watch it with my Dad all the time. But, that being said, many of these tips I had totally forgotten, so thanks for the reminder!

  5. I must be so outta the loop but I’ve never seen or heard of these! This is great life hacks!!

  6. I remember watching MacGyver when I was young. It’s amazing what he could do with the stuff he had on hand.

  7. Wasn’t MacGyver amazing? He’d be a handy guy to have around. Some of these tips will come in handy.

  8. That’s an awesome list, I forgot about Macgyver, what a good show to watch back in the day!

  9. These are great tips. I always have a Swiss Army Knife in my bag. You would be surprised how many times I have needed it.

  10. Oh my, Macgyver – brings back so many memories! Love this list… totally relevant!

  11. MacGyver was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up. I am looking forward to sharing the new series with my children.

  12. These are great lol. I’m going to make sure to always have a bobby pin on hand now 🙂

  13. These are FANTASTIC tips! Good thing I always carry bobby pins in my purse 😉

  14. Those are great things to learn! My husband and I went through that show last year on Netflix. Love it!

  15. MacGuyver definitely taught us all sorts of things. My kids were actually using aluminum foil to power up their light sabers last night LOL

  16. Never watched Macgyver but these are definitely some cool hacks! I know for sure I’ll always have a bobby pin!

  17. These are hilarious. I wonder how many of them would really really translate to real life? It does seem like most of them.

  18. These are great life hacks. Tear gas might come in handy someday 🙂

  19. These are such good life hacks. Some I would have never thought of. Never heard of Macgyver but I’ll check him out!

  20. Thanks for these handy tips! I guess I should buy myself a Swiss knife.

  21. All very handy life hints! I love MacGyver!

  22. LOL. Now I feel prepared for almost any circumstance! I used to carry a Swiss army knife all the time, but I haven’t for a while. Better search it down, I’m sure it’s in a junk drawer somewhere in my house.

  23. OMG I use to watch MacGyver all the time. I was always impressed how he could use everyday things to escape dangerous places. Those were the good days.

  24. I loved this show when I was a kid. My husband and son both carry a Swiss army knife.

  25. I used to watch the show all the time, and was fascinated by his doings. I’m so glad you mentioned the stripped screw trick, by the way!

  26. The rubber band to get a stripped screw is actually a tip I have used several times. I didn’t know it was in MacGyver though. How cool.

  27. I never watched MacGyver when I was growing up. My husband saw it was on Netflix a while back and said we had to watch it. Definitely entertaining and his skills for getting out of seemingly impossible situations was impressive!

  28. Great info to know. I dont know how many I will have to do in my life though.

  29. This is such a clever and creative post. I love the “you don’t need keys to open doors” part, because it’s true! Great post xx

  30. Morse code with lights!! The more shows I watch, the more I think learning Morse Code might actually come in very useful one day.

  31. These are funny! I always wondered if some of Macgyver’s hacks were real or not. This is great. I’ll have to remember the potato in the tail pipe. I have to make a speedy get away all the time! (LOL!)

  32. Great tips! I will have to bookmark this if I am ever in a sticky situation.

  33. This post is so funny!! We can learn a lot with Macgyver hahaha

  34. I will be honest I’ve never seen MacGyver before. I think my mom would watch it when I was younger, but I’ve never actually seen it myself!

  35. MacGyver was the first hack, right?! When I think of the potato in the tail pipe, I think of Beverly Hills Cop and the banana!

  36. You can also use a potato to unscrew a broken light bulb. I didn’t learn that one from MacGyver, but it is a handy little trick to know 🙂

  37. A bobbypin and chewing gum. That’s what I remember him making SO MUCH out of. This show is coming on so soon!

  38. My husband is very excited about the new MacGuyver. And I never knew you could stall a car with a potato. Great to know if you have a potato handy. 🙂

  39. You can learn so many useful things from MacGyver! I used to love watching this show!

  40. What a great list of items that you learned from MacGyver, so cute. I loved reading this. Never thought of things I May have learned from prior TV shows.

  41. I love this list of things!! It really is amazing life skills you can pick up from a show

  42. What a great list. So many things to learn!

  43. MacGyver is right up there with Chuck Norris. These are some tips I could definitely share!

  44. These are all such useful hacks to know!!

  45. Are those real? That’s crazy. I never knew any of these, but now Im sure theyll come in handy.

  46. I was in my Elementary days when I learned and watched MacGyver, I’m a fan!
    And, he became a trademark when you can create something out of something being a MacGyver. 🙂

  47. Hahaha seems like McGyver knows it all. These are all cool tips

  48. oh my god, now there’s a blast from the past. I used to love macgyver. I honestly can’t remember him without some duck tape and a swiss army knife.

  49. I never really watched MacGyver. All I do remember is that hair. It was as legendary as the show. One of my favorite life hacks is putting a paper towel in my greek yogurt. It absorbs the excess water that builds up, yet still keeps the yogurt fresh.

  50. Can I tell you Im dying right now? I am laughing so hard. I think I learned all these things too!

  51. The original life hacks! It is crazy that these actually work – another reason to always have a bobby pin!

  52. Quite funny but definitely worth a try, haha. Reading this kind of made me miss the show altogether. It was very entertaining seeing him put all of those together! Ah, nostalgia!

  53. Well, I guess that was a very educational show for you lol. Never saw it, but now I am thinking I want to check it out 🙂

  54. These are great tips to know and the potato in the tailgate made me LOL. I hope I’m never in the situation when I need to do that but if I am, I hope I have a potato around :).

  55. These little tips would really come in handy – as long as you could remember them. I have a swiss army knife in my purse, they are so handy!

  56. Oh, nice things! I am so glad that I can also learn these things. Thanks for this post,very helpful!

  57. I love this list of things!! I never knew half of this though, I think I need to watch some Macguyver!

  58. Oh, my father is a huge fan of McGyver and so as my uncles. I remember that show when I was so young.

  59. Macgyver is such a wonderful show when I was a kid. These lessons are really nice.

  60. I’ve never watched a Macgyver episode but I know many that loved it and never missed an episode.

  61. ROFL! I always remember being amazed that he would always just come up with these amazing ideas out of thin air! LOL thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  62. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding once and carried my little survival kit with me. Whenever anyone needed anything I miraculously pulled it out of my bag. From deodorant to breath mints I had everyone covered. I earned the nickname “wedding MacGyver.” lol

  63. My husband carries a swiss army knife and always tells the kids “here let me get my MacGyver tool out”. They always laugh.

  64. I totally agree with you on the Bobby Pin!

  65. My son and husband always tells me to bring swiss army knife when I go for my long walk. These are really great tips.

  66. This is really a great post! I love the ideas so glad that you share his with us.

  67. I have a work friend that loves him. I should get some of the videos for my kids to watch with me. We’d probably get a kick out of them.

  68. Wow this sounds so great. Who knew you could learn so much?!?!

  69. What great tips! I will definitely be using the stripped screw hack. I can’t tell you how many times I wish I knew that.

  70. This is very interesting. I remember watching MacGyver as a kid and never thought I could learn so much.

  71. this is hilarious! Macgyver is quite a blast from the past that I watched as a kid!

  72. I like these lessons. I heard about this show, I am not sure if I already watched one episode when I was a kid.

  73. My friends keep telling me about all those shows on Netflix, but I never seem to have time to sit down and watch TV. I bet I’m missing out on some cool stuff.

  74. What an awesome post!! I LOVED MacGyver back in the day. He could do anything, and now you’ve brought some of those lessons to life 🙂

  75. This post makes me laugh so hard. I am so NOT Mac Gyver! My husband on the other hand is LOL.

  76. My two oldest boys loved Macgyver. I don’t think my youngest has ever seen it. We’re going to have to pull one up.

  77. And I call this list as life hacks. Hahaha! Thanks for the awesome hacks your have there. For sure we can use this in the future.

  78. Can’t say that I’ve watched Macgyver lol! Sounds like a fun show, though!

  79. I used to love MacGyver!! These are also great tips for everyday life!!

  80. Great post! These are definitely all things to remember that apply to your every day life!

  81. I’ve never seen Macgyver (I think I’m too young for this one!) but these are such great life lessons for sure! I love when tv shows do that!

  82. Hahaha I remember this show from when I was a kid! I remember joking around in school about all the things we could do because Macgyver did lol

  83. I looove MacGyver, my family is was a huge fan of the show! Thanks for sharing these handy tips, I especially love the potato one hahaha!

  84. These are some great life hacks! You can never have to many life hacks!

  85. I remember us gatherinf in front of the tv to watch him. Haha. Indeed a handful of learned tips.