Apr 172017

My family has a fun tradition whenever we go out to the movies.  During the previews, if they show one for a movie we like and want to see – we give it a thumbs up. If it looks like a movie we want to sit out, thumbs down. Sometimes our thumbs up/down ratings during the previews are more fun than the actual movie.

Netflix caught on to the thumbs up and thumbs down rating system and have already implemented it (which you may have already noticed if you’ve watched anything on Netflix recently). You may remember that previously it was a 0-5 stars rating system, but now they’re all thumbs.

As you probably already know, Netflix caters to your entertainment preferences specifically, but when you have a full house of differing personalities and ages like mine, sometimes content recommendations can go off the rails. By setting up individual Netflix profiles for everyone in the family you can thumbs down a show like Beat Bugs without feeling bad and keep your own personal queue in tip-top shape. The new Netflix rating system and profile might just be one of the few things in your house that are uniquely yours.

Pro tip: create a “Family Time” profile so you can keep track and discover new recommendations when the whole family is watching together.

Netflix thumbs up and thumbs down rating system

But it doesn’t stop there, the personalized Netflix profile isn’t a single feature, it’s a full experience. In addition to the new thumbs interface, Netflix will also be introducing a percent match score for many of its titles. The percent match score is based on your own viewing patterns and habits—not on the overall quality of a title. It is a unique score that helps match members with their next favorite show, making your next binge just a click away.

Netflix is always thinking of ways to make their entire Netflix catalog easier, quicker and simpler for members to connect with stories they will love. So next time you get on a streak of watching dramas, sci-fi thrillers or old westerns, let your thumbs do the talking and Netflix will keep providing the perfect content for you streaming.

What do you think?  Do you like the thumbs rating system?

Note: I am a member of the Netflix StreamTeam.  As part of the #streamteam, I have received product and complimentary service, but all opinions are 100% my own. 

  93 Responses to “Thumbs Up and Five Stars for Netflix’s New Rating System #streamteam”

  1. I just recently discovered this new rating system myself, and I have to say, I’m glad to see it. It’s a lot better, in my opinion, than the star rating and has already helped us choose a couple of things to watch. Thanks for writing this, as it’s definitely newsworthy 🙂

  2. What a fun Movie game, I may have to try that during the previews with my kids. My kids who are currently watching Fuller House on Netflix, I am going to ask if they have noticed the Thumbs

  3. I thought it was interesting this rating system came out right after Amy Schumer’s disastrous Netflix special, lol.
    But anyhoo, I like Netflix A LOT so I can’t say anything bad about them. All my Marvel friends live on Netflix.

  4. I like this rating system better. Now I don’t have to think about what percentage of pleased I was with my show.

  5. I think the thumbs up rating is great! It’s really the rating system of choice these days. Everyone understands it.

  6. I noticed their switch recently, and I’m so happy about it. All the stars are too subjective. I like this much better.

  7. I prefer the thumbs up rating. It is just like a yes or no, if you like the show or not. No more further explanation! 🙂

  8. Family Time profile….brilliant! I had created a seiarate one for hubby and I (he kept rejecting my HGTV suggestions!). Thumbs down works for me, abd will be far more effective once I get the dang profiles sorted out.

  9. Oh! We used to have the Netflix app on our iPad, but we usually watch it on TV. And we’re not noticing this rating system. I think we need to figure that out.

  10. I actually liked the star system because there’s shades of whether I love a movie and want to see more like it or just think it’s okay but wouldn’t necessarily want to see something similar. I’ll be paying closer attention to my Netflix account to see how well the suggestions are doing these days!

  11. I love that they’ve done this – it makes it much easier for my kids to control their preferences on their profiles because they don’t feel as pressure to assign the “right” star rating. Thumbs are MUCH better!

  12. Ohh now this sounds like such an easy rating system, I am going to have to check it out myself, as I do like to see what others think before watching.

  13. All my kids do the netflix streaming thing. My husband and I don’t and not sure that is something we want to do. Maybe during the winter months when we are inside more.

  14. This sounds like a great idea. We love Netflix and watch it almost daily. I’ve been enjoying The Crown.

  15. I like the idea of the rating system! You’re so many movies out there and you just don’t know what’s good and what’s bad and sometimes it helps to see what other people rated it. It’s a great idea.

    • I like the idea of the rating system too. I think it will help me find more things I actually want to watch.

  16. I didn’t know this until now! Great idea, I will look out for it

  17. I don’t have Netflix anymore, but it does sound good. I just wasn’t finding much new that I wanted to see! Now I get stuff at the library mainly.

  18. My family always seems to watch netflix on my profile and it drives me crazy! Stop overruling my ratings people!

  19. Good to know that Netflix have rating system like that now. I have been streaming Chelsea for sometime and I’m excited to know the rating.lol. The family time profile is also a great idea.

  20. Thumbs up system is so much better! I am not a huge fan of how Netflix caters their feeds but maybe this will help!

  21. I saw the new option but have not tried it yet! Hopefully it will give better suggestions then before. What bugs me is the notifications, they don’t alwasy go away.

  22. My kids noticed this the other day. I think its neat. I haven’t really looked into it much but think anything to help me find what I like and watch the better!

  23. I still haven’t used this feature but I totally should! I’ll test it out with my husband tonight. I always end up watching the same thing, but hey – I’m a creature of routine!

  24. I haven’t been on Netflix lately to see this new rating system so I had no idea. I think it’s a great feature!

  25. I love the new rating system and I love how Netflix is constantly improving their site!

  26. I definitely like the new system better. I really appreciate your tip about creating a “Family” profile, too.

  27. What a great way to choose movies. I really need to get Netflix.

  28. I just saw this new rating system the other day! I use Netflix all the time so this will make it better.

  29. Any rating is fine with me as long as it lets you know exactly how the show or movie is and if it’s worth your time. I really like the rotten tomatoes system myself.

  30. I noticed the percentage rate on a few titles and I was wondering what it was because it doesn’t show on all of them. Thanks for sharing

  31. I’ll have to log into my Netflix account and check this out – I’ve not been in there recently, or if I was, I didn’t even pay attention.

  32. I like the new rating system, didn’t think I would but it’s easy to do with one click.

  33. Our recommendations are pretty accurate on Netflix. So far, I don’t mind the new thumbs up and thumbs down system. It seems to work pretty well!

  34. The individual profile is the best addition to Netflix, as far as I’m concerned. I recall what it offered as suggestions to me that I would never watch before they weeded out other people’s viewing.

  35. I like the new rating system so much better. The star system just had a little too much complexity, and I find this new system easier and just better.

  36. We love this new rating system!! We love Netflix, too!!

  37. This had us puzzled a while back but it really is a neat little feature. When we first saw it we had to figure out what it was.

  38. I love Netflix, I have been a loyal member for two years. I am loving their new thumb rating great way of organizing content x

  39. I am a Netflix junkie. I love the new personalization and the thumbs up/down ratings.

  40. I am a Netflix junkie. I love the new personalization and the thumbs up/down ratings.

  41. I like the new rating system Netflix has. I love the great selection of movies and shows they have for the whole family.

  42. This makes setting ratings easier for everyone. I think it’s awesome especially if you really want to compliment a show or an original series.

  43. I rarely watch netflix these days but it’s nice that they updated the rating system. This is really easier than the stars that they had before.

  44. I really need to pay better attention to my Netflix because I haven’t even noticed the thumbs up options. I guess I need a binge tv session soon!

  45. I hadn’t noticed the new rating system on Netflix yet but I like the idea. I think at our next family movie we’re going to have to give thumbs up or down during the previews too!

  46. This is a great feature to have. Sometimes just choosing what to watch will take up some time which should have already been spent watching a great movie/tv series.

  47. I love this thumbs up feature. I don’t know why I did not notice that. Well, at least now and I am excited to see what Netflix’s suggestions would be. 🙂

  48. Netflix is something we watch all the time and we love the new rating system. We all watch shows and movies on Netflix under our own profile which I love too. Thanks for sharing the information.

  49. I am a movie addict and I used to watch on Netflix. It caters good service.

  50. I have to look for this thumbs up feature. As much as we spend our weekends binge watching, it would be great to see what other suggestions Netflix has for us.

  51. I do not like this as it limits my ability to rank shows from 1-5 to up or down. I personally like the five option format better. Based on this new rating I may choose a thumbs up show or movie that really I wouldn’t have chosen if the 1-5 was still available.

  52. Oh this is fab – I’m ALWAYS on Netflix – and I always end up watching something that doesn’t turn out as good as it sounded in the first place. This sounds like a great way of avoiding those! Recently I’ve been watching Lizzie Borden – my absolute favourite show right now! x

  53. I haven’t even noticed this new feature. I’ll have to check it out. I have Netflix going practically 24/7.

  54. I still have few more months free subscription on this. MIght as well use it and see how this new rating system works

  55. If only i have a proper and decent internet connection at home, then I install Netflicks but its not. Good that you enjoyed it fabulously 🙂

  56. First off! Let me just say that I love your blog layout! I am not a fan of Netflix because last time I had it there was not much choice when it comes to Anime. So now I just have Crunchyroll. Based on what you are saying maybe I should give it another go.

  57. I just noticed this new rating system the other night when we were trying to find a movie. Definitely a great new feature!

  58. I like the thumbs up, its simple and to the point. Glad you started it.

  59. This sounds so interesting! I like the thumbs up-thumbs down system, much quicker and easier. I had no idea Netflix had a Steamteam, how very cool that you are a part of it!!

  60. We love Netflix it has changed TV viewing so I am for any rating system to give us a small preview and expectation. I am for family ratings systems to give us an idea whether it is appropriate for everyone.

  61. I really love this new rating system! Such a great way to find new shows to watch!!

  62. I was wondering about the switch when I saw it the other day! It’s making finding things a lot easier!

  63. I love that they are updating the rating system. Makes it easier to find things I love to watch.

  64. I always check ratings whenever I go to watch something, or order something. I

  65. I always check ratings whenever I go to watch something, or order something. It’s great to know what others think.

  66. I recently noticed that Netflix had changed up their rating system. This seems less complicated though I wish they have a thumbs in-between for movies that you liked but didn’t love.

  67. I noticed the thumbs up feature this past weeek and initially, I wasn’t a fan. However, after reading your post, maybe it isn’t so bad after all. It does look like it will simplify the whole process of finding another potentially great show to watch & I’m all for that!

  68. I love the new rating system! Much easier and less complicated.

  69. I love the new rating system. It is so easy to use and a familiar method. Netflix is so popular in our house.

  70. I have just started to Netflix and I saw thus rating system. So they’re just new huh?

  71. I really like that it helps narrow down the shows that I want to watch. It’s a pretty cool rating system.

  72. I love this. It is so much easier to rate as a user…but if a show is only ok – I hate to thumbs down or thumbs up…so I am torn. I am interested to see how this works in the long run.

  73. I was so glad when they added the individual profiles so that what I was watching could be different than what my daughter was. And recommendations could be catered to each of our needs.

  74. personally, i like a simple thumb up over stars as well.

  75. I think the thumbs system for rating is much simpler than before. It is similar to YouTube’s thumbs up and down button and it is easier to rate a show with a no complications.

  76. I think it’s cool. But I’m scared for the percentage rise in binge watching now it’s gotten better.

  77. I am honestly not subscribed to Netflix yet but I’m really interested. I think this is a plus factor now that it will be easier to see great shows 🙂

  78. I like that they look for ways to improve instead of just staying comfortable. This sees like a sound business decision to me.

  79. I love the new rating system! There is so much to watch on Netflix but I always seem to struggle finding something when I have time to sit and watch. I’m pretty excited that I’ll start seeing suggestions that make sense for my late night TV style!

  80. I didn’t even know of Netflix’s new rating system but it definitely sounds better than the last! I’m always on netflix and we always check the rating before we watch any series so this is such great news!

  81. As a netflix binge watcher, I loved this idea. I just found out about it a few days ago!

  82. This thumbs up/thumbs down feature of Netflix sounds a great idea. I didn’t even know that until now. I’m always sleepy lately because of my morning sickness so I don’t have time to watch on Netflix for now.

  83. I am definitely here for their new rating system. Typically if I can’t rate show/movie 5 stars I won’t rate it at all. So this will make it so much easier.

  84. I am actually not a fan at all. I really liked the star ratings because it would help me decide if it was worth watching. Now I’m less likely to watch something I don’t know anything about. 🙁

  85. Okay, wait, I totally just realized there was a percentage! I’m totally on board now! lol

  86. I noticed the rating, but I am not sure how to use it or not yet. Thank you for writing about it!

  87. Omg I love the name of your site. Very clever!! And I am loving netflix new percentage of a movies or shows match to me. It is helping me find some good stuff.

  88. For being someone super netflix obsessed, I haven’t binge watched anything lately so I haven’t noticed the new feature lol… maybe this weekend I will check it out

  89. This is awesome, I could tell something has changed recently. Can’t wait for our Friday night Netflix night.

  90. Rating is helpful to the viewers. It’s a tool so they could easily identify which shows are being liked by most and they won’t find it hard to look for a good movie. It is nice that there are only 2 options only a yes or a no, it’s less confusing.

  91. Personalization is one of the reasons I like Netflix. I have never done the rating system before, but I think with this simplification I will start doing it.