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Beach hacks

Nothing beats a day at the beach, the cool clear water, the sun shining down, hearing the waves roll in! Spending the day at a beach is the perfect way to enjoy a nice summer day. Below are some tips and tricks for a day at the beach, to make your life a little more simple. 

Make your beach day trip unforgettable, and have fun creating those amazing memories that will last a lifetime! 

Best Beach Day Hacks 

Leave In Conditioner: The sun and salt water can cause a lot of damage to your hair, especially if you color it. To help prevent it, apply a leave in conditioner that has a UV protectant. Do this the morning of before you head to the beach.

Baby Oil on Legs: If you have freshly shaved, slather on baby oil on your legs. Fresh salt water can sting pretty good on fresh legs. I also suggest shaving with baby oil, use it like you would shaving cream. 

Mesh Laundry Bag: Pack up all your items like kid toys, towels and such in the mesh laundry bag. Will help reduce trips to the car!  Then at the end of the day when your items are all sandy, just toss back in the bag and sit in the back of your trunk. It will help reduce how much sand gets in your car, and some will shake out as you carry it to the car. 

Freeze Juice Boxes and Drinks: If you have little ones, consider freezing their juice boxes. This will help keep drinks and food cool throughout the day, and by lunchtime they should be thawed and ready to drink! 

Baby Powder to Remove Sand: If you have sand on you, sprinkle some baby powder on, and rub. It will help remove the sand easier from your skin. 

Roll Sandwiches: Make sure to pack a lunch for the day, you always get so hungry playing in the sun. One great option is to take some rolls and slice them in half. Then lay down some meat, cheese and condiments of your choice, and then seal them back up in your bag. Then just pull a roll out for each family member when it is time to eat. Great for serving a good amount of people and doesn’t take up much space. 

Pack Snacks: Some beaches do not have a place for concessions. So make sure to pack snacks to eat throughout the day. 

Umbrella: Consider investing in an umbrella. A lot of spots on the beach are in full sun, so make sure to save your skin and get an umbrella to sit under when you are not out in the water. This is very important if you have little ones. 

Bug Spray and Sunscreen: These are kind of known, but truly don’t forget to pack these to prevent a burn and getting ate up from bugs. 

Water Shoes or Flip Flops: Consider getting water shoes or flip flops for going in the water. Sometimes there are hard rocks and such that can cut your feet. This is really good for little kids, to have water shoes on. Flip flops if you are not careful can float away, so I recommend water shoes. 

Fitted Sheet Sitting Area: Consider bring a fitted sheet to sit on. The elastic edges are great for a sand barrier. Just put a bag, cooler, or other big object in all four corners of the sheet. It will help protect sand from coming in as much. 

Go Early Or Late: Consider heading to the beach pretty early or going late, to beat the biggest crowd and stay away from the hottest part of the day. This is a great way to not be crowded, and can enjoy the day more if it is a popular beach. 

Blow Up Kiddie Pool: If you have a little toddler/baby, consider bringing a blow up kiddie pool. Then just grab a bucket and get some water and dump in the pool. It is a great way for your kiddo to play and you not have to worry about waves and fish getting by them. 

Put Phone in Baggie: Put your phone in a sandwich bag to prevent it from getting wet or sandy. 

Do you have any hacks or tips to add to the list?

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  27 Responses to “Tips and Tricks for a Day at the Beach”

  1. I actually knew about most of these. The baby oil on legs and leaving in the conditioner were new to me. The key is to prepare ahead of time and just enjoy the sun, water and sand. Don’t forget those sand toys.

  2. These sound like some great ideas! The idea of freezing juice packs to keep them cold is just something I am going to start using a lot!

  3. That sting of the salt water is the worst. I will definitely try the baby oil trick next time I head to the beach.

  4. Living within 5 minutes of the beach, I knew all of these. I can see how some of these would be new for many that don’t travel to the beach often.

  5. Great post! These are wonderful beach day hacks. Can’t wait to give them a try this summer.

  6. Awesome tips! We love going to the beach. We’ll be going next month actually. I’m excited!

  7. This are great tips. I love a day at the beach. I don’t get to go as often as I’d like these days though.

  8. Baby powder to remove sand is one of my favorite hacks. I always hate feeling like I’m covered in sand.

  9. This is just in time. We are getting ready to head out the beach next week. Definitely needed these reminders.

  10. Great tips! Will keep in mind when we go tho the beach. Though I was intrigued with freezing the drinks instead of the usual “bring a cooler”.

  11. We seldom got to the beach because we live so far away from one so when we go, we always walk barefoot. It’s like getting your feet a massage at the spa but you’re right, you won’t see anything in the water so a proper footwear is needed.

  12. Baby powder to remove sand is genius! I have never heard of that. I will have to remember this!

  13. Thank you for this! We have 3 beaches in our small little city and I plan to head there with the kids a few times this summer. These will be so helpful!

  14. These are great tips. The fitted sheet idea is pure genius! I’m definitely using that one!

  15. It has been a minute since I have made it to the beach. I would really love to try some of these hacks!

  16. Wonderful hacks Robin. I really need to take the kids to the beach soon.

  17. These are all such great tips. I haven’t been to a decent beach in a long time. I need to find a good one around here and take my girls.

  18. Yes please! One other thing for Florida beaches is to don’t forget to go shelling! So much fun – just don’t take the live ones! 😉

  19. I’m such a beach girl! Just wish there were more around us! Thanks for the tips!!

  20. Loved your post! Such amazing tips! I miss the beach! Can’t wait to be there this weekend!

  21. I always forget the water shoes but my feet hurt so bad by the end of the day. Thanks for the reminder.

  22. Excellent tips, we’ll be at the beach in just a couple of weeks. These are great tips for a fun family day!

  23. These are awesome tips!! Thanks for sharing! Will keep these in mind this summer!

  24. Funny how I was already thinking of gathering up things for our family’s beach trip this summer.. this list came in handy! Thanks 🙂

  25. I love love love these ideas. Never knew baby powder could remove sand. I think freezing the juice boxes is my favorite idea.

  26. I use leave in conditioner on my curly hair girl and it makes a world of difference. These are great tips.

  27. If only we had a beach. We have rivers with sand though. I’ll have to save these tricks for days that we do go to do that.