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Have you thought about organizing your kitchen cabinets lately? I opened one of mine yesterday and a bunch of stuff fell on me, so I figured it was time for a little cleaning and reorganization. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to get started and to keep them organized and here are some easy tips to get you started on organizing those kitchen cupboards.

Tips for Cleaning & Organizing the Kitchen Cupboards

Clean out the cabinets first.

Before you decide to organize the kitchen cupboards, take the time to clean them out. This is the perfect time to get rid of all broken Tupperware out of the cabinets. If there’s something you don’t want to keep, then now is the time to throw it out.

Take out all of the dishes.

In order to organize the cupboards like they should be done, take out all of the dishes in the cupboard. I try to be incredibly careful during this part because I don’t want to break any dishes. I set all of the dishes on the table until it’s time to put them back into the cupboards.

Scrub the inside of the cabinets.

At this point I feel as though I’ve already emptied the cabinets, it’s time to get all of the grime out. This is a great time to reach every nook and cranny within the cupboards. You might be surprised at what actually lurks on the inside of cabinets, so this is a crucial step to take. After I’ve scrubbed the inside of the cabinets, I also either put a yummy smelling sachet or a container of baking soda in the back corner to keep things smelling fresh.

Put dividers in the cabinets as necessary.

I love to put dividers in my cabinets to help me know where everything stops and starts. Since most kitchens have limited cabinet space it’s nice to know where everything goes. I also put labels on the cabinets, on the inside, so that I know where all kitchen items go. The label part may be a little obsessive but that’s okay.

Organizers work perfectly for smaller kitchen items.

I have found that organizers work wonders within drawers and cabinets. A utensil organizer goes perfectly in a drawer and works wonders for organizing silverware and other kitchen items. Hooks work awesomely on the inside of bottom cabinets to hang up anything from pans to kitchen towels. You can buy all kinds of organizers at your local dollar store.

Organizing your cupboards isn’t something that needs done every week. It is something I aim to do at least once a month. What are some ways you organize your kitchen cupboards?

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  92 Responses to “Tips for Cleaning & Organizing the Kitchen Cupboards”

  1. I really needed this. I need to gut – GUT – my cabinets, but I haven’t been able to figure out where to start.

  2. Thanks you so much for sharing these tips. My kitchen is fairly overflowing with stuff because I’ve been putting off getting it in order.

  3. Kitchen cupboards and cupboards in general get messy so fast around here and I hate cleaning and organizing them! These are awesome tips so maybe the next clean won’t be as bad!

  4. These are some great tips. I am always reorganizing my kitchen.

  5. I would be lost without my kitchen organizers. They definitely help me tame the drawer clutter. I’ve never thought about dividers, though. That’s interesting.

  6. I have things falling out of my cabinets too. Thanks for the wakeup call that I need desperately and those tips.

  7. I have been meaning to clean out my kitchen for a couple of years now. But cleaning out the spice cupboard scares me as it is such a mess right now. Maybe I’ll hire someone or wait till my mother next visits me 🙂

  8. I love cleaning. when i’m stressed or annoyed,I clean. It makes me feel like my life is in order. My mom annoys me sometimes for this purpose. Your tips are exactly how I do it. I love organizers too.

  9. Oh this is a great post, the kitchen cupboards can sometimes get so cluttered. Kids not putting things back where they belong, me just shoving stuff somewhere where it will fit. These are great tips, thanks!

  10. I need to re organize my kitchen. It seems like every day the kids get into something and just mess up what I tried to organize earlier!

  11. Oh man, you reminded me I need to do this. My kitchen is looking rather scary at the moment.

  12. I followed all of these tips when I cleaned out my kitchen last year. Scrubbing the cabinets brought out some bunk!

  13. The only things organized in my kitchen are the spices – I can’t stand searching when I need a dash of this or that, but the rest of my kitchen is disorganized. Hopefully I will get to it before things fall on my head.

    • My spices used to be really organized but I had stomach issues and let the rest of the family cook for a while. Now I need to reorganize them!

  14. I need to do this asap. I just went to Costco yesterday and what a nightmare my kitchen is! These are wonderful tips I will use!

  15. Good tips! Now if I can only find someone to come do it for me. tee hee

  16. These tips are really helpful. Thanks for sharing them. Put dividers in the cabinets as necessary this is good idea. I will try it.

  17. Oh, the dreaded cabinets! I haven’t done mine yet but I’m moving along, no matter how slowly, at least I’m moving along. Thanks for these tips. It is going to help a lot in organizing.

  18. I keep looking at our cupboards and thinking I need to do this, we are due a new kitchen soon though also I’m putting off just waiting for the dates for them to come!

  19. Sometimes I think it would be just easier to move over having to clean out the kitchen cabinets. Job I don’t enjoy but always feel better after it is completed.

  20. Omg my kitchen cabinet is always so full! I try to stay organized, seriously… but no way!!!

  21. I really just need to purge a lot of my stuff! It is rough when you work all day, so I’m trying to do a little at a time! Great tips!

  22. Oh my goodness, you clean out your cabinets once a month? You’re my new hero! I like your divider idea. I just moved into a new house and my “junk drawer” is already out of control, so I’ll have to try that.

  23. I have a utensil organizer and it is a lifesaver. Otherwise I would be digging through piles of rubbish trying to find my cutlery lol x

  24. These are great tips! need to try this with my cabinets!

  25. Great tips. So often we wait to do these things and dread them because we think it will be to hard. These are great hints and resources!

  26. Great tips! As summer is approaching, and my son will be out of school, I’m making my list of stuff to get done around the house. Cleaning out the cabinets is definitely at the top!

  27. I love cleaning and organizing so thank you so much for your tips. Cupboards are a hassle no matter how much you organize them. One I get them straight my family messes them up within a week. LOL

  28. This is something that I have been putting off for a while because I have been busy. Yikes. I’ve acquired new stuff for my kitchen and am now in need of new dividers. Of course, some of my old things need to go so I guess I really need to make time for that.

  29. I did these on my cupboards last week when I started my spring cleaning. I love all these ideas!

  30. Oh gosh, I need to do this so badly! There’s “some” organization in our cabinets but … if you pull things from some shelves you’re likely to be assaulted by a stack of random lids and whatnot! lol

  31. I love drawer organizers and hooks on the back of doors. I really need to organize my lazy susans, I think there are more sippy cups than we need.

  32. Ughhh. I have to do this soon. I don’t know why but this is my least favorite chore to do. I would rather fold 10 loads of laundry instead of washing and organizing the cupboards.

  33. Okay, can you come over and help work on my cabinets now? Ha, just kidding. Well, kind of. I need all the help I can get.

  34. There us a cupboard I am deliberately not opening because I know what will fall on me.Thanks for the tips though, will implement some over Easter

  35. Thank you for the great tips. As very busy people, we rarely get a chance to clean kitchen cupboards. Now we are motivated to clean them.

  36. I’m gonna need new dividers and a lot of those kitchen organizers ( they’re very handy ). It may be a lot of work but I got my howe to help me with this.

  37. Cleaning cupboards is such a pain in the rear! These are some great tips when it comes time to do it though! 🙂

  38. It’s amazing how a tupperware to the head can make us suddenly crave organization, isn’t it? I don’t really think of stuff like that until it literally hits me that I haven’t done it in a while. BUt then … my process is like yours – thorough.

  39. This is on my list for Spring cleaning. It’s something I always forget to do! Following these tips will help. Thanks!

  40. Great tips! I love having organized cabinets so I know where everything is when cooking or baking. I have a cabinet dedicated to Tupperware so the lids don’t go missing to hang out with the socks we can’t find! Haha!

  41. I bought some dividers for the kitchen drawers, but I’m not a big fan of them. I think they were a cheap brand and I would like to find a better one.

  42. Great tips !! This is something I really need to do. I have been putting it off for a while.

  43. With 4 kids and my hubby I have to keep my kitchen in check! As a matter fact this post reminded me I need some things to clean this weekend!

  44. These are great tips. I cleaned mine out when I moved in but that was a year ago. Time to do it again.

  45. THese are some really great tips. i needed them the most lol

  46. I tend to clean out my cabinets once a year. I don’t know about plastic cups those things seem to multiply and I don’t remember ever buying any we’re going to places where they give you one for free .

  47. Great tips! I try to clean the cupboards every six months or so!

  48. I should send this to my mom. She needs a good clean like this. With us being minimalists, we don’t face these problems. 😛

  49. Our dishes cupboard is always neat but our pantry is always disorganized. We do the same: take everything out and clean and every thing goes back in.

  50. These are great tips! I love buying things to help me organize the cabinets at Dollar Tree. It makes such a big difference for just a few dollars!

  51. I need to do this to my kitchen! I need to get better with cleaning the kitchen cabinets, on the inside. Also better in maintaining organization. Thanks for the tips!

  52. Cleaning and organizing is my favorite part of home chores. I do these myself and until they are done properly, I am not happy. I am happy to see a couple of things I do listed here.

  53. These are great tips. I have so many Tupperware bowls and containers that don’t have matching lids. I need to take everything out and organize!

  54. These are excellent tips! I usually do most of these things, plus it helps me “find” my lids to all the bowls.

  55. I am still working on my spring cleaning. I need to do this, will probably be working on my kitchen for weeks still. I am so slow!

  56. It’s not a fun task but it’s necessary. I hate taking all the dishes out but it’s the perfect tip!

  57. Great tips for Spring Cleaning!! It is so much easier when you break them up in to small chores!!

  58. Thanks for reminding me to do this this year. OUr kitchen cabinets are in desperate need for a reorganization.

  59. We don’t have a big kitchen so organization is important. Right now my organizational strategy includes things falling out of the cupboards when I open them.

  60. I truly hate cleaning my kitchen in depth. It takes so much work!

  61. I literally just did this the other day. Pulling out your dishes is seriously the best tip. There’s not cleaning around them thoroughly.

  62. Oh Lord, just thinking about this doesn’t sound fun. But…my kitchen is due for a cleaning. Thanks for the tips!

  63. Great info. How many people really scrub their kitchen cabinets but we need to!

  64. How did you know that this is what I struggle with the most? No matter what I do the kitchen cabinets always look so damn messy! Thank you for sharing these tips, hopefully they’ll make it easier for me haha x

  65. I use organizers and dividers in my cupboards, and I love them. They give you more space in your cabinets and help to keep things neat and orderly. I’ve never used labels, but it might be a good idea and help my son remember where everything goes.

  66. My cupboards are a mess right now. I really have to get my spring cleaning on. These are great tips, thanks!

  67. I never mind organizing my shelves in the kitchen, but I hate doing the drawers. Even when I try to keep the them neat I swear the get dirty and disorganized all by themselves.

  68. Great tips on cleaning! I might need to clean my kitchen soon and this is so helpful 🙂

  69. We really need to organize and clean our kitchen, it’s a mess right now. I super need this!

  70. These are all great ideas. I really need to clean out my cabinets, I have ancient containers that I haven’t seen the lids to in years!

  71. These are great tips. This is what I need to do really soon! My cupboards need some serious organizing!

  72. This is one of my least favorite things to do. I just did a big reorganization this winter but it needs to be done again. Great tips!

  73. I bought some dividers for my cabinets. It made all the difference in the world. Now everything is nice and neat and in their place!

  74. I do like organizers for smaller items. My only problem is that sometimes there are cracks in the organizers and things seem to slip through.

  75. These are great tips, just in time for spring cleaning! Having an organized kitchen makes cooking so much easier

  76. I don’t like the idea of an unorganized kitchen. I always make sure to clean it up so that I know where everything is. I don’t like the idea of looking around while cooking. It will take so much time. These are great tips!

  77. These are really great tips. I need to organize my kitchen soon.

  78. Labels inside the cabinets is a smart idea. I hate it when someone comes along and puts things wherever they want.

  79. After we redid the kitchen last year I didn’t reorganize. I’m in need of a good cleaning the kitchen cabinet session.

  80. Those are really awesome tips. I make sure to clean the cabinets every time we’re going to welcome a new season. Dust definitely accumulates and you would have to wipe or scrub the surfaces clean.

  81. It’s really important for me to clean everything especially when we’re about to welcome Spring. I think these are very useful tips.

  82. I love to do spring cleaning and every year I clean out those cabinets and organize so it doesn’t become to cluttered.

  83. Thanks for reminding me about this! It’s about time for me to do some spring cleaning and it should definitely start from the kitchen 🙂

  84. I just finished painting my kitchen cabinets so its definitely time for organizing them! I’ll definitely use these tips!

  85. Great tips! Organizing and cleaning the kitchen is always difficult because of clutter and such. My cabinets are white so they show everything!

  86. My kitchen cabinets could seriously use a deep cleaning like this! I think it’s been a year since I properly removed everything and wiped them all down.

  87. My kitchen cabinets are all clean and tidy… for now! I bet that will change in a few months haha

  88. My kitchen cabinets are all clean and tidy… for now! I bet that will change in a few months though..

  89. My kitchen cabinets are all clean and tidy… for now! I bet that will change in a few months though when all the spring cleaning shininess has disappeared!

  90. I need to do this. Some great tips for sure. I just cleaned out the spice rack. I actually made cinnamon sugar, pumpkin spice, all spice, and garlic salt. Now I have to work on cleaning up other areas.

  91. My kitchen cabinets need to be reorganized badly, they get messed up so easily!