May 282019
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There are many parts that go into hosting a sleepover, and today I'm going to show you how to do so without stressing out.

Hosting a sleepover is a fun way to let your kids have friends over and enjoy childhood. Sleepovers can be super fun at any age, but for parents, they can be quite overwhelming. Having a bunch of kids in your house for a sleepover can be quite stressful. You have to figure out what to feed them, if there are any allergies, and where everyone is going to sleep. There are many parts that go into hosting a sleepover, and today I’m going to show you how to do so without stressing out.

Tips for Hosting a Sleepover without Stressing Out

Make a Cap on Guests

You may have certain space and budget restrictions when it comes to hosting a sleepover in your home. Before anything else happens, talk to your kids about the number of friends they want to invite over. Be sure to make a cap on guests so that you have enough space, food, and supplies for all of the guests. Putting a cap on how many friends can sleepover will help keep you from stressing out trying to watch too many kids.

Get Prepared

Figure out what activities, food, and snacks you’ll serve for the sleepover. The key is to make sure the kids are kept busy because any downtime will surely stress you out. Ask your kids for some ideas of what their friends enjoy watching for movies, eating for snacks and meals as well as anything else to ensure you’re fully prepared for hosting a sleepover without stressing out.

Create a Designated Space

Next, you’ll want to make sure you have a designated space for the sleepover. This will be an area that your kids can help set up before their friends arrive, and be the main area where kids are allowed during the sleepover. Creating a designated space for the sleepover event will keep the kids from going into your bedroom or other areas of the home you don’t want the kids venturing into.

Plan Meals and Snacks

Call all of the parents before the sleepover event to find out what allergies or food restrictions any of the kids attending the sleepover may have. Plan your meals and snacks around any restrictions and be certain to have your home free of any items that the sleepover kids aren’t allowed to have by locking them up in higher cabinets and informing your family of the kids’ restrictions and allergies.

There you have, tips for hosting a sleepover without stressing out. Following these tips will ensure that you have a successful sleepover and your kids are able to bond over movies, food, and activities with their friends in the safety of your own home.

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  26 Responses to “Tips for Hosting a Sleepover without Stressing Out”

  1. I think these are great ideas! When we were kids, we would just go to a friend’s house, and, because of differences of tastes in food, snacks and movies, you could tell the tension in the host parents!

  2. Oh gosh, I admit it, I detest sleepovers. I usually decline. But I will let friends stay until 9, and then I want them to go home so I can have quiet again. I told Natalie when she’s an older teenager if she can promise to be quiet and stay in her room, maybe. My son was never interested in sleepovers. He doesn’t like people touching his stuff.

  3. Planning meals is key. So is planning on who’s coming. The quickest way to lose your mind is to think three people are coming over and then it turns into ten.

  4. Oh man!! Sleepovers. I loved them when I was a kid. I can only imagine how ANNOYING they were for my parents though! HA HA HA! I am sure I will observe this when my son is old enough to have them… Thankfully that won’t be for like 5 years – haha!

  5. On man- sleepovers really are so stressful sometimes. I can only imagine how hard they are nowadays. These are such great tips.

  6. I think planning snacks/meals is always a must with any get together! Glad my kids aren’t quite old enough to have to worry about sleepovers!

  7. Never knew that existed: Not stressing out! Thanks for all these great tips. The meal part is a big thing with kids!

  8. Just saying the words sleep over stresses me out. These are great tips.

  9. This is a great post with lots of advice on sleepovers. We were always a “one or two friends” sleepover kind of family. Multipple kids are just so loud.

  10. We have opted to not do sleepovers. My sister does them with her kids and they seem very stressful.

  11. We once has a sleepover when my daughter was 6 and it was awful! Their friend ended up staying up until midnight and wanted to play at like 11pm when we were going to bed!

  12. Sleepovers can be a lot of fun, but it is important that you set some guidelines like these. We usually limited the number of guests to 1-3.

  13. These are all wonderful ideas. I think sleepovers are great, and my daughters have had plenty of them, but yes they can get stressful. I think always being prepared is best.

  14. Planning and prepping ahead is key! Once all of those littles get there it’s usually absolute madness lol

  15. Great tips! We always add some sort of activity for the kids to do with food whether it’s preparing a dessert or a taco bar. It’s so much fun watching the kids get creative

  16. I am almost at that age, and I worry about it! You make it sound like a LOT of fun though.

  17. Sleepovers are fun until things get too big and crowded and people feel left out.

  18. My middle daughter is just now entering the sleepover age, and we haven’t had one just yet. I know she’s dying to, so this is so helpful!

  19. Preparing meals and snacks is the most important part! 🙂 Thanks for these helpful hacks!

  20. Sleepovers totally stress me out! Plus our house has a very open floor plan, so it’s not like we can close doors and let the kids be as loud as they want. I usually end up sleeping on the couch, but barely get any sleep!

  21. These are great tips, I am yet to host a sleepover at my house. I need this I too stressed with my kids to put them in bed. Sleep over means others too.

  22. My daughter keeps wanting to have a sleep over with her friend. I’m not sure I am ready to have a group of chatty kathys over for a night yet.

  23. These are great tips! I’ll remember this the next time I’m hosting one!

  24. Without stressing out LOL — I haven’t hosted one yet because I don’t want to stress out LOL. Thanks for your tips!

  25. Great tips for hosting a sleepover! Boys sleepovers are so easy compared to girls. I am lucky I never had to plan one for girls but your tips would sure come in handy!

  26. I never thought the words no stress and sleepovers could be in the same sentence LOL These are some great tips!