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Tips to Improve Interaction on Twitter

Twitters’ true value is engagement, while sure the search engines index it and you will have a Google Page Rank for your Twitter profile, without interaction you are wasting your marketing time. It is super easy to get intertwined with Twitter and being a broadcaster. When you have blog posts scheduled to go out live, content to get out there on a regular and your feed is full of information, you are half way there to improving interaction on Twitter.

Getting the content out there is not as tedious as working to improve interaction; after all you want your followers to engage with you because it reaches a wider range of viewers. When someone @ replies to you, their followers get to see your name and read the conversation. Having that interaction with people on Twitter helps to build your online brand, personal character and shows that you are a real person seeking to engage with others.

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As a blogger on Twitter, it’s all about building the person behind the brand because people want to follow bloggers who keep it real, are approachable and maintain a loyal interaction online. If you are seeking to improve interaction on Twitter, then please follow the below tips to ensure your interaction increases on a steady basis:

  • Be Active During High Traffic Hours – use Twitter analytics to determine when your followers are online the most. Once you have evaluated when the high traffic hours are, be active and engage with others during this timeframe.
  • Tweet on Weekends – this is easily done from your smartphone; learn to spend time on Twitter during the weekends as a means to capture the most of your audience. Many users will be on Twitter during their days off; Saturday and Sunday.
  • Add Photos – while you may not think Twitter is image rich much like Pinterest, it really is. It has been proven that images with tweets have gained more engagement than others. Use appropriate images when tweeting your content out.
  • Use Retweetable Words – there are some major words that tend to get your followers to click that little RT button. Try to use words like “check out”, “blog”, “please retweet”, “new blog post” or “free” to gain more interaction on Twitter.
  • Use a Reward System – try to have a reward for those in your following who engage with you the most during week day hours. Have a steady weekly or monthly reward for followers who engage with you and randomly choose a winner on Saturdays.


Thank you for taking the time to read these tips to improve interaction on Twitter, if you have additional tips please leave them in a comment below. Let’s help each other build our Twitter interaction for future success!

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  1. I have never really needed these tips because for some reason twitter is always an easier platform to get noticed. Also I think there are groups for social media where you grow your audience, it really helped in getting more followers.

  2. Great tips for Twitter. I really need to up my game on that platform. I use HootSuite sometimes, but I need to really get focused on increasing engagement. Thanks!

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  14. I didn’t realize I could check for high traffic hours, I’m excited to find out now when the best time is to tweet. I like adding photos to my tweets. And having rewards sounds like a great idea too. I have lots of twitter followers but would like to increase the participation so this will be truly helpful for me. Thanks for sharing.

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  20. These are great tips because before this past weekend, I didn’t really like Twitter. I just randomly tweeted out something this weekend during the Lochte interview and my tweet went NUTS (and by nuts I mean retweets and favs like I have never had before). I seriously had no idea what to do but now I do 🙂

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  49. I definitely find that my tweets that contain photos often solicit more engagement, so I totally agree with that. The pics are eye-catching and oftentimes peek tweeters’ interest so they read more.

  50. It’s important to make sure that you interact with your followers especially if they replied to your tweets or if they retweeted your links. It’s a great way to show your appreciation and to let them know that you’re listening too.

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