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No one likes getting sick, but it's bound to happen.By following these tips, you can help prevent colds and flu this winter (and all the time)!

I don’t know if where you live is being hit, but many states are getting hit hard with colds and flu already. I am the type of person who likes to try all I can to avoid anyone in our house from getting sick. Granted, no matter how hard you try you are bound to get sick every now and again. I try to keep us as healthy as possible, and I do so by following these tips below to help prevent colds and flu.

Hand Washing
Make sure every person has good hand washing, as that really helps limit exposure to viruses and germs. You need to scrub and wash hands for around 20 seconds or more. A lot of the germs we pick up are from door handles, counters and more, and washing hands often will help limit spreading germs. Carry hand sanitizer with you so that when you can’t wash your hands you can at least use hand sanitizer.

No one likes getting sick, but it's bound to happen.By following these tips, you can help prevent colds and flu this winter (and all the time)!

If you like protein try to make sure you have a higher protein diet. If you don’t consume enough protein it can lower your immune system. So think meats, eggs, dairy, and more.

Limit Hand Shaking
Try not to get too close to people or shake hands. When a lot of bugs are floating around the less exposure you have is the best. Try to just greet people with a big hello or nice to meet you over shaking hands.

Make sure if you work in an office or away from home that you work at sanitizing your space. Wipe down keyboards, door handles, desks, etc. Those items don’t get cleaned often and can be a breeding ground.

Get Those ZZZ’s
Make sure you are sleeping enough and limiting your stress. Both of those can reduce your immunity, so try to relax and go to bed earlier so you can wake up and feel energized.

No one likes getting sick, but it's bound to happen.By following these tips, you can help prevent colds and flu this winter (and all the time)!

Stay Home
If you know someone is sick or just got over something in the last 24 hours, consider staying home. Don’t go out to dinner or other gatherings with a group that you know have just been sick. As they are better is great but it doesn’t mean they don’t have some of those germs lingering around.

Don’t Touch
Don’t go and grab that pen that is sitting at the counter at the grocery store, or look through a magazine at the doctor’s office. Items like that are covered in germs. Read a book on your phone or bring a tablet. Take your own pen so that you have it to sign your credit card receipts, etc. Just try to keep your hands to yourself and don’t touch things.

Fruits and Veggies
Making sure to get a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet can be an immune boost on its own. Or if you like to juice that is a great way to get the most out of your vegetables.

But as hard as we try, we are bound to get sick sometimes. As a busy mom, I always make it a point to make sure I stock up on all the medications I might need and, of course, I always have lots of Scotties Tissues on hand in case we do get sick.  I mean seriously, we have boxes all over the house and I make sure to keep a box in the car – and as you can see we use them on the go quite a bit.

No one likes getting sick, but it's bound to happen.By following these tips, you can help prevent colds and flu this winter (and all the time)!

Scotties is dedicated to bringing you comfort and value, and by keeping some boxes of their tissues handy, you, too, can be prepared for cold and flu season. They have this super cute Winter Design Collection out now, so Scotties will keep you ready for when colds strike all winter long.

No one likes getting sick, but it's bound to happen.By following these tips, you can help prevent colds and flu this winter (and all the time)!

If you want to find out more information visit Scotties and be sure to sign up for their newsletter, too, so you can keep up with their latest news and score some coupons!  You can also follow Scotties on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So tell me – how is your house faring against cooties this winter? Do you have any tips to add to help prevent colds and flu?

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  41 Responses to “Tips to Help Prevent Colds and Flu”

  1. Lots of hand washing, sanitizing (hands and surfaces), water, AND fruits and veggies get pushed in my house, especially during this time of yeare.

  2. Really great tips mama! I honestly didn’t know that eating less protein can lower your immune system – so good to know!

  3. Great tips. Flu is rampant now in Chicago.

  4. Right now I have been washing my hands like crazy because where I live it is so prevalent that I’m almost afraid to go anywhere in touch stuff. Since I cannot stay home and hope the flu passes our house I wash my hands a lot.

  5. Everyone I know has been fighting something lately! I’ve been militant about hand washing, extra protein, and sleep! And while my kids aren’t thrilled with that, we’ve managed to keep them fairly healthy so far! 🙂

  6. You probably have it just as bad as us with these low temps so the colds will soon follow. I think your tips are all good and hand washing is a key.

  7. Now that I am working in our school district, I am doing everything I can to keep germs away this time of the year! Thank you for the tips!

  8. I always carry hand sanitizer with me, especially this time of year. And tissues. You can always use tissues! Great tips!

  9. *knock on wood* we haven’t been hit with a heavy flu season YET but I am so particular about hand washing, sanitizing and carry Clorox/Lyson wipes with me.

  10. These are all such great tips. It seems the sickness never seems to go away. It’s hit our household already, and I’m hoping we all get rid of it soon.

  11. We only had one cold go through our family in the last year so we must be doing something right! I think it’s because I started being so diligent at having people wash their hands frequently and also using hand sanitizer when we are out.

  12. We all already had the flu in our home. My best tip is to keep your immune system strong for these weak moments.

  13. Tis the season that’s for sure. Seems like cold and flu are everywhere. Our girls each have their own box of Scotties right by their bed, and one in their locker at school.

  14. These are really helpful to prevent cold and flu. Thanks so much for sharing these tips!

  15. We always have tissues on hand, i stock up when they’re on sale. If I start to feel a cold coming on I start drinking lots of chicken broth and orange juice (not at the same time).

  16. Ugh, I so hope we don’t get the flu. I keep hearing how awful the strain is this year and I don’t want any part. We have had colds, but I can handle that. These are some great tissues–we always have some in the house just in case!

  17. These are great tips! We are just getting over the flu. Too much Christmas late nights & lots of visitors.

  18. I read recently that our area has a lot of positive cases of the flu this year. It seems to be a bad year for it. I find myself telling the littles to wash their hands 50 million times a day.

  19. It really helps to have enough sleep, fruits and veggies to boost immune system. Colds and flu can be contagious so it helps ta have a good immune system.

  20. We have avoided getting sick this winter, so far, but it is good to be prepared. We love Scotties! Our Dollar Tree actually carries Scotties and I like to really stock up so we don’t run out. I really have to remind the kids about washing their hands more.

  21. Hand washing is my thing all the time. I tell the kids to wash their hands as soon as they get home from school. So many germs!

  22. Excellent suggestions on how to keep those dreaded germs away! I am always strict about sanitizing and hand washing, but I become an absolute monster during cold and flu season.

  23. Knock on wood, I’ve been pretty healthy this winter. But I definitely don’t want to get taken down by the cold or flu. These are great reminders. I need to up my protein and my sleep.

  24. So many great tips. We all got sick last week thankfully no flu but it still sucked!

  25. I needed these tips 3 weeks ago when my entire household had the flu. It went through the house one by one.

  26. We had one bout of illness this winter so far and I’m hoping that’s it for us. *knocks on wood* Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks!!!

  27. These are some great tips, we’ve had one nasty bug this winter and I am hoping that’s us done now as I hate coming down with anything.

  28. I like the aloe or lotion infused tissues. (Knock on wood), but we have been lucky to avoid sickness so far this winter. I’m sure though sickness will hit us at the worst possible time. Isn’t that how it goes anyway?

  29. We do the elbow bump instead of shaking hands. Keeping our hands washed is a big one. Great ideas on how to stay healthy during cold season.

  30. Yes to staying home when you are sick, if possible. You definitely don’t want to spread your germs to anyone else.

  31. The GERMS are everywhere! We live in a warm climate and the crud is still everywhere!

  32. Hand washing is KEY to preventing the cold and flu!! These are all great tips and great to remember during this crazy season!!

  33. We wash our hands more than usual during the flu and cold season. We also, take turmeric and some herbal tinctures to keep the nasty germs away. I love Scotties Tissues, we have them in almost every room. They are super soft!

  34. I love these tips and super soft tissues are a must, I love Scotties! Washing your hands is something I am totally firm about, definitely helps with germs!

  35. Ughhhh colds/flues have made it though our house twice this year already! I will have to use a few of these tips to make sure another round doesn’t happen! Nothing worse than being sick

  36. We actually aim to do most of these. I honestly didn’t know a higher protein intake helped battle colds, though.

  37. Washing the hands is so important, especially when the flu/cold season is in full swing. Sanitizing anything you touch, especially at work is important too. Great tips!

  38. yay, I hate winter cold/flu.These are very helpful tips. Thanks for sharing.

  39. So many amazing tips. I definitely agree with getting rest and many others.

  40. All of these are great tips! Sleep, fruits and veggies are my favorite go-toes for this season.

  41. We don’t always appreciate how important health is to our health.