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Top 5 Eastern Connecticut Haunts

Connecticut is one of the most oldest states in our nation.  Being that it’s one of the first states, Connecticut is not only steeped in history, it’s full of things that go bump in the night. Connecticut’s sordid past, centuries-old graveyards, and gorgeous old mansions create the perfect recipe for spirit activity.

If you’re looking for a spine-chilling ghostly experience, eastern Connecticut is the perfect place to learn about the people and places that still haunt us to this day. If you want to experience some paranormal activity, check out these five haunted eastern Connecticut locations for your best chance. Guys, these are not staged haunted venues for Halloween- These are the real deal!

1.  Captain Daniel Packer Inne, Mystic
In 1873, Captain Packer’s 7-year-old niece, Ada Clift, was struck by scarlet fever and died at the Inne.  To this day, it is said that she still haunts the restaurant.  Apparently, according to staff & customers, her favorite place to play is in the stairwell.  She has also been known to befriend young children who are dining at the Inne.   Some employees say that the Captain still roams there as well.


I haven’t had a chance to dine there personally, but snapped this picture of some spooky orbs outside the restaurant while I was on the Seaside Shadows Haunted Tour.

2. The Nathan Hale Homestead, Coventry
Employees, volunteers and visitors have reported many sightings over the years. In addition to unidentified lights , voices have been heard and apparitions have been spotted over the years. Nathan Hale is Connecticut’s state hero.  His parents built this house back in 1776, which is the year that he was captured by the British and hung as a spy.


I had a chance to visit the homestead earlier this month and while I was there, I spoke with an employee named Matt, who told us about the history of the home as well as some of the ghostly encounters that have been reported there.

He himself has experienced footsteps and doors opening/closing on their own when no one else was in the building.  In this room pictured below, the sound of a dress tussling on the ground can often be heard.


Several years back, a visitor who was outside of the home went up to one of these windows to look inside.  As he looked in, he saw a man looking back at him from the inside.

Only the house was empty at the time.


Matt also told us a story about a young child who was touring the house a number of years back.  The child was bored and like kids do when they are bored, he was acting up.  From what Matt told us, the child ended up running off into the next room and when he got back, his behavior was so noticably different that everyone asked him what was wrong.  The child said that “the man yelled at him”. When the tour got to the dining room, the boy looked at the portrait (pictured below) of John Hale and exclaimed that it was the man who yelled at him.


Matt also told us about Lydia Carpenter, who was a family servant of the Hale family. When she was still alive, she had be seen listening/eavesdropping in the back stairwell that leads to the kitchen area as she went about her chores. She loved gossip and her apparition has been seen around the house, so apparently she’s still listening.

The back staircase is off of this room & her bedroom is though to be the small room located behind this one. I wanted to show you this photo because that is Nathan Hale’s actual army trunk.  I love history and thought it was interesting that they had this artifact.


3. Windham Textile and History Museum, Willimantic
This museum is known locally as The Mill Museum and was once part of Willimantic’s thriving textile industry.  It was here in this building where workers once labored for 12-14 hours every day under some really hash conditions.  Visitors to the museum have experienced cold spots, strange noises and feelings of being watched.

I met with one of the museum employees, Bev, who was kind enough to tell us about the history of Willimantic’s textile industry.


In addition to learning about the history of the industry, she took us next door into the Mill, which has a permanent resident named Madaline.


She’s not only been see in the mill, she’s been photographed in the window by several different paranormal investigative teams over the past few years.


If you love history, you will love this museum. Their collection of antique textile equipment is quite impressive.


I asked Bev if she had any personal ghostly experiences and she said a few things have happened that she can’t explain.  She told us that when they first made the building into a museum, there is a vault in there that they had no way to open. They had a locksmith come in and assess it and were told he could open it, for a huge chunk of change.  The folks at the museum decided to leave the vault shut, but when they showed up the following morning, the vault was mysteriously wide open. Bev told us of other missing objects suddenly showing up the next day.  She felt like whatever is in the main building of the museum is friendly and was watching over them to help.

4. Charles W. Morgan, Mystic
The world’s last wooden whale ship is indeed a National Historic Landmark and it’s docked at the Mystic Seaport. Over the 60 years it served as a whaling vessel, approximately  1,000 men worked aboard the wooden ship.  Are some of them still on board?  Various Seaport shipyard workers have claimed to have felt the presence of someone, or something, on board.

Charles W. Morgan

Visitors on the ship have reported seeing a man wearing 19th-century garb and smoking a pipe. It has also been reported that people have heard moans and other strange sounds while they were on board the ship.

5. The Old Mystic Inn, Mystic
Built in 1784 as a private home, the Old Mystic Inn has since been turned into an traditional New England bed and breakfast. The place is reportedly alive with spirit activity. One medium who visited the Inn encountered an eight-year-old girl named Hannah while she was there as well as another young boy who may have perished in the nearby Mystic River.


I had the pleasure of staying at the Inn recently and while I can’t say that I experienced, anything, I was able to capture a photo of an orb in my room (the Thoreau room) the first night I was there.


Want to learn more about the haunts in Mystic?  I recommend taking the Seaside Shadows Haunted Tour.  I took the tour and loved hearing the stories that tour guide, Courtney, had to tell about some of the haunts in downtown Mystic.

So tell me, have you ever had an encounter with the other side?

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