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School nowadays is fast paced, and you might find your tween boys come home with piles of homework! Well below are some great apps that are a great way to get organized and keep track of all the homework assignments!

These homework apps for tween boys will make the school year run a lot more smoother when they utilize these apps! They are parent approved apps, if you are concerned!

These apps can help keep their homework in order, use a calculator to help with math, create flash cards to study and more. I love each of these apps, they are great for students to have easy access to making learning and organization easier this school year!

5 Best Organizational and Tool Apps for Tween Boys

My Homework

  • For: iPhone, Android, Kindle, Web,
  • Price: Free

My Homework is a great app for your tween to keep track of their classes along with assignments. When you import an assignment it will allow you to put a due date. Then it will create a priority level (color coded) so your child knows what they need to do before other work! It is a really useful app to have.

Teachers can even sign up to use the app, to send the students announcements, reading list, and other materials! I think that makes it a really cool feature if the teacher jumps on board.

Everstudent Student Planner

  • For: Android Users
  • Price: FREE

Here is another option, similar to My Homework. It allows you to organize your assignments by class, as well as a color code! You can group your classes by semesters, sync assignments and classes to Evernote and more.

Meta Calculator

  • For: iPhone and Android, Web
  • Price: Free

This is a great alternative to a Texas Instrument Calculator. Use this app or web for a scientific, graphing, and statistics calculator.


  • For: iPhone and Android
  • Price: FREE

Great for creating flashcards for your tween to use to study! They can create cards that let them focus on the items they need to learn! The cards can be audio, text and images!


  • For: iPhone
  • Price: Free

30/30 is a great way to help your tween stay on task and utilize work and free time. It sets a timer that allows your child to work for 30 minutes then take a break. The default setting is 30 minutes work and free time, but you can adjust the time. It also can be color coded, according to due dates and classes, so your tween knows what they should work on first. It is a neat app and allows your child to learn that they need to work, and then they can have a break.

You can find so many apps out their to help keep your child organized and tools for success. These are five are very popular and I highly recommend checking them out!

What app do you like to use for your tween?

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  55 Responses to “Top Homework Apps for Tween Boys”

  1. I pinned it. I certainly may be using this! Mica starts middle school later this week. Ekk!

  2. I think these app suggestions are great. I have a tween girl and I think they would work for her as well as homework is a big issue in our house

  3. I have never used an app for homework nor even thought about it but that’s quite clever. Since teenager are stuck to their screen, using this to have them do their homework is a cool idea

  4. I will suggest this to my niece and cousins. The apps will be a great help for them, but I also want to try it myself 🙂

  5. These are such great suggestions for any student. These days, with the curriculum getting tougher and tougher (which I love), kids need the help!

  6. That 30/30 app is so great! My kids have a tendency to go “30 never go back”. This will really help keep them on track.

  7. These sound like some great apps, it is amazing how far education has come on since I was at school and it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago haha.

  8. I love that these apps are all free. Those apps do seem to be helpful. We are lucky my son does not need to stay on task so he wouldn’t need 30/30. Some of the others are worth looking into.

  9. Way to go! I am sure parents all over will be happy that you found these apps for them. Homework in our area is a bygone thing.

  10. Ugh, I dread the day my daughter has homework! Last year, in second grade, she had “unhomework” and it was lovely. I’ll have to keep these in mind when that dreaded time comes, haha!

  11. I think I need to let my son know about the EverStudent Student Planner. He needs help with organization!

  12. Oh the 30/30 app should be super helpful throughout the school year! Having some structure in free time and work time should help!

  13. I love that you list what operating systems these apps work on. I think it’s insane how much homemade kids get these days, but it’s good to have things to help!

  14. I don’t have tween boys but any apps that help with homework are a win in my book. Sometimes I wish I had all the technology that the kids do nowadays, would’ve made things a little more simple.

  15. It’s so crazy to me how technology helps in so many ways. We never had such great tools at our fingertips as students! Heck, I took a typing class in high school and I’m not even old!

  16. It is great that tweens can use apps to help with homework. 30/30 sounds great I like that it sets a timer so your tween can take a break as well!

  17. These apps sound so handy! Even though I don’t have boys, I think these apps would also be good for my 13 year old daughter to have.

  18. My kids are only 2 and 5 at the moment. But we homeschool so I am always looking for items to help us get organized better!

  19. I’m going to check out study blue. I’m always interested in new apps to try. Thank you 🙂

  20. How did you know I have a tween boy life! My grandson and he’s soooo smaaaht! and cute and well, I think he may like these ideas. I’ll be visiting this weekend and going to share with him, see if it’s something he’d be interested in.

  21. Bookmarked and shared! This is a great list of apps! Will be downloading them myself. Thank you

  22. I used some of these apps (as a college girl!) and found them so helpful!

  23. My nephew just turned 12 and is struggling in school. I need to tell his mom about these!

  24. I think these are very helpful apps to help make homework easier. Will sure bookmark this to check the apps out later.

  25. These are awesome!! I had no idea there are apps that could be useful for my tween! Thanks for sharing this!

  26. I love how apps are all about making our lives easier especially our kids’ lives when it comes to studying and doing homework! I think this is a must have for tweens! I’m sure it’s going to help them a lot!

  27. I gotta share this to my sister. Why did this application only exist now. Haha! Our life gets easier with this kinds of apps. Oh how I wish there is this kind before.

  28. Oh thank you! This is so helpful. I’d never think of an app for helping with homework, but its really genius!

  29. I love using apps to help my older kids with homework. They seem to grasp things so much better with the help of the apps.

  30. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about an app to help my kids with homework. These sound super helpful!

  31. My boys are close to being tweens. These will come in handy this school year!

  32. I didn’t know about all of these apps. I do think that they will be very useful next year when my daughter goes to Jr. High. They would help her organize more and she will need it next year as things change.

  33. Though these are cool, i bet this needs to discuss more further to my Mom to let my sister use it. When you have old-school parent, its a little bit of a struggle or adjustment. But the exciting part of once they get use to it, they got addicted to it 😀

  34. Organization can be so helpful for students and yet somehow so many aren’t. I wish there had been homework organizing reminding apps when my oldest was in school.

  35. Great tips! I’ve got an almost 13 year old and I think we need to help them incorporate technology into their lives in a beneficial way. They are going to have the phones and everything else whether we like it or not, so we might as well make good use of them!

  36. I have a teen boy, so this is super helpful! I can’t wait for us to give this one a try!

  37. I love all of the school apps I’m coming across. We haven’t dealt with a tween yet, but I’m anxious to see if my son’s teacher is using anything to communicate with parents. I love the idea of having an app with deadlines, though. So handy!

  38. This will be so helpful for my oldest! I’m sure starting in 5th grade next year he will be loving an app like this!!

  39. I have not one, but two children in middle school that could both definitely benefit from these app suggestions. Keeping tweens and teens focused and on task can be quite the struggle!

  40. This is so great! Especially with school back in session soon. My son totally needs this!

  41. This is such an awesome way to keep teen boys organized! I’ll have to check out these apps!

  42. My boys arent quite old enough for this but I will definitely book mark this for the future! Anything that helps my boys succeed is great!

  43. Everstudent sounds great! I love that there are so many apps that can help kids with school work. Not like when we were kids!

  44. I have two girls, two and eight. My oldest just started third grade and she is in a very academically challenging school. Part of their curriculum is organization which is AWESOME! These apps all look great!

  45. It would be great if the whole school district got on board wouldn’t it. I think the first one sounds fun.

  46. These would have been so helpful when my kiddos were younger! It sounds like not only will they motivate the kids, but they will also make it easier for parents to keep a handle on the homework situation.

  47. I have to check this out. My son getting turning 13 next year so this app will be a great help.

  48. One of the biggest adjustments for elementary school to middle school is taking responsibility. These apps sound like such great tools to help stay organized and on top of your academics.

  49. These apps would have been really helpful if we had it when my kids were still in their tween years. It seems like there is an app for everything nowadays.

  50. I have a couple of tween grand kids so these are going to come in handy. I’m always making sure they do their homework and I also look for apps like these to help.

  51. Wow! technology continues to amaze me! Homework apps?? This is genius. Thanks for sharing.

  52. thank you , thank you, thank you for this list. I know quite a few people that will benefit from these apps.

  53. oh my gosh! this is great! my kid is required to have an ipad now at school and these apps would totally be worth downloading on his school ipad

  54. I guess I have to try one of these apps. You know boys, they are more often messy and unorganized. They tend to forget something most of the times esepcially when they started to get busy with playing. I hope one of these would work.

  55. These apps sound like a great resource and it’s a good thing they are free.