Nov 092015

Created as a way to offer fashion savvy customers trendy bags that won’t break the bank, Olivia + Joy represents the hottest handbags and accessory styles of the moment. They deliver the right trend at exactly the right moment. Pretty, sexy and edgy all at the same time, Olivia + Joy offers studs and chains as well as ruffles and bows with a new twist. The collection features color palettes that vary from black and white for the rocker girl to muted pastels for the girly girl. The line also includes all of the newest twists on well-known silhouettes, such as convertible mini bags with removable straps that turn into a clutch, and much more!


The Zap Zoom Tote from the Olivia + Joy collection is the perfect example of the stylish and cute options to choose from in the collection. Priced at just $98 it’s a steal for a fraction of the price that other trendy bags go for in big boutiques, so, you’ll be able to look and feel fabulous without having to clean out your bank account.


The Tote is double handled for secure carrying and is made entirely of nylon material. It boasts two open side pockets so you can carry your daily essentials along with you, no matter where you’re off to and also features two zippered side pockets as well. The Zap Zoom Tote can match to almost any outfit and can go with you to the office, to lunch with the girls or out for the evening. It closes with a zipper closure while it opens to reveal a logo lined interior with padded computer pockets and two open pockets. It’s available in four fabulous colors: natural, pink, orange and black. No matter what you’re doing, where you’re going or what you happen to be wearing, you can’t go wrong when pairing your lifestyle with the Zap Zoom Tote!


The thing I love most about this bag is the size.  I can easily fit all of my things in there plus all of the things I need to lug around for the kids (snacks, electronics, chargers, etc)  – and look good while doing so.


Guys, Christmas is coming up fast, so consider getting your wife a bag from Olivia + Joy.  Trust me, she will be very happy and we all know a happy wife = a happy life.

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  141 Responses to “Trendy Fall Bags From Olivia + Joy”

  1. That is a nice tote bag! I love the color, it would go well with any attire. It is also the right size to keep all our stuff. One more good thing is the price!

  2. Very nice and I am a huge handbag person and love almost as much as I love shopping for shoes. So, will have to look into this one now 😉

  3. I seriously need this hand bag in my life. Our anniversary is on Wednesday, so my husband needs to get me this!

  4. I need a new handbag–the straps on mine are starting to fray to the point that I am waiting for it to break! I will be going to this site to see what bags I might want to get there!

  5. That is a cute bag and it looks like it has tons of space for storage

  6. The bag is gorgeous! I love that it’s big, yet it looks light.

  7. I should so look into this! My purse is slowly breaking. I need a new one in the worst way. It has the pockets that I use, so I wasn’t looking forward to trying to find a new one. The one you reviewed has plenty of room!

  8. That looks like a bag big enough to hold everything I need! I like the sound of the mini clutch too – removable straps would be awesome to change it up for different events!

  9. I’m with you on the size. I’m all about throwing everything under the sun inside my bag!

  10. Wow these handbags from Olivia + Joy are super cute. I’m sure that a special someone is going to surprise me with one of these for Christmas. 😉

  11. This is a great bag. I love the size too. I think I will be adding this to my Christmas list.

  12. Now that is a chic bag for autumn! I love the subdued color! And all those pocket options…I’m in love!

  13. I can say that I would be one happy lady if I received this purse under the Christmas tree! Gorgeous!

  14. I could totally see using this as a carry-on bag for travelling. Heck, even I’d use it!

  15. I love big bags like this because I can store EVERYTHING in it. Loving the color that you got as well.

  16. I LOVE that tote! The color is perfect and so is the style. Definitely adding it to my Christmas list!

  17. Cute bag. That would make a great present for my niece you loves fashion.

  18. This sounds like the perfect bag for me. With two young kids, I need a purse that allows me to carry lots of items whenever I go out with my kids.

  19. Beautiful bag! Very stylish and looks like it can fit all of my gear I carry around!

  20. I love the size and the color of your Oliva + Joy bag! I get my mom a new bag every Christmas, so I need to go see what else they have that she might like!

  21. I thought once we were out of the diaper stage, I’d be done with lugging the kids’ stuff. Not so! This looks like a great way to tote all of the necessities.

    • Oh my gosh, family members never outgrow it. My grown kids still ask me to carry stuff if we’re out together sometimes. 😉

  22. I could use a new bag. Mine is getting old and kind of small.

  23. That’s an awesome bag. It’s got a lot of style for something that seems to hold so much!

  24. The last thing I need is another bag, I have way too many….but I’m pretty tempted with this one I have to say!

  25. What a great bag for all those “going to be gone all day” type days. Seems like on those days I have almost everything except the kitchen sink and this bag would be perfect.

  26. That bag is super cute!!! I am a hand bag addict and love finding new brands, thanks for the introduction.

  27. I love that bag! My husband is always saying I should have a duffle bag instead of a purse. This bag is the best of both!

  28. That’s a great bag. It’s super stylish, and it’s big enough to house all the stuff I tend to keep in my current purse.

  29. That is a really cute bag and it looks really roomy!

  30. Girl you are working that bag. I love it and it looks good and holds a lot from the looks.

  31. Size matters when it comes to bags, especially ever since I became a mom. The bigger the bag the better. I think this is a beautiful bag, I love the style!

  32. Love the olive tote it is perfect for the 70s trend thank you for sharing!

  33. That bag is very cute. Perfect for fall and some cute boots.

  34. Looks great and very practical all in one. That can be hard to find sometimes! I bet my mom would love this bag! Christmas gift crossed off, thanks for the idea!

  35. My husband says he always looks at handbags for Christmas ideas, but never knows what I would like. Big. Easy to use as a fashionable carry-on. Well-constructed. I plan to send him to Olivia + Joy with a cheatsheet. 🙂

  36. I love the color and the size. It’s easy to match with different OOTDs 😀

  37. That is one beautiful bag. I love the color and size of it. It would be a perfect mommy bag.

  38. That is a nice big bag and I love the color. I could fit a lot of snacks in it.

  39. That is a beautiful bag, love the color too. I like that it has all the zipper detailing on the outside and looks roomy inside.

  40. That bag is too big for me. I tend to like smaller ones.

  41. Love it. I always say the search for the perfect hand bag is a life long pursuit, but IDK – this looks pretty darn close to perfect.

  42. This bag looks great on you! I love just how roomy it is too!

  43. I love the color and the style. Looks like a great bag for traveling!

  44. Great bag with plenty of room but I like my bag small.

  45. Ooh I like that color! It’s deceptively large too, I didnt realize how big it was until you took a picture with it. i love those type of caryalls.

  46. the color is great because it will be able to go with so many different outfits

  47. What a perfect bag! It looks like it has a spot for everything.

  48. I will be retiring my diaper bag very soon and this would be a perfect replacement now that my kids are getting older.

  49. What a fantastic looking bag! It is so roomy and stylish!

  50. What a cute bag! My daughter picked up one just like that… wonder if it’s the same designer?

  51. Super cute design. I need to get a neutral bag for year-round wear.

  52. What a great looking bag! I love that it’s big enough to hold everything I need to carry!

  53. Wow! I am so glad you showed a picture of you with the bag because it doesn’t look that big! What a perfect alternative to a diaper bag!! I love the color and hardware!

  54. That looks like a great bag, especially because it’s so roomy, great for trips too!

  55. What a stunning bag and I am swooning over the size. The neutral color would go perfectly with most of my wardrobe staples too!

  56. My purse is so packed with junk! I need a nice roomy bag this this one. Super cute!

  57. That is an exceptionally nice tote. I like the different pockets and roominess.

  58. I love the size and look of this bag. I don’t carry a traditional diaper bag and I think this would be a great way to keep diaper and baby stuff as well as my stuff organized and still look stylish.

  59. That bag is absolutely gorgeous! I want one for Christmas.

  60. I love this bag. I’m actually thinking of it being a Christmas gift for myself from Santa since my son still believes. My husband won’t be able to say anything then. 🙂

  61. That is a very simple but cute bag! I love it.

  62. Oooh, I love this bag! So cute, and looks plenty roomy without looking like you’re carrying a duffel bag. Love it!

  63. I really like that bag. I am in need of a new bag. I like that it’s neutral and will go with everything perfectly.

  64. I love the look of this bag. The color is perfect for this time of the year. I do need a new purse and this is a great price.

  65. I love the size of this bag. I will have to check Olivia + Joy out. This would make a great gift for Christmas.

  66. I need a new bag for winter. At these prices i could get two. I love the design and color of this purse.

  67. I love a bag this size. I prefer a cross between a purse and tote to not carry one bag and load it up. This is perfect.

  68. The Zap Zoom bag is really nice if you like big purses. The price is really good too. Thanks for sharing the great deal.

  69. That is a nice bag–a bit too big for me, though.

  70. I love big bags!! They are perfect for putting all my travel items in, I love the color of the bag.

  71. I have got to get me one of these bags! They are awesome! I don’t even carry a handbag but I would carry one of these!

  72. That bag looks really big! I love big bags for carrying all my stuff.

  73. I really love the color and how wide it is. I could carry just about everything in it.

  74. That tote is HUGE! I don’t know when the last time I needed a bag that big. It’s really cute though.

  75. Now that is a great bag. Looks like I can put pretty much anything in it and it will look great with any outfit

  76. That is a great bag. I need a bigger bag and that would be just right size.

  77. A new bag is always a great present. This one would be good for someone who needs to cary a lot of things at one time.

  78. I love the bag. Its roomy and stylish and comes in a great color. This is a perfect bag for a woman who needs to take a lot of stuff with her every where.

  79. What a cute bag and it looks like have a nice space storage. I really need a new handbag and i absolutely love this.

  80. This is such a cute yet stylish looking bag! I use a small diaper bag as my purse now a days, because my youngest is almost 6 months old.I love the color!

  81. That’s a stunning bag!! I like bags that can hold a LOT of stuff and this looks like it would fit the bill.

  82. that;s really quite the nice Large Bag. I think I could tote my kids in there, lol

  83. Um hello I love that bag!!! I need to check out Olivia Joy ASAP!!!

  84. This is such a beautiful and stylish bag. I love how big it is since I always carry a lot of stuff in my purse.

  85. The bag is nice. It is important to find bags that are good enough to use everyday and still look good at the same time.

  86. Gray is one of my favorite color, I like the bag it looks really fashionable.

  87. This bag look so chic. I am all for neutral color bags because they go with everything and this one looks like it can hold a lot of items!

  88. This bag is so cute! Plus I would hold all of my goodies!

  89. I love big purses like that! I tend to go towards diaper bags not knowing lol.

  90. That is a really nice bag and I love the size!

  91. I love this bag, gay is my favorite I think I need a new bag, perfect in travel too.

  92. I love that bag. It is a great size and the color is great!

  93. I am a purse and shoe junkie and you just fed my addiction lol – seriously lovely bag.

  94. Love the design, size and color.. Perfect for any season or any occasion!

  95. Oh my gosh i love this bag!! I love being able to get a new bag for each season!

  96. What a beautiful bag! I absolutely love the color too. I would love to get a new pretty bag this Christmas.

  97. This is such a cute bag. I love that it is big. That means more room for all my stuff.

  98. The bag looks simple yet so handy & comfort to use & could be so helpful during travel for moms like me with few kids around. I love the color & with so much space & compartments around this could be a good choice to go with.

  99. I love how large this bag is – Perfect for ALL my stuff 🙂

  100. I LOVE THIS BAG! The colour, size and structure are perfect. Love the gold hardware as well!

  101. I really love this Olivia + Joy bag! It looks big enough to carry what I need for day to day cold weather life!

  102. I actually need a new bag and this one looks perfect! Love how big and roomy it looks!

  103. How cute! I love hos this looks on you, and the Fall background is perfect for it. I need to check this out!

  104. I love this bag. I have a black one and it’s so great. Sturdy and spacious!

  105. I love that tote! It’s the perfect size!

  106. That’s nice and roomy. Great for travel. I love it!

  107. Beautiful Bag!! Looks large and roomy, I might lose something in there, but I sure would be able to carry everything with me!

  108. I love big bags! This one looks so organized and stylish too!

  109. I love the look of that bag and the size! That has to be the perfect bag for me! And the color is fabulous.

  110. That is a great bag – I ciuld really use one of those for the winder . Lots of room

  111. I have to admit I adore handbags – I am loving the colour and design of this one! x

  112. Nice looking bag! I’m not one to carry any but I would carry this one!

  113. I LOVE a well made HUGE bag that is stylish and won’t break the bank! My girls are grown up enough that we’ve long put away the diaper bags but I still always have plenty to lug around… from essential oils to every day essentials such as my iPad and charger 🙂

  114. that is a nice purse! I love how big it is!

  115. I love that bag! I appreciate the size for sure, I always have a lot to carry.

  116. I could live in that bag. looks like I should shop there for my next pocket book!

  117. I admit it. I am a bit of a handbag addict. Lovelt Tote! I do like big bags aswell although I tend to lose stuff in them x Kat I

  118. Looks like it has lots of pockets, which is great for me. Nice bag.

  119. This is such a fun, beautiful bag! It’s so practical with all the pockets and the size.

  120. I like a good large tote bag. This one looks perfect and I like the color too.

  121. I love the color of that bag! I think I better add this on my Christmas wish list heheh

  122. What a great classic bag. Looks like it would work with almost any occasion 🙂

  123. What a great bag. I love that it has so many zippers. And, I always need a purse to lug around three kids’ stuff, lol.

  124. You aren’t kidding about being able to hold everything. Pretty sure we wouldn’t need a stroller with that bag around!

  125. Cute color and great size. I love a big handbag with lots of pockets.

  126. I’d have to peek around to see if they have any young ladies bags/purses.

  127. That’s such an awesome bag. I need something in that shade because according to my mom, I can no longer use my white one. lol I love how big it is, and I’m sure I’d end up sharing it with my daughter.

  128. That tote looks like it has a lot of room in it. I also think the side compartments are really helpful for carrying gadgets and tech.

  129. OMG Joe that’s a really nice bag!!! I’m all about giant bags! I always have so much crap to lug around. The bigger the better!

  130. The first picture I wasn’t a fan of the bag because it looked small, but seeing you carry it and I am hooked. I love big bags. Mine doubles as a diaper bag.

  131. that handbag looks very nice on must be handy for everyday use and traveling as well..