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Follow these simple safety tips to keep you aware and safe this Halloween! Make safety a priority this year and have a Happy Halloween!

Below I am going to share some trick or treat safety tips for this Halloween! Of course, Halloween is a really fun night, where you can dress up as your favorite super hero or princess, go door-to-door knocking to get candy! But, it can also be dangerous, especially with so many children running up and down the road to houses. With the streets more crowded than normal with all the trick or treaters and parents, it can be really hard to see. So follow these simple safety tips below to keep you aware and safe this Halloween! 

It can be so easy to get distracted looking at all the fun costumes and Halloween decor draped on houses, but we have to remember safety first! So if you are driving be alert so you can help prevent any accidents! If you are out walking around with your child, be aware of the vehicles around you! 

Halloween Trick or Treating Safety Tips:

Reflective Tape or Glow Sticks| That way people can see you clearly as you are walking up and down the road and sidewalks trick or treating with your child! Don’t have these, then use a flashlight! 

Travel in Groups| Don’t let your kids run off alone on Halloween night, that is very unsafe. There are tons of people running all over the place, something bad could happen. Try to go out with a few people, so you are not alone in case you come across strangers who are bothering you. 

Sidewalks| Try and walk on sidewalks as much as you can, don’t go down dark alleyways or streets that are not well lit. Cell Phone| If you are sending your older kids out without an adult, make sure they have a cell phone in case of an emergency. 

Never Get in A Car with Stranger| Make sure to really remind your child to never get in a car with someone they don’t know! This can lead to a devastating ending, so make sure they know no matter what don’t do it. 

Look over Candy| My parents did this when we were little, they would look over our candy before we were able to eat it! Make sure all the wrappers are on tight, nothing looks tampered with, etc. 

Porch Lights On| This has always been a rule, only trick or treat at homes with porch lights on, that means you are welcome to stop in for candy. If they don’t have a porch light they may sit outside to hand it out. Don’t go to homes that are really dark and not lit up at all. 

Drive Slow| Make sure to drive really slow if you are out dropping and picking up your kids. Especially at dusk, it can be hard to see when little kids dart across the road. 

Look More Than Twice| Make sure to look more than twice before crossing an intersection, whether you are driving or on foot! This can help prevent hitting someone if driving or be hit if you are out walking. 

Make safety a priority this year and have a Happy Halloween!

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  1. These are great tips. Traveling in groups and staying on the sidewalk are key. It’s hard to see kids at night, so they need to stay OFF the road!

  2. Halloween trick-or-treating can be a lot of fun, but it can also be really dangerous. These are some great tips for Halloween safety.

  3. A few years ago my kid and I ditched trick or treating and now we have a pizza party, rent a movie and hand out candy. It’s our new tradition and is pretty fun. I do miss trick or treating but Halloween in my part of the city is not so social and that makes it not so fun.

  4. Great Halloween safety tips! My dad lives alone and he’s in one of those neighborhoods where everyone pulls over, drops the kids off and they go from house to house. I told him to turn off his light this year. He’s just too old to deal with the craziness.

  5. My kids are so decked out in glow bracelets when we’re trick or treating it looks like they’re at a rave. But since my son is the King of the Oblivious, he needs to be.

  6. Yes to all of these! My son is 15 and doesn’t do this anymore. But my daughter, who is 10, does. I go with her. She tells me she wants to go alone, but heck no. People speed through this neighborhood and it’s frustrating.

  7. I can remember, as a child, my parents implementing these rules. The world is a different place from when I was little. We had one neighbor who would give us cough drops as “candy”. We would be nice and still go to that home but hold it in our hand and automatically give it back to my mom when we walked out of sight. If only that was the type of stuff we still had to worry about. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

  8. I never let my kids loose during Halloween. We also stick to trusted neigborhoods for this event.

  9. GREAT TIPS! We make sure to reinforce to our kids that they only trick or treat at homes with the porch light on. One of our neighbors had set up a haunted lawn and we didn’t allow the kids to visit because the porch light wasn’t on. Our neighbor popped out of hiding to make sure we didn’t miss his house and I told him about our porch light rule. He was then kind enough to turn on his carport light and it was orange. The kids loved it.

  10. With all the dark outfits and plus it being so dark outside the refection tape is a must. Flashlights and we always had an adult walk in front and one behind just incase.

  11. These tips are very important and thank you for sharing. Traveling in groups is essential for teenagers/young kids that want to go on their own. Also I’m a Masshole too 🙂

  12. Yes to all of those! As a child, my mom always kept a close eye on me when I was out trick-or-treating. She wouldn’t come to the door with me, but she always waited at the end of the driveway.

  13. These are all great tips! Our little ones are still small enough that both mu husband and I go with him which helps our peace of mind.

  14. The most important part of Halloween, is the safety, which most people overlook! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  15. These are some great tips, trick or treating can be so fun but only if you make sure you do it carefully and safely.

  16. It’s sad that these tips are necessary but SO important! Great list

  17. These are really great tips. When we were kids we always tried to go out with a group of people. It was safer and it made it more fun.

  18. These are very good points as there are some bad people out there. We always have to make sure that our children are safe while having fun.

  19. I always get glow bracelets for my kids. They love them and I buy extras for all the kids we walk around with, such a fun night.

  20. We luckily live in a small town in which almost everyone knows everyone else, which makes trick or treating a little easier. My kids love wearing glow sticks as a safety precaution.

  21. The reflective tape is a really good idea. It will definitely be good to go over the rules again before the big night.

  22. It’s so important to stay safe while trick or treating. Sticking to the sidewalk is a good tip.

  23. These are great tips! I can’t believe it is almost time to go trick or treating already, seems like the year has flown by.

  24. These are great tips. It just seems like yesterday that our girls were little and going out on Halloween. Now our oldest daughter takes her girls out.

  25. It is a different world we live in. You can never be too safe. We always go through safety tips with our kids every year before they go out!

  26. All great tips to follow on Halloween. We always drove the kids and watched from the car.

  27. It is so important to stay safe during Halloween! We always use flashlights and keep the outside lights on.

  28. These tips are great and would even work for being out at night in general.

  29. My neighborhood literally draws hundreds of people every year. Lines stretch out to the street to each house and it looks like mardi gras. I love the idea of using glow sticks to keep everyone together.

  30. I like all these tips and staying in groups is a great idea. I only want the kids to eat the candy that is wrapped. Keeping on reflective tape or flashlight is another important tip for trick or treating at night.

  31. I still haven’t decided if we’re going trick or treating this year but this is a good reminder for parents, without a doubt. It’s important that we never forget about safety while having fun with the kids!

  32. All of these are such great tips that are important to remember. You can never be too safe especially when it comes to our kids.

  33. Trick or treating is something to look forward to but it’s definitely important to keep safety in your list of priorities. These are very helpful tips for parents.

  34. These are great tips!! Everyone needs a reminder.

  35. Thank you for this. With so many loonies out there we need to make sure we stay on our toes.

  36. It is such a shame that people have to try to ruin this night for the kids. These are some really useful tips.

  37. These area ll great safety tips for anyone out and about on Halloween! I remember as a kid going out with my friends and no parents and I can’t imagine that happening today, too much crazy stuff happening int he world today.

  38. Excellent tips! As for us, I think we’ll be Trick or Treating only to the homes of friends and family. That’s our safety measure this year!

  39. These are really great reminders for Halloween! Trick or treating is fun but safety should always come first.

  40. My daughter is deaf, so safety is always a special concern. She did get separated from our group one Halloween. Now I’m freaked!

  41. I’m glad that you brought this topic up! It’s so important besides all the fun to be safe too! I would have never thought about people tampering the sweets 🙁

  42. Definitely some good safety tips here! My kids are still young enough that they are happy to stay with mom and dad and hold our hands.

  43. These tips are all really good! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I always loved truck or treating. I hate how we have to be more and more careful these days. We live in a scary world!

  44. Great tips. I remember when I was in 1st grade we went and had our bags of candy x-rayed. Some place was doing it for free to make sure there were no needles or anything.

  45. These are great tips for kids and parents. Trick-or-treating is supposed to be fun, but you also have to be safe while doing it.

  46. These are great tips! My oldest daughter is eight and because she’s getting older and starting to want to do things more independently, I’m getting nervous about her wanting to start trick or treating with neighborhood friends and not walk along with us!

  47. Halloween is such a fun time, and as a mommy I want to make sure that my kids are able to enjoy safely! This is a great list of simple ideas to follow!

  48. We love Halloween. These are great tips to keep kids safe!

  49. These are great tips. My kids are still young, so we take them but this is a great resource for kids who go alone. I’ll have to save this for later.

  50. great tips that I will be reminding my kids of when they go out this year

  51. Being safe about trick or treating is so important. Sharing all of this with our kids and making sure they have a great time while being safe.

  52. Thank you for the tips! It won’t be fun if it is not safe so better be vigilant than sorry..