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Keeping our kids safe is one of the most important jobs a parent has. That’s why it’s important to establish safety rules for trick or treating.

Isn’t it ironic that trick or treating basically goes against everything we teach or kids? (Don’t talk to strangers, don’t go up to houses, and don’t play in the street). For those couple of hours they’re trick or treating all kids should have some sort of guidelines. Check out these safety tips:

#1. Have Your Child Wear Bright Colors

Bright colors are a must if you’re going to go trick or treating this year. Make sure your child isn’t wearing all black and drivers can see them as they’re walking. If your child is going to wear all black, in the dark, it’s a good idea to have them wear a bright vest.

#2. Pick a Safe Route

My kids and I hit up the same route every year. It’s important that your family picks out a route that’s safe for you as well. Remember that during October the days get shorter and it can be harder to see. If you’re not sure of where you’re going it can be hard to see in the dark and can make for a dangerous situation.

#3. The Shoes Need to be Comfortable

Trick or treating means spending a couple of hours on your feet. I’ve seen some situations where girls and boys wear shoes based off of their costume. It’s important to make sure every pair of shoes worn for trick or treating is incredibly comfortable. If you’re buying new shoes just for trick or treating, then make sure they are worn a few hours before the big day. You don’t want to walk around for two hours hearing a child cry about their hurting feet.

#4. Make Sure Costumes Aren’t Dragging

There’s nothing worse than tripping on a dress or cape the entire night of trick or treating. It’s important to make sure the costume is short enough so no one is tripping and getting hurt. Trick or treating is about having fun and you can’t do that if you’re falling all of the time.

#5. Consider the Safety of the Actual Costume

When it comes down to safety this Halloween, make sure the costume is as safe as can be. Props should be flexible and not too large to carry around (unless mom and dad want to carry it around the whole night). Consider not wearing huge masks as well. Masks can be more dangerous than they look in terms of obstructing a child’s view.

Just to add to the fun, here’s a fun Halloween Safety Checklist printable that you can print out and take with you when you go trick-or-treating:

Halloween safety Checklist Printable

Staying safe this Halloween is important. What are some tips you have for others parents taking their children trick or treating?

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  113 Responses to “Trick or Treating Safety Tips”

  1. We usually go to a fall festival, but this year we’re going to attempt trick or treating in our neighborhood. This is a great list of tips. (What time is the cut-off for trick or treaters?? As a new-ish mom, I don’t know what time I need to cut the kids off from my own house!)

  2. Some great tips. We also have a few flashlights on hand. We go to a circle behind our house. It’s less busy, they give out great candy, and they have sidewalks (we don’t).

  3. Great tips and will totally be using these tomorrow with the girls. Thanks and Happy Halloween;)

  4. Great tips and I truly believe in not opening candy until they’re inspected. Can never be too careful

  5. Great tips! Last year it got dark fast and my daughter was a witch. I quickly realized how black costumes were not the best option. I had to run home and get her a glow stick. There are only lighter colored costumes this year for all of them.

  6. We usually do the Trunk-Or-Treat things, but this is the first year that we will be going to door to door and I am very nervous. I agree with Amanda. My #1 rule is always checking out all the candy to make sure it’s not opened and everything is ok.

  7. Safety first! Kiddo goes trick-or-treating with her siblings so I have no idea how they stay safe. I know when we take her to our church truck or treat it’s easy because we stay with her as we go down the row of cars.

  8. All very good rules to follow for a happy and safe Halloween!

  9. Those are some great tips. I love the little rules for the kids.

  10. Great tips for trick or treating, it can be really dangerous out there. I can’t wait to take the kids out 🙂

  11. This is a great post. It’s a shame, but we still have to do things like inspect candy before the kids it eat. The world is a lot different than it used to be.

  12. amen about wearing comfy shoes! I also don’t let my girls wear masks or carry anything but a candy bag and I get on to them when they start running.. Candy isn’t going anywhere.

  13. It’s important not to forget the safety even when having fun. Maybe also make sure the kid doesn’t go alone anywhere.. always go around with an adult or at least one other friend and never enter a house without anyone knowing.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  14. Thanks for these great tips! We have trick or treat tonight!

  15. awesome tips. We aren’t tick or treating but still will ass these on to others.

  16. We live in the boonies so we are going to a trunk or treating at the high school. Lots safer for the kids I think…but I loved going house to house when I was a kid.

    • I like Trunk or Treats because you don’t have to worry about traffic. People fly through our neighborhood on Halloween and don’t even think about the kids.

  17. Thanks for this reminder – just in time. It really is important to think about safety and not overlook some of things just because I am with my kiddos. And my daughter’s costume is definitely way too long! Maybe I will trim it!

  18. Great tips! We always travel in a group. My best friend brings her kids to my neighborhood, so there’s usually about 10 of us with adults walking together ensuring safety of all!

  19. oye those princess dresses are so pretty — but always long! my girls tripped over them constantly one year and that’s when I said.. hey, how about a super hero!! hello tights! LOL
    And last year when my daughter was Batgirl – all black – I bought her a halloween glow stick to wear around her neck so that she could be seen. But I always stick pretty close to them.
    My boy is 10 this year and he and a couple of friends will have their first year going out alone! yikes.

  20. We have a 3 year old so we only go really early and then come home and hand out candy, but these are great tips! Especially thinking about the safety of the costumes!

  21. good tips – we always looked over the candy before we let them eat any.

    Happy Halloween 🙂

  22. Good tips! My daughter has a long dress this year and I’m worried about it dragging!

  23. These are great tips. We always take little suckers with us so the kids won’t be tempted to try and eat the candy while they are on the move.

  24. I used to go trick-or-treat(ing) with friends when I was a little girl and there was a time that we almost got into an accident because we were dressed as lady ghosts in white ghosts & instead of walking, my friends and I were on roller blades — it isn’t exactly safe right? Everything you said on your post is important and safety should always come first.

  25. Very good tips for Halloween Trick-or-Treating. We always carry flashlight with us.

  26. All good tips. Yesterday I was carrying a race car driver’s knee pads, Hulks’ face mask (because the boy couldn’t see in it), and fixing a little girl’s monarch wings that kept falling off (and stressing her out). Making sure the costume is comfy makes good sense…but it’s not something we always think of when we’re shopping for one. And I agree, that goes all the way down to the shoes!! Don’t put a ‘princess’ in heels for goodness sake. 😉

  27. Good tips to abide by. Here in Ireland children only go around estates that are well lit and that have footpaths so it’s very safe.

  28. It’s going to be super-easy this year. With this cold snap it’ll be 39 degrees at trick-or-treating time. They’ll all be wearing bright winter jackets!

  29. Great tips especially about letting mommy or daddy check the candy first. There’s some scary people out there who do stupid things…

  30. I’m a father of two and I agree, safety first, especially on a night like Halloween.

  31. Definitely got to make sure your shoes are comfortable, even if they are flats! I was suffering last year lol! Running shoes for me this year!

  32. Awesome list of tips! Thanks for the printable list, too!

  33. These are really great tips my dear!! You rock. Happy Halloween.

  34. These are great tips. Halloween is a super fun holiday for kids, but it can be scary for the grown ups.

  35. Great tips here! Tonight we’re adding snowpants to the costumes…so cold and wet! 🙁

  36. Pick a safe route – yes! Luckily we can still go with our kids to make sure they are safe. No teenagers yet!

  37. By the time I get home tonight, all the trick or treaters will be home.

  38. My parents ALWAYS checked our candy before we ate any of it. This year we are going as a group with our neighbors to help with visability These are really great tips too.

  39. Very good tips. I think some people don’t think about good shoes. I have seen strange shoes that just are not safe to wear Trick or Treating.

  40. Great tips. We already have our glow sticks ready to go. Tonight is gong to be so much fun!

  41. My daughter wanted to wear “princess heels” once when she was little. I think we know where that went… Fortunately, I was ahead of her and had her sneakers in my purse. lol

  42. Thanks for the tips. Those are important things to remember.

  43. Great tips. My daughter wants to wear her dress up shoes but I told her comfort over shoes you can’t even see under her dress 😉

  44. great tips, we still walk with our kids and have had some costume problems even then

  45. Awesome tips and I do agree – bright colors are perfect – so people can see them in the dark.

  46. These are great tips, I miss taking Jake trick or treating and “inspecting” his candy!

  47. These great tips for those trick or treating tonight! Bright colors are important and a flashlight!

  48. Thanks for the great tips. I’m a total helicopter mom when it comes to trick or treating.

  49. Theses are some really excellent tips. It’s so important for kids to dress warmly and wear comfortable shoes otherwise a fun night can turn into a whiney night very fast.

  50. Great checklist! We do trunk or treat at kiddo’s school and then go to the Harvest Festival at chutch

  51. Really great tips! It’s raining here so we have to be even more cautious! This is such a busy time around our area too, but it will be fun!

  52. This is a great checklist, I wish all parents would follow it.

  53. One more safety tip for South Floridians: beware of costumes that could give your kid a heat stroke! Off we go trick or treating!

  54. Great tips for safe trick or treating. We take the boys down to the center of town. There is a police officer or two who helps direct traffic…..which is perfect because there are huge numbers of kids.

  55. Those are all such fantastic reminders!! Happy Halloween!

  56. We make sure to stay together and quit when one of the kids has had enough instead of breaking up.

  57. I love the advice about wearing bright colors. My neighborhood is full of children on Halloween but you can barely see them because it’s so dark outside.

  58. Comfortable shoes are a must! You don’t want to end the night with blisters.

  59. We already went trick or treating this morning at school! Now I’m ready to relax and hand out candy!

  60. These are all great tips! We have glow sticks when we are walking around on Halloween night.

  61. My daughter was so upset I made her wear tennis shoes with her costume, but I was not going to end up carrying her. 😉

  62. We bring candy from home for when our boys want a treat. That way we have time to inspect all the candy that is received.

  63. Great suggestions! We hear a lot about the safety of the treats, but considering the kiddos safety when it comes to where they are walking and the costumes are great reminders.

  64. These are definitely good tips! I don’t know how I’m going to convince my son to wear a coat tonight… or wait to eat the candy until I’ve looked at it – thanks for the reminder!

  65. Great tips – saw lots of kids out tonight, all seemed to be very well behaved though, was a little worried while I was driving at first 🙂 x

  66. The temperature dropped to 20 here in Chicago with high winds, so we ended up staying home. At least my kids are too young to understand that they even missed out.

  67. Forcing the kids later to wear bright-colored outfits.

  68. These are truly needed to be reminded of. Thank you for sharing this. Prevention is still better than cure. 🙂

  69. Those Sound like great tips for staying safe!

  70. Great tips! It’s sad that there are so many things to worry about on Halloween.

  71. These are such great tips! I really appreciate the thought you put into lists like this! Awesome!!

  72. Well, I can tell you, that my shoes were NOT comfortable. So, yep, you’re right about that!

  73. I would say this tips are indeed very helpful, in fact we did follow you’ve suggested and things went well

  74. Halloween is so much fun for children. It’s important that they stay safe.

  75. These are some great tips! I love that you added to have a good time. That’s definitely important, too.

  76. My daughter sprained her foot tonight because she stepped off a curb and had flip flops on and our flashlight was dim! 🙁 I thought we were being safe. We have to be diligent. It’s always a big deal but she’s a gymnast and now she’s scared. Poor thing.

  77. These are great tips! I would add: stay close to your little ones, even when they go to the door to ring the bell. And ask older trick or treaters if the little ones could go first to avoid them getting trampled.

  78. Great tips! One tip for those living in the north is to make sure they have warm winter gear to wear over their costumes.

  79. These are so important especially in this day and age safety should be number one

  80. I bought some glow sticks this year for my son to wear as bracelets too!

  81. Just moved and in our town the fire dept actually leads the neighborhood kids through this one area safest way to trick or treat! Now getting your local fire dept to do the same is another thing

  82. Great tips! Something I saw last night when giving out candy was a bracelet with a big flashing red light on it. Fantastic idea for safety!

  83. This is a great list of tips for Halloween safety!

  84. Great Tips. This is an article I hope u register again next year. It is so sad the day after when you hear about kids that have been hurt the night before.

  85. My daughter insisted on wearing a pink Power Ranger costume with a plastic mask. I told her the mask wasn’t a good idea before we bought it. Of course I ended up carrying it around the whole night!

  86. What great tips! Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

  87. Did all these tips when I was a kid. Guess my parents did a good job 😀

  88. These are great tips. I really like the one about wearing comfortable shoes. I think we tend to forget that one.

  89. Great tips indeed. It is important to make sure their mask are safe and they can see from both sides and front. 😛 Thanks for sharing.

  90. We had trick or treat on Thursday and my kids ended up with two full bags each. My husband took a large chunk of it to work, I’m mean and don’t allow them suckers or any sticky candy due to cavities 🙂 They get to keep the chocolate candies though and they still had a huge bag. One person always gives out brand new books, which I think is awesome!!!

  91. Great tips. I went trick or treating with my nephew last night and we completely missed the reflector tip. Although, he did have this cute (really bright) skull shaped lightbulb thingie as illumination in the dark.

  92. Great tips. I bought my husband a reflective vest because we live on a very dark street and sometimes people come zooming up the street so I wanted to make sure they saw him.

  93. I love your focus on safety, because if you’re not safe, you cannot have a good time at anything you do. Great tips!

  94. We usually stick to the well lit streets when we go trick or treating. Even then some of the kids costumes are a bit hard to see when it gets super dark out though.

  95. I was feeling pain for a girl in Emma’s school wearing those awful princess dress up shoes for the parade. They walked at least a mile.

  96. great tips. It is so important to keep kids safe during Halloween trick or treating,

  97. Awesome list of tips. With all of the accidents that happen on Halloween, this is a timely post.

  98. Trick-or-Treating safety is always important, especially in today’s society. I keep hearing awful stories about people finding objects such as blades and needles in their children’s candy. It’s sad that we have to look out for stuff like this, but we do. It’s better safe than sorry.

  99. We shouldnt’ mess with safety. Afterall kids are dressed up, and kidnappers can be too!

  100. These are really great safety tips! I didn’t think about the large mask thing obstructing a kid’s view… so true.

  101. Trick or Treating isn’t what it used to be around here. When i was a kid, there’d be thousands of us going door to door at every house, now there’s thousands of kids going down a single street because most of the houses don’t give candy anymore.

  102. We travel in packs and carry lights with us. Safety is so important with so many kids on the roads

  103. Great tips! I’ve seen so many costumes that really just make you question the parent. Princesses really should wear sneaks for trick or treating 🙂

  104. Great safety tips! My daughter and her friends went without an adult. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but it worked out. We had a safety plan.

  105. yeah, it blows my mind how many parents don’t do some of these things with their kids and let them run wild in dark clothes!

  106. These are all great tips! We don’t usually trick-or-treat very far from our house and always stay on the sidewalk.

  107. I love the dragging costume suggestion, I always forget what a b*** costumes that drag can be when a group of kids are running to a front door and another kid is trying to run away and BAM. Someone’s on the floor getting trampled. It happens people! Good advice!