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If you live in a state where the summer heat can really wear on you, then check out these simple tips to try and help you stay cool. It is so hard when it is 100 degrees or hotter outside or high humidity, it makes you want to hide inside where the ac is. 

Our bodies can easily become overheated, especially in young children and the elderly. I don’t know if you have ever got overheated, but it can make you feel pretty sick and wore down. So here are some simple tricks to trying to survive the extreme summer heat. 

Heat Stroke is very serious so make sure you are aware of the signs. Below are some of the signs of heat stroke. If you feel any of these symptoms start make sure to go to your doctor or emergency room. 

  • Rapid Pulse
  • Elevated Body Temperature
  • Excessive Thirst
  • Nausea and/or Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Headaches
  • Dilated Pupils

Different Ways To Keep Cool This Summer 

Run Errands First Thing: Before the day gets to hot get out and get your shopping done early. Whether it is grocery shopping or heading to your farmers market. This will help you to enjoy the cooler part of the day for outside activities. 

Wear Bandanna Around Neck: If you are outside in the peak of the days heat, grab a bandanna and get it wet, then place a few ice cubes in the center and roll it up. Wrap it around your neck to help keep you cool. 

Cotton Clothing: If you wear cotton clothing it will help keep you cooler than many synthetics. Also wear light colored clothes when you can. 

Stay Hydrated: Making sure to drink enough water is very important. If you get dehydrated it can make the heat feel even hotter. So carry a water bottle around and make sure to drink enough each day. 

Keep Blinds and Curtains Closed: If your house gets a bit warmer as the day goes on, you might think about keeping your blinds or curtains closed. It can let in a lot of heat just by the sun beating in the window. So make sure when the days are really hot to keep your curtains closed, and try to keep the house a little cooler. 

Thermal Curtains: Most heat can come in through windows, so  if you put your hand up to your window and you can feel it is hot or any air flow coming from outside, maybe think about thermal curtains. It helps block out the harsh heat, and can really help keep your home cooler. 

Run Wrist Under Cold Water: Your main vein passes through your wrist and a quick way to cool down is to run cold water over your wrist for thirty seconds or so. You will instantly feel your body temp cooling off. You can do this every few hours or as needed. If you are out and about hit up a bathroom or carry a water bottle in backpack or purse if you are unable to get to a sink. 

Portable Fans: Some people swear by using a portable fan to help stay cool. If you are outside and it is really hot think about buying one .You can get a battery operated one or they have fans that pull energy from your phone. 

Lighter Meals: Try eating lighter meals that aren’t so heavy, like salads, pasta salads and such. Plus eat smaller meals but more frequent. That will help not get you feeling so full, because some people when they feel really full can raise their body temperature. 

Use Oven Less and Grill Out: If you use your oven in the summer you might find it gets your house feeling a bit hotter. Think about grilling out more, or even cooking simple meals that don’t take much oven time. 

Some of these ideas might seem simple but it could really help benefit you in the long run. Just make sure when you are outside that you are aware of the heat and how you feel. Getting too hot can happen very easily and come on fast. 

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  55 Responses to “Tricks to Survive The Hot Summer Heat”

  1. This is so timely for me! We’re headed to the beach next week and my teenager always pushes it until he gets WAY too hot! I’ll be having him use some of these great tips!

  2. These are awesome tips! As a long time resident of HOTlanta, I know the value of staying out of the heat of the day. It’s AWFUL down here.

  3. I am going to practice all of these tips this year. We may live in New York state, but it still gets freaking hot up here. And I DON’T like to be hot!

  4. It definitely has been HOT! I live in Ohio and want to move to Florida. People say well it’s hot there. Well it is hot here too!! At least the beach is never more than an hour away there! I run my wrists under cold water a lot. I learned that trick in high school!

  5. I cannot deal with heat at all so this is such a great post for me, I am going to have to give some of these a try and see if it helps.

  6. So many awesome ideas and all very necessary, especially here in the Las Vegas desert. Heat exhaustion and dehydration are no joke, so it’s important to take the proper precautions.

  7. It is hot and humid here in Chicago and we don’t have air conditioning. We have a pool that we use every day and window units to keep bedrooms cool. This is a great list to keep cool!

  8. I keep our house between 78 and 80 in the summer. I use fans to help circulate the air better without having to blast the AC.

  9. We’re at the end (we hope!) of a multi-day heatwave here and boy are these tips great ones! I am NOT a heat lover at all.

  10. My oldest son and I do not do well in the heat, ever. These tips all are great!

  11. These are great ideas! I’m still over here adjusting to this southern humidity!! I miss california!

  12. I’m in Texas so yes, it gets HOT. I do try to get all my errands done in the morning so I’m not out in the horrible heat. I also always have water with me.

  13. These are all great tips. Yesterday was brutal and I was stuck at a soccer game. We went through tons of water.

  14. I’m from Missouri and it gets SO humid here.. I choose to just stay indoors but these are great tips if you must head outdoors!

  15. I use my thermal curtains in the winter, i never thought to use them in the summer. I will start closing them.

  16. These are all great tips for staying cool. I try to get my errands done in the morning when I can. It can get quite humid here.

  17. Staying hydrated is so important. Heat stroke is definitely nothing to mess with.

  18. I think these are all essential especially if you live in places that experience the highest temperatures during the summer. Water must be available at all times and it’s good to make sure that you have comfortable and light clothes to wear.

  19. These are useful tips for the hot summer days. My husband and I definitely don’t tolerate the heat well.

  20. During the summer we’re mostly grilling outside, I can’t stand making the house even hotter. We do have an AC and thermal curtains which keep it nice inside though.

  21. It definitely gets scorching here in San Antonio. I forgot that eating raises your temperature, that’s a good tip to eat smaller meals throughout the day.

  22. In AZ, we use a lot of these tricks every day! I’ve never run my wrists under cool water though, I’ll have to try that one out. Thanks!

  23. It is so important to stay safe in the heat. My daughter got too hot at work on Sunday and passed out. She should’ve drank more water.

  24. We switched to thermal curtains and it has made a huge difference for us. These are great tips for beating the heat. I like to do all my running around early before it gets to hot.

  25. I cannot handle the heat! Thanks for these great tips! I am definitely going to use them!

  26. My home was like 90 degrees today. I totally could have used some AC but wanted the windows to be open to air out the paint.

  27. Summer can be very tortous here in our place. These tricks are really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  28. These are great tricks. We live in Michigan, and although we get all four seasons to enjoy, the summer temps reach over a hundred at times. I’m not a fan.

  29. I did not know about that trick of running cold water over your wrists. I have learned something new today. Thank you for the tips!

  30. I always bring a bottled water in my bag. Helps me to stay hydrated. And also carries a small folded fan 🙂 ah.summer here in the Philippines is up to 35degree celcius!

  31. I live in Alaska and although the weather rarely ever hits 80F in the summer, it sometimes does. With 24-hour daylight, the weather barely cools down at night. I made the mistake of baking a few days ago! Found myself reaching for ice cold water (something I never do!)

  32. Thanks for this informative article. It is important that we pay attention to our bodies when the heat hits extreme temperatures. We should also look after the very young and the elderly for signs of dehydration and/or heat stroke.

  33. These are great ideas. It’s been over 90 here all week we are dying of heat!

  34. Thermal curtains. I never heard of those sounds like something I have to invest it.

  35. Thermal curtains. I never heard of those sounds like something I have to invest it.

  36. You have shared the great tips at right time. In summer I use to suffer from acne and itching due to sweat. That’s why I also prefer cotton clothes.

  37. These are great tips. I had no idea about the wrists! I noticed as I am getting older the heat is bothering me more.

  38. Eating lighter and staying hydrated are keys for me. I also keep our shades drawn in order to keep our house nice and cool.

  39. Summer here in the Philippines is over. But we’re still in heat! Lol. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  40. Great tips. I try to use them all. When it is hot I try to stay inside or go to the beach or in the pool.

  41. thanks! this reminds me to buy new thermal drapes. Although lighter meal is pretty tough because of all the barbecue happening.

  42. These are great tips! It doesn’t get too unbearable in San Diego except for maybe August and September, but even though it’s not in the 100’s doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel hot! We try not to use the AC in the summer, so we’ll have to look into some thermal curtains (how is it I’ve never heard of those?!).

  43. Thanks so much for sharing this. I get head exhaustion very easily and I’m going on a road trip soon. Really need to utilize those tips.

  44. Fortunately for me, I live in Monterey and the warmest it gets here is like 70 degrees! haha! I hope you have an amazing summer! Xx- Doran @HauteBeautyGuide

  45. It’s really important that we have a bottle of water with us everywhere we go especially during the summer. These are very good pointers!

  46. It has been SO hot here the last few days! I’m 8 months pregnant, too, so kinda miserable. I’ve been trying to get everything done early in the morning, though, before the worst of it. That, and the rest, are great tips!

  47. I need to try: Run Wrist Under Cold Water. I’ve never tried that one before.

    I got an aloe section in the fridge at an Asian Market. It worked great for my husband’s sunburn.

  48. Love these tips. Whenever it gets too hot, I try to use the oven less for cooking. We also bring out all the fans since we don’t have an AC here.

  49. We have actually had cooler weather so far it has been really nice. But there are great tips and we have had to do many of these in the past.

  50. These are all great tips to go by! I know living in AL the heat and humidity gets to you and I don’t eat much of anything, mainly veggies. I stay away from sodas and sugar too. Summer is starting off with a vengeance so far….90’s plus… ugh!

  51. It gets really hot here during the summer months. These are some great tips that you have shared!

  52. These are great! I only knew half of these.

  53. I love your list!!! except for lighter meals! Lol… Ok I promise to be healthier this summer and all the rest of life! 🙂

  54. These tips all are great! love it.