Aug 132013
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Are you on Twitter? If you’re a blogger, you should be. Even if you’re not, you should be. It’s a great way to get to know new people, whether they’re from your local area – or the other side of the world.  Not only that, Twitter is a great tool for sharing your blog posts with the world, so if you blog and you’re not on Twitter, check it out. I was actually on Twitter before I started my blog and it was because of some of the amazing people I met on Twitter that inspired me to start writing.

Granted, there is not necessarily a “correct” way to use twitter, however there are definitley some shenanigans that go on over on Twitter which drive me absolutley bonkers.  And that prompted me to make this handy dandy list of some Twitter Don’ts….and Do’s.


1. Don’t send automatic DM’s (direct messages) to people when they follow you. It makes you look like a spammer.

2. Don’t follow me just to get a follow back – and then once I do, unfollow me. Grow up.

3. Don’t only RT (retweet) all day long and never actually compose a tweet for yourself. It’s pretty easy to take the plunge and write a tweet – I promise. Say something so that the world knows you’re an actual person. I promise you, no one wants you to clutter up their feed with a whole list of RT’s that they probably don’t care about.

4. You don’t have to tell me to “please RT” at the end of your tweet.  I will if I want to.

5. Don’t be rude and tweet with caution. This should be obvious, but based on some of the tweets I’ve seen lately – apparently it’s not.  If you don’t have anything nice to tweet, don’t tweet at all.  Honestly, you never know who’s looking at what you’re tweeting about and it’s probably not a good idea to publically say certain things – things that you can’t take back. Trust me, just because you manually go in and delete the tweet, doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. People RT, etc and it could come back to bite you in the ass later.

6.  Don’t tell me you just cut off all your hair and not include a picture in the tweet.  Seriously, if something major happens and you take the time to tweet about it – I want to see it.  You know, “pictures or it never happened”.  I want proof.

7.  Don’t tweet a link without some sort of an explaination.  If you don’t tell me what I’m clicking, I’m going to assume it’s spam.


1. Do engage me.  Start a conversation. I like to think that I’m very approachable and like chatting with people though-out the day. I have tons of followers on Twitter, but only actually chat with a handful of them. Talk to me.  I don’t bite.

2. Do RT (retweet) a tweet that you feel is worthy of being seen by others. Again, don’t  retweet all day, but once in a while, help someone out by retweeting a good post, etc.  Sharing is caring.

3. Fill in that little profile section of your account. It’s there for a reason so that you can tell people a little about yourself. We want to know. Really, we do!

4.  Do add a profile picture.  Or at least an avatar.  It’s hard to get anyone’s attention with an egg.  Take the extra four seconds and add some sort of a profile picture to your account please.  Otherwise, don’t expect a lot of follows.


5.  Do thank the people that RT your stuff.  Good manners go a long way.

6.  Do add a link to your blog or website to your Twitter account.  It makes it much easier to find you.

7.  Do give me time to follow you back.  Sometimes I’m busy and can’t drop what I’m doing right then and there to hop onto Twitter just to follow you back.  So be patient, ok?

Do you have anything to add?

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  30 Responses to “Twitter Do’s and Don’ts”

  1. I hate people who tweet to large companies with stupid “complaints” and it’s obvious they’re just trying to get something free. So transparent! I don’t mind people griping about legitimate complaints, but I’ve seen people tweet Crayola with “my red crayon was broken – what kind of scam are you running?!”

  2. Automatic direct messages thanking me for following drive me up a wall.

  3. Hahahaha… I am guilty of putting RT in my tweets. It lets the ones who do RT for me know which ones I would want RTed.

  4. I have been Twitter absent lately. Shame on me.. I do miss it and need to get my butt back in gear on there..

  5. Oh those direct message follow tweets are so annoying and get quite a few of them in one week’s time sometimes. Seriously, couldn’t agree with you and that so much more in this post!!

  6. Great list, Robin! I use Twitter for my blog, but I engage with people more on Facebook. I wish Twitter showed pictures in the feed instead of us clicking on the link to show the picture. I find it more time consuming.

  7. I like Twitter, it’s clean and fast, and I don’t feel like I’m overwhelming my Twitter feed if I do a few things at a time (I do feel like that w/Facebook).

    I don’t like to get an important msg. w/just Twitter. Sometimes things are overlooked when there’s that much action going on.

  8. I need to work on personalizing my tweets. I use it only for blogging right now.

  9. DM’s are the anti Christ, and if people follow me on Twitter, and they have the egg profile picture, I automatically remove them. I don’t want to interact with people who don’t take the time to fill out their profile. And what is up with the weight loss DM’s? I’ve gotten 5 in the last week! Like spammers really believe I’m going to click on their spammy little link. Pfft.

  10. I am very guilty of #3. Sorry! But I will try to engage in a conversation….I just don’t want to clutter the feed with my boring life. lol

  11. I hate when people do automatic direct messages. It drives me crazy 🙂 Great list!

  12. Those automatic messages really annoy me! Also, you can always tell who is following you just to get a follow and know they will delete you afterwards. Those will 50,000 followers and only following a few hundred. I always end up blocking them.

  13. I have to fight with myself not immediately unfollow every time I get an Auto-DM. Those are just so obnoxious. Same for an auto-response on blogs!

  14. Robyn, I have only been on Twitter since like March or perhaps Feb and I am probably doing half of what I do there wrong. I am done with FB! So I have to learn Twitter more and do it more. I LOVE INSTAGRAM. I am hanging out there all day. Do you have IG? You would love it. Get a smartphone and join. (hug)

  15. I’m addicted to Twitter… and you covered the bases very well.

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  16. I don’t twitter#

  17. don’t know if my comment went through – but just in case. Wanted to say I don’t like those messages that tell you “I found this cool picture of you” and want you to click it.

    Anyway good list 🙂

  18. Great list! I LOVE Twitter, and use it so much more than any other social media. It’s totally up my alley. One thing that grates on my nerves are the DMs asking for you to validate yourself as a follower! Ugh! I’m just following you, plus, my profile is all filled i. If you don’t want followers, it’s a quick way to lose me. I’m not going to sign up with a service or click on external links. 🙁

  19. I love this. I miss twitter so much cannot wait for my kids to be back in school so mama can work!

  20. #2..) there’s an app for that! It drives me crazy that people think I don’t know they are dropping me like a hot potato.

    I’ve never thought about the picture thing. I’ll try and remember that.

  21. Great list! I need to get myself more active on Twitter — it intimidates me!

  22. I liked your list some good tips there, I like Twitter I quite like looking at feeds of programmes I am watching some of the comments are hilarious 🙂

    Have a twittertastic week 😉

  23. I’m not much of a tweeter …

  24. Great list! I probably am guilty of doing some from time to time, but for the most part I do completely agree with you!

  25. I don’t have a twitter account and have never used it, mainly because I use facebook and like it just fine. But there is such a huge audience on twitter that I probably should tweet out my blog posts and things like that. Now you’ve got me thinking…

  26. Great list! I have a twitter account, but barely use it. I find myself over there when FB goes down. 😉

  27. And don’t ask people to verify or whatever it is when you follow them with that auto-service. The messages just tick me off and I never do it. You just lose my follow.

  28. Loving your list, I HATE the auto DMs and flat out refuse to follow back an egg! 🙂

  29. I haven’t been on much lately so its the tweet and run thing that drives me insane.

  30. I lover your advice 🙂