May 182011

Are you on Twitter? If you’re a blogger, you should be. Even if you’re not, you should be. It’s a great way to get to know new people, whether they’re from your local area – or the other side of the world.  Not only that, Twitter is a great tool for sharing your blog posts with the world, so if you blog and you’re not on Twitter, check it out. I was actually on Twitter before I started my blog and it was because of some of the amazing people I met on Twitter that inspired me to start writing.

Granted, there is not necessarily a “correct” way to use twitter, however there are definitley some shenanigans that go on over on Twitter which drive me absolutley bonkers.  And that prompted me to make this handy list of some Twitter Don’ts….and Do’s.


1. Don’t send automatic DM’s (direct messages) to people when they follow you. It makes you look like a spammer.

2. Don’t follow me just to get a follow back – and then once I do, unfollow me. Grow up.

3. Don’t only RT (retweet) all day long and never actually compose a tweet for yourself. It’s pretty easy to take the plunge and write a tweet – I promise. Say something so that the world knows you’re an actual person. I promise you, no one wants you to clutter up their feed with a whole list of RT’s that they probably don’t care about.

4. You don’t have to tell me to “please RT” at the end of your tweet.  I will if I want to.

5. Don’t be rude and tweet with caution. This should be obvious, but based on some of the tweets I’ve seen lately – apparently it’s not.  If you don’t have anything nice to tweet, don’t tweet at all.  Honestly, you never know who’s looking at what you’re tweeting about and it’s probably not a good idea to publically say certain things – things that you can’t take back. Trust me, just because you manually go in and delete the tweet, doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. People RT, etc and it could come back to bite you in the ass later.

6.  Don’t tell me you just cut off all your hair and not include a picture in the tweet.  Seriously, if something major happens and you take the time to tweet about it – I want to see it.  You know, “pictures or it never happened”.  I want proof.

7.  Don’t tweet a link without some sort of an explaination.  If you don’t tell me what I’m clicking, I’m going to assume it’s spam.


1. Do engage me.  Start a conversation. I’m very approachable and like chatting with people thoughout the day. I have tons of followers on Twitter, but only actually chat with a handful of them. Talk to me.  I don’t bite.

2. Do RT (retweet) a tweet that you feel is worthy of being seen by others. Again, don’t  retweet all day, but once in a while, help someone out by retweeting a good post, etc.  Sharing is caring.

3. Fill in that little profile section of your account. It’s there for a reason so that you can tell people a little about yourself. We want to know. Really, we do!

4.  Do add a profile picture.  Or at least an avatar.  It’s hard to get anyone’s attention with an egg.  Take the extra four seconds and add some sort of a profile picture to your account please.  Otherwise, don’t expect a lot of follows.

5.  Do thank the people that RT your stuff.  Good manners go a long way.

6.  Do add a link to your blog or website to your Twitter account.  It makes it much easier to find you.

7.  Do give me time to follow you back.  Sometimes I’m busy and can’t drop what I’m doing right then and there to hop onto Twitter just to follow you back.  So be patient, ok?

Does anyone else have anything to add?

  15 Responses to “Twitter Do’s and Don’ts!”

  1. As one of the people that regularly speaks to you, I say bravo!!!

  2. These are really good tips. I am completely new to the whole twitter thing. For some reason, I just have a hard time grasping how the whole thing works. But thanks for these tips, now I know a little bit more about what I should and shouldn’t do!

  3. I love this post!!!!! Hmm…maybe I’ll RT it 😉

  4. Great list! I think the most important thing on Twitter is to make your comments personal. I’m still a work-in-progress on this one. I have to say I’m liking Twitter much better than FB these days. Such a great way to connect with so many amazing people.

  5. This post is great, I’m still learning how to tweat and you’ve given me some great tips. Thank you.

    Coming by from Dallas, Texas to say Howdy via the Where are you from Wednesday blog hop. I’m now following you on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Friend Connect.

  6. That was perfect.
    I agree with everything there – especially the link w/ no explanation AND the avatar thing – how hard is it? I won’t follow an egg.

  7. Oops. i’ve put please RT on one of my tweets before..but hey I was trying to draw attention. I dont do it all the time. I hope I tweet right…great now I bet you are gonna be scrutinizing my tweets from here on out…
    ai yi yi.
    I hope i pass!

  8. Fabulous! I wish I could tweet more but I try to go on about once a day and say something, like “Hey I am alive.” So pretty much I suck at Twitter but I am trying! The automatic DMs really chap my ass too.

  9. im kinda confused about it all too but posts like yours really help me if i decide to join this crazy twitter thing,thanks!!

  10. Excellent list 🙂

  11. Great post! Love it…

  12. ah, number 3 in the don’t drives me batty. I have a friend who does this and I think “that’s great, but what’s going on with YOU”

    new follower from the wandering wednesday hop!

  13. I used to compose more of my own tweets. Now as I check out Triberr I do tweet out more posts from other bloggers. I still talk in spurts though so people know I haven’t been replaced by a robot or something!

  14. Good info. I wish people were a bit better about the way that they use Twitter. One thing I would add it don’t continually *barf* out information at people. I’ve had some people I’ve had to Unfollow because they just continually spout out stuff at you. One lady used to Tweet EVERY song she was listening to on the radio (why?), one guy used to retweet every complimentary tweet anyone had sent about him for like hours at a time, and another lady used to hold Twitter parties constantly from her own account, her husband’s, and her business account. Since I was following them all, it would tie up my Twitter stream for hours – yuck!

  15. I also hate when people tweet their posts 11 million times. I think 2 or 3 times should suffice! If you are that hard up for your posts to be read then I probably won’t be interested! Great list!