Jul 302013
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twitterSome of you already know, but I twit on a regular basis and I’ve met some truly amazing people through using Twitter.   Although most of the people I haven’t had the good fortune to meet in real life….a few of them I actually have and I know for a fact that a few of them are going to be friends for life.   And it’s all thanks to “The Twitta”.

With a few exceptions, I am on Twitter pretty much every day.   Some days I twit more than others, but I do check it regularly. Since I’m on there so much, there are a few trends that I’ve noticed and of course, I am going to share some of my observations with you today.

1.  Sometimes it’s difficult to tell in a 73×73 sized image what people actually look like.  It hasn’t happened to me often, but on a few occasions I’ve clicked on someones avatar so that I could put a face with a name and BAM – I was confronted with a much fuglier face than I expected.

2.  Sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough SoYouHaveToCombineWordsSometimesToFitYourEntireMessage.  I know I could use Twit Longer or a service like that, but all the extra clicks put a strain on my wrist muscles.  It’s much easier to cram everything together, don’t you think?

3.  For a lot of people, English ain’t their first language.  Or maybe it is, but they don’t know how to use it correctly.  We all know how I feel about proper grammar, punctuation oh and ain’t isn’t a word.

4.  Some people are really boring.  If all you ever twit is something like this “Heading to do some shopping at Trader Joe’s” then I’m probably going to think that you live alone with 33 cats.

5.  Then there is the Over-Tweeter.  If you twit several hundred times per day, every day, then you have way too much time on your hands.

6.  You may think you’re too good to be bothered responding to my mention of you, but guess what – you’re an asshole.  I know you have a lot of followers, but I am quite positive you check your mentions.  Try being friendly and responding to someone you don’t usually chat with for a change.  Chances are you’re not half as good as you think you are anyways.

**This is not intended for any of my friends that I twit (yes I said twit) with..it’s those other people that get mentioned in a twit as a conversation starter and they just never respond.

7.  A lot of people seem to think they’re pretty clever by coming up with words that are prefixed with a “Tw”.  If you call me a tweep, a twiend or try to tweetroduce me to someone via Twitter, you are getting unfollowed.

8.  Oh, and what does an image of a whale have to do with Twitter being over-capacity anyways?  Wouldn’t a picture of something exploding be more appropriate?  And way cooler.

And there you have it.  Who wants to add to the list?

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  28 Responses to “Twitter Observations”

  1. I hate auto DMs – if I follow someone and automatically get a “thanks for following me, here are my Facebook and website links” message I usually unfollow.

  2. I gotta be honest, if someone uses that Twit Validation service….I tend to not bother taking that extra step to follow them. I have to admit, I am not on there too much….and when I am, I am retweeting my own tweets from giveaways. Maybe that is worse than saying I am going to Trader Joes? Not sure! But I gotta make the most of my time. 🙂

  3. Apparently I am not on Twitter enough, but knew a few, but not all of these. I like Twitter, but sometimes just feel like I can’t keep up. But I do try my best and that is all I can do at this point.

  4. I use twitter quite often for my blog. I don’t really use it for personal but many do. I have trouble fitting in what I want to say so I am going to start cramming just like you do. GREAT idea.

  5. Auto DM’s are the anti-christ and are grounds for immediate unfollow in my world. I also get annoyed when I take the time to start a FF and nobody does anything with it. Annoying.

  6. I used to go to Twitter parties all the time and miss them. Once kids are back in school I’ll be on again. I hate DMs hey find me on Facebook, come follow me here blah blah

  7. I’m with you on pretty much everything. I have a lot of followers so it makes it hard to go through my feed and find good tweets, a lot of them are people talking about who knows what. I have to put notifications on the people I want to hear from so my phone beeps. That’s basically a few sports end entertainment people so I can keep up with the trends.

  8. Too funny! #1 really cracked me up. I actually have never used Twitter and I know I’m in the minority! Maybe one of these days I’ll jump on the bandwagon 🙂

  9. HAHAHAHA live alone with 33 cats… I totally think the same thing

  10. I totally agree with number 2! I hate that it has a limit on the number of people you can follow.

  11. You have a ton of twitter followers 🙂 I am horrible about checking mine, I need to be better!

  12. LOL, I like Twitter better than most forms of social media. 🙂

  13. I’m so bad at it and usually only tweet a new post. I have a hard enough time keeping up with blogs and fb lol

  14. I am new to Twitter. Haven’t been there enough yet. I am liking Instagram, more. FB is done. I am so done with FB. I am there but only so I can like people’s site in Giveaways (period).

    I liked this list you did. I like that you tell it like it is! oh and …I’m feeling good enough to blog. Not post in my thrift clothes, but just comment, for today anyway.

    Thanks for your nice words of support (for the $3 sandals).

  15. Don’t forget the hash tags ##

  16. I’m like Terry. Only use it for promoting my blog stuff or entering giveaways. I actually forget to check my mentions quite often. I stupidly assume I will get an email notification when someone mentions me, but they don’t always. So, I am one who actually does miss some interactions. Oops!

  17. My Twitter is actually quite boring. I usually only post tweets for giveaways or new blog posts. I’d love to attend Twitter parties, but it’s all above and beyond what I can comprehend.

  18. I don’t use twitter and this makes me kind of glad that I don’t 🙂

  19. LOL! I have a twitter account but barely use it.

  20. I’m not much of a Tweeter.

  21. Just so you know sometimes I miss those mention so if I don’t respond please forgive me…much much in advance 😀

  22. I use twitter quite a bit too, but I find it hard to keep up with at times. I, too, often miss mentions because they only show up on my phone and if I don’t look fast enough, it’s gone and then I can’t find who it was from. Even though I don’t think I’m mentioned that much… LOL It is a great marketing tool; however, I do find it hard to use it as a real connection tool for me since tweets are gone in a matter of minutes.

  23. So true! I also hate when bloggers try to act like Twitter snobs. I feel like they’re no more important than anyone else, lol.

  24. Why you no talk to me on twitter?

  25. I love #8! That’s a great question. And why the egg default pic?!

  26. I don’t Twitter as much as I should but I do agree with you on your observations! Especially #7 — barf.

  27. It annoys me when someone tweets something, you reply, and then they respond to you like 3 days later. Yes, it’s nice that they respond but I think it needs to be more timely. After all, they sent the original tweet – they should check for responses at LEAST within the same day.

  28. I met you on twitter years ago… 3 names ago for me…lol