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Here are tips to using Disney's Fastpass+. The Fastpass+ helps cut your wait time for attractions so you can make the most of your day at the parks.

Walt Disney World has been using the Fastpass+ system for a while now. It has made things a lot easier because it allows you to book in advance and save time. Below I will share what exactly the Fastpass+ is and some tips to using the Fastpass+ for you and your family!

Below you will find learn about Fastpass+ and the perks, and find ways to make sure you make the most out of the system! The tips below can help you with your schedule, so you can make sure to utilize each pass the best way possible.

Here are tips to using Disney's Fastpass+. The Fastpass+ helps cut your wait time for attractions so you can make the most of your day at the parks.

What is Disney’s Fastpass+
Fastpass+ is a system that Disney uses that allows you to reserve rides and attractions to reduce the time you spend waiting in lines both for rides and experiences such as character meet & greets or shows. They allow up to three Fastpasses per day to make the system fair, but there are a few restrictions. You can only make Fastpass+ choices for one park per day, so if you are visiting multiple parks, make sure to choose which park you want to use the Fastpasses on. Also, you can only book a Fastpass for each ride once per day, so if you love Space Mountain and want to book all three of your Fastpasses for three separate rides on the day you are at the Magic Kingdom – you are out of luck. The system won’t let you “repeat” rides on the same day. As of now you can book Fastpass+ for your whole trip 60 days in advance if you stay on property, or 30 days if you are not staying on property.

Here are tips to using Disney's Fastpass+. The Fastpass+ helps cut your wait time for attractions so you can make the most of your day at the parks.

Keep in mind that using a Fastpass is not an instant ticket to the front of the line.  Yes, you will get to cut the majority of the crowd, but at some point you will merge with the standby line and most likely have a short wait to get on to the actual ride. For example, if there is a 120 standby wait for the ride you want to get on (and yes, that can happen), the Fastpass will cut your wait down to about ten minutes.

How to Choose What to FastPass
Deciding what to choose will be different for everyone. If you enjoy riding all the rides, you might go that route. Or if want to meet the characters then maybe you will want to do that. Start out by deciding some things you want to do for the day. Personally, I book the rides that I know are going to have the longest wait times, so you might want to consider using your Fastpass+ for things that are very popular at the time you go. You might find meeting Elsa and Anna could be a very popular meet and greet, and you use it on that. It just depends on the rides and attractions you do.

Here are tips to using Disney's Fastpass+. The Fastpass+ helps cut your wait time for attractions so you can make the most of your day at the parks.

Booking Fastpass+
If you want to pre-book your Fastpasses here is how. Head to the Disney website and log-in. Once you are in your reservations area, look for the Fastpass area, click in and pick the date you are staying and the park. Then it will present you with several options. You get 3 Fastpass+ per day. Book them for later in the day when the park is more crowded and the lines will be longer. If you decide to change the time, you can do that at any time. All of your Fastpasses are loaded onto your Magic Bands (which are mailed to you about two weeks before your trip) and the bands will need to be scanned when you get to the ride to access your Fastpass.

Don’t Book Fastpass+ First Thing in the Morning
If you want short lines at any of the four Disney World Parks, go when it opens. That is the best time to enjoy shorter lines, and don’t waste your Fastpass on a ride with a short line. The earliest you should schedule a Fastpass is around 90 minutes after the park has opened, and the crowd sets in.

Leave Time Between Fastpasses
Make sure to leave a time gap between your Fastpasses, or you could run from one pass to another. It can cause stress trying to make it to each attraction in time. So make sure you have time to get to each area with time to spare. When it’s the time on your Fastpass, head to the Fastpass (not the standby) line at the ride or attraction and scan your Magic Band. The scanner will light up green once it confirms your Fastpass and then you are good to go.

Here are tips to using Disney's Fastpass+. The Fastpass+ helps cut your wait time for attractions so you can make the most of your day at the parks.

Early Or Late on Reservations
The Fastpass+ offers a one-hour window that shows up in the app, so it’s important to make it to the ride during that window. If there is a conflict with a Fastpass reservation, there will be an alert on the website that will let you know what the conflict is (usually it’s another Fastpass or dining reservations). If you are late the Mickey light does shine blue instead of green, and then the cast member decides if you are allowed. Sometimes the cast member will let you on the ride early if they see you standing there waiting, but again – it is up to them. I definitely recommend making sure you arrive on time.

Here are tips to using Disney's Fastpass+. The Fastpass+ helps cut your wait time for attractions so you can make the most of your day at the parks.

I have a love/hate relationship with Fastpasses personally.  When you are the one holding the Fastpass, they are great, but when you aren’t, it seems like the Fastpass holders make the wait time triple what they would have been if people just lined up like they did in the old days.

We did have a Fastpass issue on Toy Story Midway Mania on our most recent trip.  My family used our Fastpasses to get into the line for the ride, but the ride went down while we were still standing there waiting. After about 15 minutes, cast members came by with a little gadget and loaded a new Fastpass back onto our Magic Bands, which was good AND bad.  It was good because the new Fastpass was able to be used on ANY ride at the park that day, but the bad part was that it had to be used up first otherwise it would have taken it in place of other Fastpasses we had reserved for later that day. Since we’ve seen up to two hour waits for that ride, we wanted to use it on that particular ride and luckily the ride was only down for about an hour and we were able to use our new Fastpasses on it before the time of our next reserved one.

These tips can really help you with making sure you use your Fastpasses the best way possible. If you have a tip or trick, share it below!

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  57 Responses to “What is the Walt Disney World Fastpass+ and Tips For Using It”

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    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

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