Apr 292011

“There’s only one cure for snoring: insomnia” – Anonymous.

Do you live with someone that snores?  I do (sorry Chris).  If you do, then you will easily relate to what I’m about to tell you.  If you don’t, count your blessings.  Seriously.

Here’s the thing.  When I was married to my ex husband, he had sleep apnea and man, he snored like nobody’s business.  I mean it was all night, every night.  It was pure torture for the seven or eight years we were married and I’d never slept so well as I did when he moved out.

Now I’m remarried to Chris, and guess what?  Yup, you guessed it….he snores, too.  I just can’t seem to win in the snoring department, can I?  I should say that he doesn’t snore all the time, but when he does, it’s loud and very distracting to me when I’m trying to settle down and fall asleep.  Usually a good whack from me and he’ll stop.  Sometimes it takes five or six whacks and a few kicks, but eventually he gets it and changes position, which usually helps.  He’s tried Snore Stop pills and Breathe Right Strips, but they don’t work.

What gets me, is that often times he falls asleep almost immediately.  It usually takes me a while to actually fall asleep because I always lay there and think about the day or what I have to do the following day.  So, he will be laying there snoring while I’m laying there thinking and I’ll tap him so that he will stop – and he’ll say “I wasn’t sleeping so why are you hitting me”?  Um, last time I checked, people don’t snore while they’re still awake.  I kid you not, we have this conversation in bed all the time.

When our family went to Disney World in December, the five of us crammed into one hotel room and I found out the hard way that Chris’s son also snores – but on a whole different level.  He swore it was because he was sick that week (I’m pretty sure he wasn’t), but let’s just say that between the two of them, I got no sleep for the entire week.  And for that reason, whenever I travel with our whole family, we will be booking hotels with adjoining rooms.   One for myself and Chris and one for the boys.

Chris tells me I snore – and I don’t deny it, but my response to him is always the same: “My snoring doesn’t keep you awake, but yours keeps me awake”.  Fact.

I’m very open to suggestions if anyone knows a good way to make the snoring stop.

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  1. Separate rooms

  2. Oh no! Don’t have any advice on how to stop snoring! Sorry! My dad snores and my mom has started wearing ear plugs at night! 🙁

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  3. My brother in law’s snoring got so bad that he did a sleep study and found out he stops breathing like 60 times a night! He wears a C-PAP machine and is getting the money together to have his tonsils removed. My advice is have him go for a check-up and mention it to your doctor.

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  4. Yes! Have him checked for sleep apnea and get him on a CPAP machine! Chris snores so terribly loud, I mean, ridiculous, if he falls asleep before me and doesn’t put his machine on I’m up until I pass out from exhaustion. I can relate to your pain like nobodies business.

  5. Hubby snores, has been checked for apnea but didn’t “have it” (he claims he never really fell asleep right at the sleep study). But I will admit to being the kind of crazy wife who really doesn’t mind the snoring. Actually? I don’t sleep as well without it.

    I second the apnea study suggestion, especially if he has any other symptoms or risk factors.

    Nice blog. My sis lives in MA and I loooove calling her my little masshole.

  6. Your comment about him not being asleep but snoring cracked me up – my husband does the EXACT same thing.. I invested in the orange industrial earplugs – perfect – I fall asleep to my even breathing and wake up refreshed.
    Good luck!
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  7. I’m a big time snorer and my wife is light sleeper. We have separate rooms – which I’ve grown to like. Ear plugs will help too.

  8. Get that man a C-PAP. It’s helped ever snorer I know!

    I found you on Design it Chic and am following now. Your blog is lovely!

  9. omg dude lolol this is so funny. i hear ya!! i have the same problem.. i got these awesome free sample ear plugs from some freebie site… the brand is Sleep Pretty in pink.. most ear plugs dont block sound out as much but these do. they are soo comfy and i sleep like a freakin rock! try them forreal!

    PS i found ur blog thru another blog that i found thru a hop. follow back if youd like.. lol u should write this dilemma in on my advice blog so i can post it for others to see n hopefully help them. or u could get more suggestions!


  10. First–too funny!! I found an iphone app that records the noises in your room at night–the things that wake you up (snoring would be the first choice–rustling sheets is not even a close second) well I used it. Imagine my surprise when I played back the ‘sounds’ and heard a few loud snorts from ME! too funny–I swore I did not snore!
    Anyway I did use those breath right strips ( I had gotten a few sample pack) and that night–no snore!

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  11. OMG my husband does that whole “What I am awake” shit ALL the time!! At least i know I’m not alone lol.

    Does your hubby have any weight to lose? If he does it would most likely help quite a bit. My dad and husband both were BIG snorers and after losing some weight both stopped snoring. It actually fixed my dad’s apnea he had.

  12. Here’s what we have tried–weight loss, ear plugs, white noise machine, changing position, no beer before bed, breath right, counseling, hyponotism…UGGHH. IT’s tough!

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  13. Ha!! I’m with you, sister! Here’s the dilemma in my house: My husband snores somewhat (not as bad as your husband, it doesn’t seem) but I have trouble falling asleep. So, if he falls asleep before me? Problem. Now, my husband can’t STAY asleep (he wrestles with insomnia) so he is often awake while I’m sleeping. He claims that I snore, but not loudly. I say it’s not worth mentioning if it’s not disturbing your sleep! (Or, I prefer to think I sleep like an angel, with a smile on my face and not a sound but my pleasant, sweet breath going in and out…LOL)

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  15. I agree – separate rooms. And when travelling – Chris and the boys share a room and you get to sleep with the non-snorers! What everyone else snores? You get a room to yourself! YAY – problem solved!

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  16. Generally if you can get them off their back they’ll stop.

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  17. Thankfully I don’t live with a snorer but when I have gone on vacations with my family my mom and dad both snore and it sounds like a snoring competition!
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