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water slides in New England

If you are wanting to stop by one of the most popular water parks in Massachusetts (or southern New Hampshire this season), then check out this list below! This is a list of the top places you will want to add to your travels this summer! No matter which park you pick, I am sure you and your family will have lots of fun!

Enjoy inflatable rides, lazy rivers, wave pools, and amusement rides and more. This is a great way to find fun things to do near you, or plan a trip for you and your family. Beat the summer heat this year at one of these fun water parks or amusement parks listed below. Make this summer filled with fun memories.

Water Parks in Massachusetts

Water Wizz (Wareham, MA): Southern New England’s largest water park! Mussel Beach is a huge wave pool that is very popular. If you like to live on the edge try the Squid Row, it’s a tube ride, with high speeds. Or if you want to go with little kids, they do have a family pool area as well. Thrilling slides, tubes and cabanas to relax in, this water park has something for everyone.

Nelson Park Splash Pad (Plymouth, MA): Located inside Nelson Memorial Park on Nelson Street in Plymouth, this is a popular place for kids to cool off in the summer. In addition to a free splash pad, there is a playground, beach area and plenty of room for a picnic lunch here. Parking is free, but I highly recommend getting there early because the lot fills up fast. For a day full of free fun, stop by the Nelson Park Splash Pad this summer.

Breezy Picnic Grounds (Douglas, MA): This is family owned, and great for a relaxing and fun day. You can pack your lunch or take advantage of their snack bar. they have three, 300′ waterslides for you to enjoy. They have really nice picnic grounds, with large tables by the water! You can also swim in the lake and it offers a sandy area for kids.

Pool Float waterpark in New England

Cape Cod Inflatable Park (West Yarmouth, MA): The name says it all, they are an inflatable park. They have a ton of huge blow up slides – some are dry and some have water.  They have plenty of inflatable rides for adults and children, so it is fun for the whole family. There are two ticket prices, one for dry only inflatables and the other one includes both wet ones and dry inflatables. That way you can pick what is best for your own family.

CoCo Key Water Resort (Danvers, MA): This is an indoor water resort, where everyday is 84 degrees. If you happen to have a cold dreary day out, you can head here and enjoy perfect weather! From water slides to cabanas, they do have it all! they have some slides for the thrill-seekers! They have over 48″ tall raft slides! They have tubes you ride on, that take you on twist and turns and are perfect for those who like to slide fast. Coral Reef Canyon, is geared towards older kids, where it has fun obstacle courses! They can do basketball and just have room to play on their own.

Hurricane Harbor, Six Flags New England (Agawam, MA): From water slides to the lazy river, there is something for everyone at Hurricane Harbor. Seriously, there are too many rides for me to list them all here, but you can have a look at all the water fun at Hurricane Harbor for yourself by visiting their website. Admission to Hurricane Harbor is included in park admission, so be sure to bring a change of clothes and enjoy the amusement rides while you are there.

Cape Codder Resort Water Park (Hyannis, MA): Enjoy a gentle ride down the lazy river, or check out their spray deck. This indoor water park is a lot of fun. It offers a wave pool, multiple slides, a 24-person whirlpool, and so much more. There are tons of things for the whole family to enjoy.

cape cod water slide wave pool

Water Country (Portsmouth, NH): Water Country has 26 acres of kid attractions and rides. They also have dining options if you want to stay for the day, and can have meals. One of the popular rides is the Double Geronimo slide! It is a twin speed slide that is 58 foot high! You will fly down it super fast, and great for a thrill. Or go on Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror, this is a 2 person tube that descents into a twisting 40 foot plunge. It is totally enclosed, dark tunnel, so it gets you wondering what is coming next. This is a 300 foot ride sure to leave your heart pumping a little faster. They offer kid attractions and have places to just lounge and soak up the sun, or soak in the water.

Frog Pond Spray Pool (Boston, MA): In the summertime the Frog Pond features a 30 foot spray plume and a wading pool for the kiddos! It is open daily from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm from early July through Labor Day. While you’re there, you can take a break from splashing about for a turn on the carousel ($3 per ride). The Frog Pond is located on the Boston Common, off the Park Street stop on the Red or Green line.

Great Wolf Lodge (Fitchburg, MA): Lots of fun rides and activities for kids. You can splish and splash in the water, go down slides and more. They have a ride, Wolf Tail, where the floor drops out from beneath you and you free-fall for 25 feet! You do have to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge hotel, to be able to use the water park.

Those are some of the awesome places you can plan a day of fun, if you are in the area! From inside activities to outside adventures!

Beat the heat this summer by visiting these Water Parks in Massachusetts!

Hope you get a chance to enjoy some of these waterparks in Massachusetts!!

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  1. I like the sound of breezy picnic grounds especially as there is 300 slides. I love water parks I am a big fan x

  2. My family and I love water parks. It is one of our favorite parts of the summer and we would really enjoy visiting some parks outside of New York City.

  3. My son really wants to go to a “water hotel” this summer (a hotel we visited last summer that has a water park.) I love trying different water parks – especially ones that have lazy rivers!

  4. I’d enjoy any of these places. Water parks are tons of fun. My daughter especially loves them and she’s at an age where she can play and I can sit and read.

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever been in the state at all! Cool water parks, Water Country would be the first place my girls would head to!

  6. I have read an article before about the Great Wolf Lodge. It looks like a nice place to take the kids!

  7. The place looks fun and interactive for kids and the whole family. It’s now included on my family’s travel plans.

  8. Wow wow wow! These all sound super fun! I want to go to some of these this summer!

  9. Thank you madam, I am adding this to my list of places to visit in the USA.

  10. Our kids have always loved water parks! It’s the place to be on a hot, summer day. You have a list of great ones to visit. I’ll have to add these to my list.

  11. These all sound amazing! We will have to make a trip to MA soon – we also have a Great Wolf Lodge near us but have never been.

  12. These sound fantastic – especially this time of year when I’m feeling hot and humid and sticky! I’d love to visit any one of these!

  13. This is a great resource for anyone who lives in the area or is visiting. Nothing’s more fun than a waterpark!

  14. Yay! We love going to water parks. We go to them wherever we travel. It’s kind of our thing. I’m bookmarking this.

  15. I love water parks during those hot summer months! This is a really great list of the water parks in the state. I’ll have to look into them!

  16. I love water parks. One of the best parts of living in Florida is that there are so many of them. These look awesome though! If I were up that way I would probably make the effort ti visit a few!

  17. I’m going to check these out when we’re in the area. We love finding water parks in the summer. A great way to cool off.

  18. We are in NJ but I want to go to Mass (my husband and kids have never been up there). I’m saving this list because WE LOVE a water park!

  19. We have a place like that here called warmbaths. my grandparents love going there for the heated pools. we had so much fun growing up there. water parks are such joys

  20. There is a lot of water parks in Massachusetts. And I have actually never been to Massachusetts but one of my favorite things to do is go to water parks so I think I may have to work my way up there.

  21. These look great! I would totally stay at the Great Wolf Lodge hotel to use their park! It looks like tons of fun!

  22. I love water parks! Haven’t been to one in years though.. Maybe this year we will make a trip. 🙂

  23. These water parks look like a lot of fun! I’ve been wanting to try Great Wolf Lodge, but unfortunately, my wallet tends to laugh at me on that one. I’m hoping before my son graduates high school at least!

  24. We don’t have much water parks here and their facilities is not that impressive. I sure would love to try the ones in Massachusetts.

  25. Oh my goodness what an amazing list of water parks, when I was a child this sort of place would be top of my must visit list.

  26. Yes! One of the best parts about summer We have two, really big, water parks in our city. Season passes are the way to go!

  27. These look like some great options and since we are in NH they won’t be too bad of a drive for us to experience these water parks with the kids. I am making a list of which ones we will head to this summer!

  28. We love visiting water parks in the summer. It sounds like there are a lot of really neat ones in Massachusetts.

  29. Good to know that there are many places to check out in Massachusetts. Summer really makes people go out and explore beached, resorts and waterparks.

  30. I have been to most of those! I never realized we had been to so many water parks until I read this post. There are a couple we haven’t been to yet and of course now I need to add them to our “To Do” list!

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  35. I used to love going to waterparks as a kid! I know my little sister loves Great Wolf Lodge.

  36. These look like awesome water parks to go to! I wish we lived by Massachusetts though so we could go!!

  37. This is a great list of waterparks! I live super close the the Hurricane Harbor, but it is always packed when I drive by.

  38. I’m in love with the Cape Codder one. I love lazy rivers and the fact that it looks like a lighthouse!

  39. These all sound like a great way to cool off and beat the heat. The CapeCodder pool looks especially fun with the whale in it.

  40. My kids are old enough to go on water rides now. This sounds like so much fun- so many water parks in MA. Would love to visit!

  41. My kids love the water, it would be so much fun to hit up a couple water parks this summer! We have been to one but only briefly, I’m sure it would make a fun trip to check these out!

  42. I am hoping to be in Massachusetts this summer. I will have to plan on checking out a few of these water parks. It is always a hit with the kids.

  43. Water wiz has the best band ever! So many awesome water parks! Can’t wait to visit Mass!

  44. I love water parks! My husband and I always watch the travel channel shows featuring the insane ones across the world and I would have never expected Massachusetts to have so many awesome ones! Once my kids get older I want to go on a USA water park tour!

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  46. This is a great list! We might visit our friends in Massachusetts. I’ll check out some of these water parks.

  47. We were just in Boston a few weeks ago, now you are giving us lot’s of reasons to head back when it’s warmer out.

  48. I didn’t know Massachusetts had so many!! I LOVED water parks when I was younger, it was my favorite.

  49. Wow, great list! That is a lot of parks in one state.

  50. I told my husband I want to go to Boston for a family trip because I love the Red Sox and I’ve never been there. Definitely will have to check out a water park. The kids would love it.

  51. These look amazing. I love that you included indoor park options too! Those are my favorite.

  52. These looks like so much fun! We have been scoping out water parks to visit for the summer, i hope we can make it to some of these!

  53. This looks like so much fun! We love to go to water parks in the summer, my kids were just asking me if we had plans to go to any. I like ones that have an indoor/outdoor area. That way even if there is rain our day is not ruined.

  54. I long for hot summer days at water parks. Whenever I’m in Wisconsin, I always visit the Dells. Can’t wait to give this a try when I visit out east!

  55. My family and I love water parks, we have two parks here and in summers visiting water parks is the best way to beat the heat and refresh yourself.

  56. So cool I just got back from one in my country and had so much fun. This is such a good list for people in your area and great recommendation for them.

  57. Im always suprised by the amount of amazing water parks you have out there near you. We barely have a couple out here. And I live in California. I guess they figure the beaches are enough for us or something.

  58. My kids would LOVE to visit something like that! What a lot of fun it looks like!

  59. Wow, I want to go to Cape Codder Resort Water Park and Nelson Park Splash Pad. Those places sounds awesome perfect for a free summer day

  60. Water parks are great places to unwind and have fun. I have not been to any of the Water Parks in Massachusetts.

  61. I love water parks we enjoy as much as the kids, we have one near home in Spain and every year need to go this one looks amazing I would love to go too is amazing family plan. Great post by the way

  62. This is a great list of water parks in Massachusetts. I would love to go to the Cape Cod Inflatable Park which sounds like so much fun for the whole family. The water parks are great for any family during the summer months. Thanks for sharing these awesome water parks in Massachusetts.

  63. You can’t beat a waterpark, this looks like so much fun, although I can’t remember when I last went to one x

  64. How cool! I never knew there were so many water parks in Massachusets! I want to try CoCo Key.

  65. WOW! I can’t believe there are 10 water parks in tiny Massachusetts. They all look very fun, they is bound to help families to find their favorite watering hole this summer!

  66. This is a nice array of water parks.
    It looks like you did a good job at covering the state of Massachusetts.

  67. How awesome! I think it’s nice to know where to go when you’re looking for a water park in Massachusetts. The kids will have so much fun in these parks for sure!

  68. I love the CoCo Key Water Resort because you can enjoy the water park regardless of the outdoor weather. 84 degrees all year round! Fantastic!

  69. I love water parks as much as my boys do. This looks like a blast

  70. I haven’t been to a waterpark in so long. Maybe I need a trip to Massachusetts to enjoy all of these great offerings.

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  72. I never realized MA had so many. I need to go to a water park soon!

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  74. All of those sound like fun! We have a Six Flags near us, I haven’t been there in ages but I loved it as a kid and teen.

  75. These all sound like they would be an absolute blast! We love going to the water park, we spend at least a few days a month at the water park, we will have to check these out!

  76. Waterparks are so much fun, especially for a day for little kids! I’ve got so many parks near by, it’s always something to do for summer.

  77. This looks so much fun! I am sure my kids will enjoy here!

  78. So fun! And not too far away from us! I know quite a few of my friends who go to Hurricane Harbor for a weekend since it is included with our Six Flags Great Adventure season passes!

  79. Omg this water park looks amazing! I think I might even enjoy it more than the kids lol

  80. Wow, Massachusetts has SO many water parks! I’m in the UK and I can’t think of a single one near to where I live. It’s such a shame as the kids love visiting them when we go on holiday 🙂 Oscar would love the one you’ve shown here with the pirates!

    Louise x

  81. I would love to spend my vacation days here especially during the hot summer time.

  82. Now I wish we lived in Massachusetts, or at least had plans to visit this summer. My family would visit them all! They all look like such fun.

  83. Looks like people in Massachusetts have a lot of fun with these water parks! I love the indoor ones, so I can take my family anytime of the year.

  84. Oh this looks so fantastic! My kids will love this water park. This will be so much fun.

  85. Wow water parks are really awesome! My kids will surely love and enjoy this place.

  86. Love a good water park! My kids are a little young for them–but my son is starting to really get into the slides!

  87. I love waterparks but prefer to spend my time being on the lake fishing 😀

  88. It’s been forever since I’ve been to a water park. We don’t have a lot where we live near D.C. but we have a ton of community pools though!

  89. I had no idea that there were so many great water parks in Massachusetts! That’s just another great reason to visit the state.

  90. That rainbow slide looks awesome! It’s so warm in Arizona in the summer…we live for water parks! My daughters would love to visit the Great Wolf Lodge in Southern California too!

  91. All those waterparks sounds and looks like fun! Our family loves swimming so I know we’re going to enjoy these places.

  92. I can’t wait to hit the pool again! Always fun to spend some time here..

  93. Water park is so much fun! My family loves going to water park. l bookmarked this so that the next time I’m in MA I’ll check them out. Thanks!

  94. This looks amazing and exciting being there. I would love to visit it someday when I visit MA.

  95. Woah, I never knew MA had so many cool water parks! Makes me wish I lived there!

  96. We love waterparks! We frequent the ones we have here in our area and my kids have so much fun everytime. If and when we get to MA, I would take them to the indoor waterparks. That would be so nice to be able to enjoy some fun in the water even if it is stormy or snowing outside. Cool!

  97. This is so much fun! I love spending time with waters especially with this hot weather.

  98. Water parks this time of the year are so much fun. This is a cool list of parks. too mad I am not even close to MA

  99. This water park looks awesome and lots of fun! I have heard of it before but I have never been there. Would love to visit with my nephew’s and nieces.

  100. I wish we have indoor water parks nearby! We have a few outdoors though 🙁

  101. What a great list! We are visiting MA come summertime and will have to check these out!