Jan 152014

I love nature.  One of the things that I love about New Hampshire is all the natural scenery.  These two small waterfalls are located right outside our condo on Loon Mountain in the town of Lincoln.







There are probably hundreds of these small waterfalls all over the place around there and they never cease to amaze me.  Sure, I’ve been to Niagara Falls, but to me – these are just as beautiful.

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  1. I love finding a waterfalls in an unexpected place. We used to live near a place, it was in the woods actually … but there was such a beautiful falls there. We would take a picnic lunch and hang out there just relaxing and listening to to the water fall.
    Since you are a nature lover, you chose the perfect spot to stay on your vacation.

  2. Love nature except for camping I hate camping

  3. Those a beautiful waterfalls – very peaceful. Also nice to not see any snow on the ground up there at Loon Mtn.!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and I know I can never get enough of beautiful waterfalls either!

  5. That was so much fun. I remember having some trip with my friends, we had to do some rock climbing to reach a falls – I had a lot of bruises during that time because of the adventure but it was totally worth it when I saw the falls plus, being in a nature is always a fabulous feeling for me 🙂

  6. I have always loved just standing and looking at waterfalls of any size. It is so relaxing to me. And once when I was younger one of the waterfalls was big enough that we were able to go and stand under and behind it–there is nothing that can compare to that feeling imo.

  7. I have a thing for waterfalls as well. I have been to so many national parks and hiked to so many waterfalls that they’re magical to me!

  8. I love Nature too. I don’t spend enough time in it though. I need to rectify that when it gets warm out. Waterfalls are just so peaceful to look at!

  9. I love all the little hidden gems like this that you come across in northern New England. Those are so peaceful and beautiful!

  10. This is beautiful i love things like this especially when you find something like this in a really unexpected place,these are lovely pictures thank you.

  11. I love nature too. These are pretty waterfals and NH.

  12. I would love coming across these too. I would def. want to stop and take pictures.

  13. i LOVE some waterfalls. obsessed.

  14. Beautiful pictures! We have some great falls here in the Poconos. I take my son to hang out and explore when it’s warmer.

  15. Niagara Falls is majestic because it’s on the grand scale — but finding little pockets of beauty like this so close to home is like finding a treasure. Just gorgeous. I am inspired to take a nature walk today — will be good to get some fresh air.

  16. what a great find

  17. I love waterfalls! They are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  18. Wow, those waterfalls are beautiful! I love running water. There’s just something about it that calms you and makes you feel at peace. I’ve never been to Niagara Falls, but I think I’d like the smaller falls better!

  19. I really like waterfalls. We don’t have many of theme here in Canary islands. Great photos!

  20. My favorites are sunsets and waterfalls. Seems like a trip to NH is a must with all the great photos and locations you share. Thanks, Wendy

  21. It looks like such a pretty place. We don’t have a lot of waterfalls here, and the ones that we do have are fairly short.

  22. You know, I have never seen a waterfall in person! They are so beautiful to me. I hope I can see one someday!

  23. I love the sound of waterfalls. So calming when nobody is around to distract.

  24. Oh what a gorgeous spot! I would have to drag a chair and a book out there (if it was a bit warmer) and relax!

  25. So pretty! When we were on vacation in North Carolina last year the resort gave us a map of all the waterfalls in the area. We spent the day driving to them and hiking them and taking pictures – it was awesome!

  26. Wow. Gorgeous!

  27. How breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful images.

  28. no snow ? I’m jealous. I hate Michigan snow.

  29. Nothing like waterfalls. You have a gorgeous view there!

  30. I love finding little waterfalls like that in the mountains near my house. Those are beautiful.

  31. Big or small; waterfalls absolutely amaze me and I find them so beautiful! Just like these ones.

  32. My area has been covered in snow. How nice it would be to see green grass and a stream instead of snow and ice. Lovely

  33. Those are indeed gorgeous falls. I’m always captivated by falls. I love to just stare at them as I have these. The boys in the pic was great, too. lol

    Thanks for sharing your interest in tying a scarf as I’ve taught. Yippeeeee! ♥

  34. Those photos are beautiful! I have always wanted to visit a waterfall. Last summer I hiked to a man made waterfall only to see a tiny trickle,lol! I am hoping to visit the waterfall earlier this year so I can actually see a waterfall of water,lol!

  35. Waterfalls are geourgeous! I love to watch them and listen to them. Great pics too!

  36. Oh, I love waterfalls. I haven’t seen one since I went to Jamaica years ago. I’m in what they call low country down here, we don’t have anything like that.

  37. Wow, beautiful scenery right out your door, just gorgeous!

  38. There is something so beautiful about a waterfall I have to say – and the sound is just so relaxing x

  39. What a beautiful thing to have so close!

  40. No wonder you chose the condo you have. I would love to have that as a view, waterfalls are so beautiful.

  41. I love waterfalls. When we were touring Queensland, AUS we had to stop at every single one of them. And there are quite a few. Never been to the Niagaras yet.

  42. That’s so beautiful! My hubs and I love waterfalls. We always try to hunt them down. I love that there’s so many just right there!!

  43. Must be nice to sit there for a while and enjoy the sound of water. Just beautiful!

  44. I’ve never seen a big waterfall but have to agree that small waterfalls are just beautiful. We have a few located where I live. I like to go there and just sit and watch the rushing water.

  45. That’s so pretty! I love sitting by waterfalls and enjoying the bits of water splashing around. Not in the winter though, too cold. 😡

  46. Waterfalls are beautiful! I have never seen a real one in my life but it is on my to do list! These photos made me want to 50 times more!

  47. Beautiful! I love waterfalls!

  48. Waterfalls are so beautiful. There’s one on Route 5 in Vermont on the way to my Family Farm where my Dad lives. Ever since I was a little kid, I have always called it “my waterfall”, even now at age 32 I show it to my kids and say “hey that’s Mommy’s water fall”

  49. Stunning! I really do envy the east coast for your amazing natural environments. We have it too in the west coast but they’re more like hidden gems rather than just all around. My son would love this; he’s really into waterfalls and fountains.

  50. These falls are so pretty. I have seen a few really awesome one in South Dakota, in the Black Hills. I tend to get lost in beautiful scenery like this. Great pictures!

  51. I love waterfalls. They are so relaxing and beautiful. Unfortunately, we don’t have any here in Florida as far as I know at least. I did get the opportunity a few years ago when I went on a cruise to Mexico. I could have stayed there forever!

  52. Wow! Those waterfalls are beautiful! I’m not sure if we have anything like that around here, but now I want to go searching.

  53. How pretty! We don’t have anything like those here in Kentucky.

  54. Love your photos. We have a really pretty waterfall down the road.

  55. A bit of nature is good for the soul. What a peaceful looking stream.

  56. waterfalls are gorgeous. they also have such a great smell to them!

  57. I’m partial to Niagara since I’m from that area. These are beautiful in their own rite for sure!

  58. Wow, so pretty! You’re lucky to have such beautiful waterfalls near you!

  59. How pretty! If that was right by my home, I’d spend all my time there! It would be the perfect spot to get lost in a book for a few hours 🙂

  60. wow nature is so beautiful i love watching waterfalls and just listening to the water rush down

  61. I love looking at these small waterfalls and love hearing them. We don’t have any near us. I would find it very calming and serene.

  62. Back home in upper Michigan we have great beautiful waterfalls. I have also come across nice ones here near mumbai.

  63. I’ve always loved waterfalls too. You got some great photos of these waterfalls and you probably made some great memories there with your family as well.

  64. What a beautiful waterfall. There’s one in the caribbean in my country that I have a photo of that is just as lovely. I’ll have to share it with you. Something about the serenity of the falls just make them look so relaxing.

  65. Those falls are gorgeous!!! I grew up in Washington state so we had TONS of waterfalls up there. There aren’t any near us in Phoenix and I miss them!

  66. Beautiful pics! I love nature made falls too 🙂

  67. Lovely!

  68. I love waterfalls and I especially love finding smaller falls when walking or hiking. They’re so pretty! (And my dad used to live near Niagara Falls. They’re pretty amazing!) 🙂

  69. That is so beautiful! I spent a few years in Tennessee, and that state also has some beautiful waterfalls. Something I miss. I love the tranquility.

  70. I love love love waterfalls!

  71. These are gorgeous pictures. What wonderful memories you are making with your kids as well.

  72. so beautiful. you really have an eye for taking perfect shots.

  73. So serene, sometimes I forget the trickling sounds of a waterfall among all these tall buildings in the middle of New York.Enjoy it!

  74. I love all these Loon Mountain posts you have been doing! It makes me seriously want to head up there, and take a mini getaway!

  75. What a pretty area!

  76. What a lovely place! We also love nature and to spend as much time outdoors. Unfortunately, I have only seen ONE waterfall! If I ever visit New Hampshire, I’ll have to check Loon Mountain out!

  77. I wish that we had a place like that around where I live. I love waterfalls, both big and large, and would love to be able to visit one in person at some point.

  78. Beautiful! I love waterfalls. You got some great pics. It always looks like your family is having a great time!

  79. Ahh! Now that looks refreshing. Believe it or not, I’ve never seen a waterfall in real life. Crazy, huh? I really need to get out more

  80. I love nature, too. I also love looking at waterfalls, big or small. So peaceful and relaxing!

  81. We are big waterfall lovers too! Can’t wait for spring.

  82. I love waterfalls! i spent my childhood going to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and visiting many waterfalls.