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If you are looking for simple ways to save on your Thanksgiving meal this year, these tips might help you stretch your money.

Thanksgiving is a few short weeks away! I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. Hosting a Thanksgiving feast can add up really quickly. I have some simple ways to save on your Thanksgiving meal. If you are looking for simple ways to save some money, these tips might help you stretch your money.

Tips on How to Save On Your Thanksgiving Meal

Potluck Style
Create a menu and ask your guest to bring a dish. That way they can see what you are making as well as everyone else and picks a dish to compliment. This is a simple way everyone can help contribute to the meal and take stress off the host. When you have a list of what people are bringing you don’t have to guess what else you need to make.

Free Turkey With Purchase
Most stores will offer greatly discounted prices on turkeys and even free ones. Stores will run promotions free turkey with a select amount of money spent. Keep an eye out at your local stores to see when the low prices or freebie offers begin.

Minimal Decorations
Don’t go all out for decorating. Head outdoors and pick up some fallen leaves, pine cones, etc to come in and use to decorate your table. This won’t cost you a dime and can look really pretty. Go to Pinterest for inspiration if you struggle with decorating.

Affordable Sides
If you are making side dishes aim to make dishes that are affordable and will stretch. Mashed potatoes, casseroles, simple desserts. All recipes that don’t require a ton of ingredients you don’t have on hand already. Make a few special recipes if you want and keep the rest basic and affordable.

Around the holidays you will find a lot of the items you might be buying have coupons. Go to websites of brands you might want to buy like Butterball and see if they have any coupons on their site you can print. A lot of deal bloggers will share what coupons paired with items at select stores will be the best buys.

What ways do you have to save on your Thanksgiving meal?

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  51 Responses to “Ways To Save On Your Thanksgiving Meal”

  1. Potluck style is perfect when the whole family’s coming over for Thanksgiving. That also means you get less time to prepare for meals and more time to relax! Love it!

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for this! I love doing it up big time for the Thanksgiving meal, but it can get expensive. And that’s EVEN with the family doing it potluck style.

  3. Thanksgiving meal and other holiday meals could be expensive. These are great ways to save. I’ll keep this in mind for the next big holiday since thanksgiving has already passed for us here.

  4. Awesome money saving tips! We always do potluck style. It’s just what our family has always done. We each bring a certain dish, come together, and pig out!

  5. I love shopping this time of year because of all the sales. I also always bring coupons so that I can save even more on sale items!

  6. You can also spread out the shopping so it doesn’t drain you all at once. When I was growing up my dad’s job always gave him a free turkey for their Christmas bonus. That certainly helped!

  7. I am sure a potluck style dinner will go over with everyone on my list because they all love to cook. I will look for that free turkey offer for my turkey loving guests, great tips.

  8. OMG so many coupons! We always get a ham as well and they always have great deals and with sides!

  9. I won’t be hosting, but my family always does pot luck style. All of my sisters and I bring a dish and our parents do the turkey and Ham. It makes it mush more doable and affordable

  10. My store a couple years ago did the free turkey if you buy another one. It was perfect because I was able to donate one to a family in need.

  11. Love the potluck! We do that and use our friend’s free Turkey! It’s a blast!

  12. We usually bring a dish to a party so I think a lot of people have bought into the idea of a potluck. And while it’s so tempting, we’ve held back on decorations too because with Christmas being so near, we’d rather spend on Christmasy things that we can display for longer!

  13. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for coupons before doing all of my shopping. I probably pay more than necessary when I’m doing the last minute grocery runs.

  14. Great tips, thank you! I always tend to go over board on holiday meals! My local supermarket does a free turkey promotion so that is one way we save.

  15. Every year I look at my receipt from the grocery store after shopping for a holiday meal and feel like passing out from the huge expense! I’ll be using some of your tips to cut down on that total this year for sure. Thanks. 🙂

  16. It can be so expensive having the family over for a meal around Thanksgiving or for us Christmas time – I love these tips and I think I can actually manage to shave a bit off this time

  17. I live in Los Angeles where most of us live far from our families. So there are so many potluck Thanksgiving dinners held among my friends. They are relatively low-stress and end up being a lot of fun because everyone contributes!

  18. Since we have a lot of market competition now I bet the markets will have some real good steals for Thanksgiving time! Excited to check out those flyers.

  19. I think a potluck is a brilliant tip. That gives you more variety and less work as well.

  20. I’ve been lucky to get a free turkey or ham through my grocery store several years in a row. It’s a great deal!

  21. These are great tips for keeping Thanksgiving affordable. Inexpensive sides are a must.

  22. Potluck meals are popular with our friends. I am always looking for new ways to save on holidays.I like to use coupons and price match.

  23. A lot of times here they have a free ham with the purchase of a turkey. I don’t host the event, but I stock up for my own family.

  24. These are great tips! Hosting Thanksgiving can become quite pricey, I love the potluck idea!

  25. I love saving as much as I can. Dinners like Thanksgiving can add up quick too. I always use coupons when I can and I look around for the best deals.

  26. All the points you make are right on, because if you don’t watch out Thanksgiving can end up being a huge expense. I especially like the idea of turning to Pinterest for some DIY decor inspiration for this holiday, that is a great way to be creative and save money at the same time.

  27. Awesome list. Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

  28. These are great tips. We always watch for the turkey deals … stores in our area often have $5 turkeys.

  29. These are great tips! I do try and watch for good deals on turkey. It’s an expensive holiday so I try to save anywhere that I can.

  30. These are awesome tips! I love tips for saving money, especially during the holiday season!

  31. yes i am all about saving money especially during the holidays. food is so expensive now

  32. I love the idea of a potluck style Thanksgiving! So much easier and less stress for all involved! Really great ideas, as always, Robin!

  33. I read your post to my momma and she said you hit the nail on the head! She loved your ideas.

  34. Love this post. Living so far away from my family, I usually dread making a Thanksgiving meal myself. This definitely helps a lot.

  35. My family definitely does the potluck style. Now that we are all adults, we all contribute to the meal. Decorating has never really been a thing that has happened, so I guess that saves some money.

  36. Michaels, Target and The Dollar Store are also great places to find affordable Thanksgiving decor pieces. We keep our table pretty minimal to have room for the food, but over the years we have picked up a few items.

  37. Potluck really does sound like a great idea. Everyone bring a dish!

  38. These tips are very helpful because I feel like I am always spending way too much money on Thanksgiving dinner!

  39. Oooo so many helpful suggestions!!! I totally forgot that a ton of places run free turkey promotions!!

  40. Indeed you can save lots using these tips, thanks for sharing. Totally agree with the minimal decorations and potluck style.

  41. Potluck style is such a good idea, I love that it takes stress off the hosts as the guests bring dishes with them as well! Great Thanksgiving tips!

  42. Potluck desserts and sides are such a great idea when hosting a large family. Money saving and time saving on the clean up as well.

  43. These are such great tips! Planning and preparing a meal can become expensive especially when you have a large family!

  44. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK, but these are some really great tips for anytime of the year, especially Christmas! I especially like attending events when you take course each, it is so much better and less stressful for the host that way!

  45. I’m lucky in the fact that the more affordable sides are the ones that my family likes. We do go through a lot of them though, lol.

  46. We don’t really do the decorations unless you count buying the fall colored paper plates, lol. My mom does most of the food and I do the rest. I love it because of all the leftovers. We save by eating it for the rest of the week.

  47. I have seen the promotions where you buy a turkey and get other ingredients for free, and where you spend a certain amount of money and get a free turkey. Either way, they are helpful savings.

  48. We can still have fun while not spending too much. Thank you for these wonderful tips. Advance happy thanksgiving!

  49. Excellent topic! I just saw that Kroger is doing a promotion where you get money back for spending a certain amount during a timeframe that includes Thanksgiving shopping. The rebate is loaded on your shopper card and the percentage increases depending on the amount you spent. AWESOME!

  50. I always try to shop in supermarkets where you can get a free turkey if you spend over a certain amount. It’s a great way to save a little money for the holidays.

  51. I notice there are so many free Turkey with purchase in my local supermarket. It will be awesome to benefit from it. But I have been eating out or somewhere on the road during this holiday 🙂