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Every state has its share of weird roadside attractions and Massachusetts is no different. When you're in the mood for the unusual, consider the following three options. You'll be glad you did!

Every state has its share of weird roadside attractions. Massachusetts is no different. When you’re in the mood for the unusual, consider the following options. You’ll be glad you did!

Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast (Fall River)
In August of 1892, Fall River residents Andrew and Abby Borden were found murdered in their home. Their adult daughter Lizzie was accused of the crime but was acquitted after standing trial. The house remained empty for some time after Lizzie moved away. However, it eventually became a Bed and Breakfast catering to tourists looking for a spooky travel destination.

Today, the house has been restored to reflect its appearance around the time of the gruesome murders, along with crime scene photographs on the walls of each room to show how closely everything has been refurbished.

Guests who aren’t frightened away in the night are treated to breakfast in the morning, resembling the very meal the Borden’s ate on the day of their death.

Babson Boulder Trail (Gloucester)
The Babson Boulder Trail is a popular hiking destination with a strange backstory. Originally a community of farmers settled in what was known as Dogtown, away from Gloucester Harbor. The “town” was abandoned in 1812.

Years later, Roger Babson (economist and entrepreneur) paid unemployed stonecutters in the area to carve various inspirational messages such as “never try, never win” on boulders situated in the area where Dogtown stood.

These boulders remain today. What was once a rocky field is now a dense, overgrown forest. Several trails cut through these woods, though the boulders are typically a bit hard to find in the thick trees.

Bancroft Tower (Worcester)
If you’ve always wanted to get a glimpse of a real castle without leaving Massachusetts, Bancroft Tower is probably your best option. Built to honor a local statesman and historian, the two-story building (made with granite and natural stone) resembles a miniature medieval castle.

The inside is off-limits to visitors during the majority of the year. However, the tower is home to a haunted house attraction every Halloween.

These are just three of many weird roadside attractions located in Massachusetts. The next time you’re in search of something different to do, why not consider a visit?

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  1. I love visiting areas that have weird history! These three would definitely be on my must-see list if I ever go to Massachusetts!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Our son goes to camp in Rhode Island, so visiting these sites is on the list now, thanks to you. Although I do not want him to know the story of Lizzie Borden, or I might have to sleep with one eye open!

  3. We plan on taking some local trips this summer so we might get up to Massachusetts and look for these spots. They all have such great back stories to research and see.

  4. This is a great list! I love finding weird, off the beaten path spots when we go road tripping. It looks like a trip to Massachusetts is in order.

  5. How cool are these! I have a friend who LOVES to do things like this, I need to share it with him!

  6. I am not fond of going to haunted or spooky places but I am sure my boys would be excited to pay these places a visit. Thanks for sharing the list. I will make them check these out when we get to have a vacation in Massachusetts.

    • I am also afraid of these historical sights that were murder scenes, but I love the old architecture of many. Will try and get up there this summer.

  7. That is so very cool. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. We were just talking about taking a trip to New England in the fall. My husband would definitely love to explore weird attractions.

  9. Going out east is on our bucket list of things to do in a couple years. I am making a list of different places we want to visit will have to add from your list.

  10. I’d want to go to all these places! My family likes the creepy stuff. One day I’d LOVE to try and sleep in the Lizzie Borden house. I’d probably chicken out.

  11. Those sound like the perfect places for people who like paranormal experiences lol. I know someone who would be all about it

  12. I have a feeling you when I’m get along really well. Most of your post I’m always excited to read and this one is no exception. I love little weird fun facts and little weird places to explore. You learned so much from places like this.

  13. My son would love this! I have to check some of these attractions out the next time that I’m in Massachusetts.

  14. I love these somewhat off the beat local attractions. The mood that these historical kinds of places provide cannot be replicated.

  15. Would dare to take the road of the unusual. It is very interesting after all the way you described it.

  16. I have never been to Massachusetts, these sound really interesting. I love a good road trip and finding fun places to stop and see.

  17. Oh I love checking out spooky houses aside from they are rich with history. I guess my favorite are the Winchester Mystery House in Cali and the Casa Loma Castle. I even watch the Haunted show.

  18. Wow – these sound like some crazy places to visit. I would be very nervous to go into a lot of these, but they’re definitely interesting to read about.

  19. Those are interesting sites indeed, especially the bed and breakfast!

  20. These would be fun to see! I am familiar with the Lizzie Borden story and going to see the bed and breakfast would be interesting. I love exploring unique places like this.

  21. Those are definitely some different and interesting spots to check out. We have been trying to check out some of the smaller, off the beaten path places when we travel.

  22. It is so fun to see all the random visits when you are just driving around. This is a fun list for MA!

  23. These would be fun places to stop on the side of the road! I wish Arkansas had such cool attractions on the side of the road.

  24. Oh wow, this is so interesting! I would love to do a road trip and do these stops. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  25. I can see how the castle turns into a haunted house on the holidays. Very interesting I would probably be to scared.

  26. This is a spot to check out specially during Halloween! It look extra creepy and eerie with the right occasion. If not, I personally would still want to see it. Hubby won’t be though. I love this feature.

  27. These are such cool finds. My first choice would be the Babson Boulder Trail. The B&B is too spooky for my taste.