Feb 242014
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If you read my Christmas recap post, you may recall that my nine year old got this awesome book from his uncle for Christmas.  I may or may not have been more excited about it than he was and I couldn’t wait to dig and do some of these experiments with the boys.  My goal is to complete all of them by the end of the year.  We did completed Frankenstein’s Hand and The Bottomless Pit already and today I am going to tell you about our third experiment: Egg in a Bottle.


I like the experiments in this book because they are all relatively simple with detailed instructions.

This is what we needed:



FYI- we didn’t use the vinegar.

This is why it works:


This is what we had to do in order to complete the experiment. See how simple it is & how detailed the instructions are? That’s why I love this book so much.


First we had to hard boil the eggs. We did two just in case the egg broke during the experiment. It turns out, we didn’t need the second one, so my nine year old ate it.


Because we don’t let our kids near matches, Chris lit it and dropped it immediately into the bottle.


Next he placed the egg on top of the opening of the bottle:


We stood back and watched the egg drop:




And what do you know, the whole egg dropped right into the bottle in one piece.



I think so far, this experiment has been my favorite.  I can’t wait to do more.

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  1. That was interesting display of oxygen deficient

  2. Totally looked like a fun and interesting experiment and could see how this would be your favorite so far 🙂

  3. I bet the kids have a lot of fun doing those experiments. Now, I’d like to see you do it with a raw egg!!

  4. I second Terry, I’d like to see this with a raw egg Hahahaha! This seriously sounds like a fun and easy experiment for the kiddos!

  5. We love playing around with science experiment books from the library. Using soap to make a boat move was our latest.

  6. i wanna play with these!!!

  7. I’ve never heard of this one. That is amazing how it falls in like that. I need to borrow one of those cool milk bottles to try it. 🙂

  8. This is great fun we did this with the kids a while back and they loved it.can not wait to see what experiment you choose next time.

  9. I am thinking I need that book for our youngest who loves to do things like that.. and maybe because I do too lol..

  10. Wow that is cool! I’d like to try that one 🙂

  11. So fun! I love gifts that prompt you to think and try something new.

  12. Oh, fun! I love science experiments and the kids always like the idea of playing with something I would otherwise never let them do…all in the name of education. 🙂

  13. Hands on science is so fun! I need to do more things like this with my children!

  14. This is so neat! I use to love doing things like this when I was yonger!

  15. Yes, give me easy and ‘simple’ any day and I’m there. Cool experiment PHOTOS, my friend. Grateful for ‘continuous shooting’ huh? lol Have a great Monday!♥

  16. That was a seriously cook experiment for sure. My son would love this book.

  17. I think you have a winner of a book when it comes to finding cool science experiments for science fair projects for the boys. These are so much better than the same old volcano experiments all the kids seem to do 🙂

  18. Yet, another great experiment from the book! I bet my kids would love doing this cool experiment.

  19. That’s a fun experiment. I want to do that one!

  20. I saw this on a youtube video! I think it would definitely be cool to do with the kiddos.

  21. That is so cool! I love the posts you do with the experiments from this book. This one definitely is my favorite so far!

  22. I can not wait until we get settled so we can try this one out. My little one (and I) are going to have fun trying it out.

  23. that is very cool! my kids would love to try this out!

  24. The theme for my library’s summer reading program is all about science. I have been gathering little programs and ideas and definitely want to do this.

  25. Very good! The kids have a Science Fair in school every year. I’ll have to pin this, and see if they’d like to do it.

  26. That is super cool! I think I need to do this one with my son. Have a great day!

  27. I remember this from mr. Wizard’s World on Nickelodeon back in the day. I never liked Mr. Wizard because he was old but I liked the stuff he did.

  28. Wish I had a cool science book like that. My son has been asking about magic and making potions lol This experiment might be a fun one to try!

  29. We definitely need that book. Those experiments look so fun.

  30. I NEED this book! Like seriously need it! I have two boys that are crazy over science experiments. This would be the best activity book for weekends and the summer! So awesome!

  31. I love when you bring out this book, its always some fun stuff you and the kiddos are doing, I think Im going to show my daughter this post

  32. I love this one! can’t believe I had forgotten all about this one.
    definitely doing it on the weekend. and my kids love hard boiled eggs so we’ll just cook up a whole bunch while we are it. 🙂

  33. This is such a cool experiment! We have been looking for science experiments for my son and I think he would like this one.

  34. That is really cool – I’m loving following your experiments I want to come and join in as well! x

  35. We may have to try this one at our house.

  36. It’s just so crazy how that works! Science is wild and wonderful!

  37. That is a cool experiment! Pretty cool that it would slip right into it.

  38. Oh wow, that is awesome. I’m going to order this for Gav he woudl love it!

  39. I remember doing this for both my elementary and high school days. Definitely fun!

  40. We did this experiment when I was little – I loved it! I’m glad to see people are still doing it!

  41. This is such a cool experiment. I think integrating science into everyday tasks like this one really helps to get kids excited about learning.

  42. I think you need to try a raw egg now! That would be fun right! My boys would have loved this experiment, but it would have had to be the raw egg.

  43. What a great book. It is the simplest things like these experiments that can be the most fun and things that kids will look back and remember.

  44. This book looks awesome! Do you think my five-year old could handle the experiments? He loves stuff like this. I’ve pinned so I won’t forget about it. Looks super fun and interesting.

  45. What a neat science experiment! It’s one I’ll have to try with my teen boys. I’m sure they’d get a kick out of it.

  46. WOW! What a great book and fun idea to show science to the kiddos!

  47. Oh that is such an awesome experiment and I love that book! I think my husband would love to do this stuff with the boys. As a science teacher I think he would appreciate being able to teach his sons in a scientific way.. maybe.

  48. I bet my son would love to try this one. That is quite an awesome experiment

  49. How neat is that?! I really need to grab this book. My 3 year old would be thrilled to see an egg drop like that!

  50. I always wanted a science kit when I was a kid. I always loved doing science experiments.

  51. What a fun science experiment. I bet my kids would enjoy doing this.

  52. I can’t wait for my boy to be old enough to help with projects like these. I bought the Geek Dad series for my husband – and there are so many cool experiments for them to do!

  53. Wish the kids could do this one. Fun though!

  54. Pretty cool! I’m absolutely certain my children AND husband would LOVE to do this! ^_^ Thank you for sharing your experience!

  55. How fun! My college chemistry teacher loved to show us fun experiments like this everyday before the lecture started. Did you know that powdered creamer can catch on fire? because I didn’t until last weeks lecture, haha.

  56. How fun!!! My son would love to do this!! Weekend project! 🙂

  57. That is awesome. I wondered for years how certain things get placed in bottles… Now I know. 🙂

  58. AHH! That is awesome! I remember doing that in middle school….a million yeas ago! Memories.

  59. My 9y/o would love this book! He’s into all things science.

  60. How fun! My nephew would love that book and doing all the experiments.

  61. That sounds like a great book! My son is only in 1st grade and we homeschool but definitely one of his favorite subjects has been science. I should check this book out for him.

  62. That’s really neat! I used to be so interested in science experiments like this when I was younger. I lived for our school science fairs, haha!

  63. Everytime I see this – it amazes me! Caleb would love this book – I am going to Google it!

  64. My Dad used to do that experiment (that he called a trick) when I was young. I always wondered how he did it-now I know!! I have an Envir Sci degree so really love science experiments. I am liking this book more and more. I am really happy that they explain the science behind the experiments.

  65. Stuff like this is so much fun! I love that these are “irresponsible” experiments, LOL! I want to show this book to my husband…it’s right up his alley!

  66. This is so awesome! I remember when we did this in middle school. It was such a fun experiment to watch.

  67. How very interesting!! I am loving these posts with the experiments! You’re amazing me every time!

  68. I loved experiments like this when I was younger. We never tried this one though!

  69. well that’s just kinda gross LOL. my kids would love to see that though

  70. That is cool! Now, how do you get the egg back out ;)?

  71. No freaking way!!! that is so cool!!!

  72. There is a severe shortage of kids going into science and math related fields. By getting our kids interested in science at a young age we’re pointing them in the right direction for awesome jobs with unlimited potential!

  73. What a neat experiment! The way I laughed at the title of this book! Too funny – my eldest would love this!

  74. I love this kind of stuff! My little one will too in a few years!

  75. This is a really cool experiment. I don’t mind reading it a second time. The photos were great.

  76. Love your pictures, so cool you got every step…I would love having this for my kids!

  77. I remember seeing them do this on full house! lol I always wanted to do it myself.

  78. I wish classrooms would adopt more weird science projects, I think kids would be more interested in science.

  79. I saw this on a science show and it was awesome!

  80. That’s pretty neat! Science always amazes me.

  81. Neat. Now I want to try it!

  82. This seems like a great family activity that gets everyone involved. Love the idea! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  83. This is a really cool experiment! I may have to try it myself! I wonder though, how do you get the egg back out of the bottle, lol!

  84. My kids would love this, what fun!

  85. This is so crazy! I can’t even imagine how people come up with things like this to test!

  86. Wow! Very cool!

    These have been great party tricks 🙂