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If you read my Christmas recap post in January, you may recall that my nine year old got this awesome book from his uncle for Christmas.  I may or may not have been more excited about it than he was and I couldn’t wait to dig and do some of these experiments with the boys.  My goal is to complete all of them by the end of the year.  We’ve done several of the experiments already and you can read about the other ones here if you’d like.


I like the experiments in this book because they are all relatively simple with detailed instructions.


The items needed for each experiment are very clear.



And the instructions are step by step, so you can’t really mess it up.


I love that the book explains why each experiment works, so that you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing……and maybe learn a thing or two.


The instructions said to use skim milk for the experiment & supposedly when you pour vinegar into the milk and microwave it, it turns to “stone”.   I don’t do skim milk (we are a 1% family and that is as watered down as I can stand), so we decided to be crazy and use the chocolate milk we already had in the house.

Step one was to pour vinegar into the milk:


Once we did that, we put the bowl with the milk & vinegar into the microwave:


And this is what we ended up with:


It was just plain gross. We didn’t even bother to strain it like the instructions said because it wasn’t “stone” like – it was chunky and we were all gagging over it.


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  100 Responses to “Weird Science Series: Turning Milk to Stone”

  1. The sight of that even makes me gag. ~lol~

  2. It looks cool but it stunk up the kitchen.

  3. I wonder if it works with the skim milk because it’s mostly water or something like that? I wouldn’t have thought it would have made much of a difference, but I guess it did.

  4. I have never heard of turning milk to stone….are you guys going to try again? Wonder if some ingredient in the choc milk caused the separation. Maybe organic milk is answer – no added chemicals to the milk. Good luck if you try again….I have this book in my cart when I order next from Amazon.

  5. Ewww LOL! This does look like a cool book for kids! I think my boys would love to try some of these experiments!

  6. Truly not a milk fan to begin with here, so that picture definitely made me gag a bit. Sorry it didn’t work and seriously a bummer.

  7. Oh that is gross! I’m sorry it didn’t work though!

  8. gross. maybe it depends on the wattage of the microwave?

  9. That’s too bad. Luckily, others have been a success. Looking forward to the next one.

  10. I would definitely be gagging over chunky spoiled milk because it sounds like that’s all it did. In general though, the book sounds like fun!

  11. Oh my goodness – that is so incredibly gross! Definitely not a stone. 🙂

  12. Hilarious! A for effort! Would have been cool it it worked! BIG BUMMER!

  13. lol that really does look gross. science experiements with our kids are fun but i never know what to expect!

  14. We got our daughter a science experiment book for Christmas too but haven’t dug into any of it yet. I use to have one as a kid and LOVED it. Unfortunately, like all experiments they don’t always turn out the way you hope.

  15. Now for some reason I have the song “Weird Science” in my head. LOL! My daughters doesn’t have any science books at home but they love doing science experiments in school.

  16. My Son Will LOVE This Book He’s My Science Man Thank You For Sharing!

  17. Ew yuck! Hope some of the other experiments pan out!

  18. I think it’s great you tried to do this with this kids. Shame it didn’t work out like they said.

  19. You are right. That looks nothing like stone and that is disgusting.

  20. Yuck! That looks a lot like milk that’s been sitting out on the counter way longer than it should have been!

  21. Hahahahaha! Are you going to try it again with different milk> I bet it makes a big difference. I would totally do those experiments too.
    On a side note, I went to a bar called “Howl at the Moon” for my b’day a few years back, and I had to drink something called the Fear Factor Shot. It looked a lot like your experiment. Very gross!

  22. The thought of the smell of vinegar and hot milk just sounds gross!

  23. Ew that is too gross for me! Bummer that it didn’t work.

  24. EW! I would have been gagging too. It sounds like it would have been cool!

  25. That sounds like a seriously cool book.. besides the part where the experiment turned into a nasty bowl of poo! LOL!

  26. This books sounds awesome!! Something I hope my daughter would be into at some point. How disappointing that the experiment didn’t work!

  27. I love that book. I’m bummed that the project didn’t work! How have other projects from the book worked out?

  28. oh no, it sucks when experiments don’t work out like they should… but I’m sure y’all had fun doing it together 🙂

  29. Ewww. It couldn’t have smelled to nice either 😛

  30. That’s a bummer it didn’t work this time, but it’s a great lesson in experiments! And how changing just one little factor can make a big difference to results. Looks like a fun book!

  31. lol, you can’t win ’em all. I’m sure the kids got a kick out of the fact it didn’t work.

  32. Yep, that looks gross, alright. Oh well, on to the next experiment!

  33. I would have probably been gagging too! Better luck on the next experiment.

  34. Oh wow that is so gross and I can only imagine how it must have smelled! I’m kind of bummed it didn’t work though. It would be cool to see what it’s supposed to look like.

  35. Aw what a bummer. That sounded like it would have been a cool experiment

  36. wish we had that book!! It must have had something to do with the cocoa in the chocolate milk maybe?

  37. Eeek! Maybe you had to wait a long while? That IS a bummer. I’m sure it made a good mess too!

  38. Eww, well at least you guys had a fun time with the experiment. That looks like a cute book that my nephew would love!

  39. My son will love this!Thanks for sharing.

  40. This is sooo cool. Cannot wait to try it with my munchkin. 🙂

  41. My kids love to do science experiments, and this book might be a great tool for homeschool! Bummer that this particular experiment didn’t turn out… Maybe attempt #2? 😉

  42. This looks really cool, if a little gross! My son always loved experiments like this.

  43. This is really awesome my son would love doing this I’m going to have to hunt this book down.

  44. That is just plain NASTY! Bummer that it didn’t work. Maybe you can try again?

  45. Ugh! Great idea in theory but I can totally relate. That’s how all my science experiments have always turned out!

  46. Well…. that looks like vomit. At least you tried! I can’t believe it didn’t work?!

  47. Eww. I don’t think I would have finished it either. I can only imagine the smell as well.

  48. Sometimes the best experiments are the ones that don’t work. They provide just as much useful information if not more because it encourages discussion!

  49. my boys would love this, they enjoy when we do science experiments in our homeschooling.

  50. I have to have this book for my daughter! Thank you!! She is going to love this!

  51. I swear this post was scratch and sniff.. LOL….cause I just got a whiff of sour milk. But it sounds like a cool experiment (we did the waving glove one over our spring break – the kids loved it!), but I guess you really have to follow the instructions to a “t” on this one. I’ll try it with skim milk – I’ll just buy a small one.

  52. Well, I have to agree… That does look gross. Interesting but gross

  53. Looks like the cocoa affected the concoction. Try it with a small skim milk from the drugstore – I’m sure it will work!

  54. Ewww, sorry it didn’t work out. I bet it’s because of the type of milk you used?

  55. Oh how fun! Even if it wasn’t too good of a result 🙂

  56. I’m sitting here laughing because that’s just so gross. You basically made chocolate flavored buttermilk (milk plus a couple splashes of vinegar makes buttermilk). I’m curious to see if ya’ll are going to try it again with the 1% milk. I’m curious to see if the milk would really turn to stone.

  57. It is pretty nasty! But, great job doing an experiment. Now, you can look through it and see if maybe you missed a step or something like your microwave wasn’t as powerful!

  58. Love these science posts! My daughters love ‘experimenting’ also!

  59. Eeeew that is gross. Wonder what happened?

  60. Gag – I can only imagine what that smelled like!

  61. OMG – we so need this book in our house. It looks like it’s a fun experiment book and though messy, I bet you had a blast!

  62. Sad it didn’t work! What a fun science book – I love hearing about these adventures!

  63. Putting this science book on my wish list! I think it would be a fun way to supplement school. They don’t do much science in grade school in my girls’ district.

  64. I’m pinning all these. 🙂 My kids have a Science Fair every year. I’m might just try them out with my kiddos to.

  65. Oh Oh, did you feel you’d been “had”? The book seems perfect for your kids now days.

  66. Ick!

    My son would like this though!

  67. I liked the instruction that comes with pictures too! Maybe it will turn out the way it was saying to be when you use the skim milk.

  68. Well that’s gross! Haha! But I think the book itself is pretty neat.

  69. This is totally gross, but cool at the same time! I love seeing the experiments you do from that book!

  70. What? Milk to stone? That is one funky experiment. I would have loved to see what the outcome was. You guys should try it again. Hmmmm…..maybe I should try with my son 🙂

  71. That does look like fun. I hope your other experiments work. I should try stuff like with my boys.

  72. Oh eww! It looks like fun but yeah, that was definitely a fail.

  73. Woah this is sooooo awesome!!!! Love how educational this is!

  74. vinegar in milk makes buttermilk. I’d like to try it though.

  75. My Cub Scouts would have a ball doing this experiment! This looks like a messy good time.

  76. What a shame it didn’t work? Any chance they used a different milk or different size wattage microwave?

  77. Ewww 🙂 That definitely turned out gross!

  78. What a shame this experiment didn’t work out as hoped. I was really curious to see if the milk really could be turn to stone.

  79. Awwwww that’s gross! I wonder why it didn’t work though.

  80. Gross! I can’t imagine how that smelled. But, I bet your kids had fun doing that with mom!

  81. Okay, I usually like the experiments you do, but that one – wwwww. It reminds me of when I worked in a place and we had a chicken frier, it looks like the grease after several uses.

  82. This is so cool! My sons would love to do this experiment.

  83. This seems like such a fun and cool science experiment. I would like to try it with my kids.

  84. That seemed like quite a hopeful experiment! Too bad it didn’t work =/

  85. What a bummer! The illustration looked like you would get this hard, perfect stone at the end.

  86. I love the book! Bummer the experiment didn’t work out! 🙁

  87. Hahah I was like “is this going to work??!!” I guess it did not! And Eww, it does look pretty yucky!

  88. Ewww! I can’t imagine even trying this. I just got a book for review that has some cool stuff in it for the boys to try. We haven’t done any as yet but they’re dying to.

  89. This looks like so much fun. I would love to get this book for my kids. That milk did look yucky.

  90. Oh wow, I just gagged myself. Too bad it didn’t go as supposed, it sounded pretty cool.

  91. I just hate it when experiments like this goes bad. It’s a waste of time and materials. I hope it was fun though.

  92. Eeeek. Now that books seems a good one – seems a lot of things can be done – successful or unsuccessful – I think it’s all part of learning and fun stuff that makes it truly exciting.

  93. What a cool experiment! Even though it didn’t work out, it looks like you had fun!

  94. Ewwwww! That is gross and such a bummer that it didn’t work out for you guys.

  95. We just did the baking soda volcano experiment with my daughter over spring break and she loved it! Such great ways to make learning fun!

  96. we use vinegar to turn milk into buttermilk all the time. I guess kinda the same process.

  97. hmmm wonder why it didn’t work? We don’t have a microwave so we can’t try that one.