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If there is one thing that can be said about my boys, it’s that they love to be in the water.  Last year, our family went to Water Country in Portsmouth, NH for the very first time and we all loved it so much that we couldn’t wait to get back again this year.


**Disclosure:  My family received complimentary admission to Water Country in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.

Last week we packed up and headed up to Water Country, which is New England’s largest waterpark, for the day.  I am a huge list maker, so I sat down the night before to make a list of everything we needed in order to spend an entire day at a waterpark.  I would seriously hate to forget something, so making lists helps me make sure I have everything I need.  I always say that I would rather bring too much than need something and not have it.


Here is my list of items to bring with you to the waterpark in order to have a great time with the family:

1. Don’t forget the sunscreen!!

You’re going to be spending an entire day in the sun, so make sure you stay safe from the sun and bring that sunscreen with you. It has to be one of the most forgotten items out there, but it’s necessary. If you are anything like me you keep it in your beach bag at all times anyways, so you never forget it – but in all seriousness, you will go through a lot of it during an entire day at the water park, so bring a full bottle.


2. Lunch, lots of snacks and water!

I love that Water Country allows you to bring food inside the park.  For us, snacks are a must, so I always make sure to bring lots of them in addition to lots of water and lunch for all of us.  You can always buy lunch inside the park, too, so don’t feel like you have to pack an entire lunch when you go for the day. My kids are fussy sometimes, so I like to bring my own food whenever I can.

3. Extra clothes to change into.

Unless you like riding home in a wet bathing suit, don’t forget the extra set of clothes to change. I’m not a huge fan of being wet after being at the waterpark, so this is something I never forget. Of course, the kids don’t like being wet either, so we always have a change of clothes for them.

4. Beach Towels

You’re going to want to dry off at some point,so make sure to bring those beach towels with you.  I usually bring a few extras with me because my boys are in and out of the water all day and no one likes a soggy towel, right?


5. Sunglasses

It’s bright sitting outside in the sun all day, so don’t forget your shades.  Especially if you’re going to lay out and do some reading or you’re like me & will be on your phone half the time you’re there – the sunglasses will not only protect your eyes, but you’ll be able to see better.

6. Cash

If you suddenly get the urge for some Dippin’ Dots while you’re at the park, you might need some cash to buy them.  Some snack stands take debit cards, but not all of them do – so make sure you’re prepared.

Don’t Forget the Sandals or flip flops!!

Whatever you do,  don’t forget to wear/bring flip flops with you. You won’t need them when you’re on a water slide or in the wave pool, but you will definitely need them when you walk throughout the park from one attraction to the other.  The pavement gets hot and trust me on this, you won’t want to walk very far on that hot pavement when you’re barefoot.


With a big bag full of stuff & a cooler in tow, we ended up having a blast at Water Country. There’s definitely something to be said about being prepared and I am glad that I had everything I needed with me to have a successful day at the water park.

Speaking of a successful day at the water park,  did you know that Water Country has 26-acres of kids attractions and rides including Double Dive Boggan, Thunder Falls & Wild Canyon, Black Hole and Warp 8, Shoot and Screamer, Dragons Den and Dr. Von Dark’s
Tunnel of Terror! We spent hours enjoying as much as possible during our day there.

New for 2015 at Water Country:

The water park’s new wave pool suite cabanas are the perfect way to enjoy the day. Cabanas vary in size and are located at the Giant Wave Pool and the Pirate’s Lagoon. Reservations can be made online at www.watercountry.com/ plan-a-visit/cabanas.

Also new for 2015 are electronic lockers, a completely refurbished Tahiti Tree House child play area, and new food items. This summer you can find the NEW Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich, and Oreo Stuffed Churros, a tasty, twisted treat with fried dough and filled with Oreos, on the menu.



At Water Country, general admission at the gate is $38.99 per person, but you can save $3 per person (between now and 09/07/15) off of general admission by clicking here.  You can also purchase a season pass, which is totally worth it if you plan on going more than once per summer because it’s less than the cost of visiting the park twice. Preferred parking is available for $20 per day, it is located in the paved lot near the main entrance and available on a first come, first served basis. All other parking is $5 per day. Lockers are available for rent inside the Park.


Water Country is located at 2300 Lafayette Rd, Portsmouth, NH!  Connect with Water Country on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with their latest news and updates.

What do you pack for a day at the water park?

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  1. Wow – this looks like an amazingly cool water park! We don’t have anything like that close to use but we’ll be making a trip to a water park at the beach later this summer and your tips on what to pack will be super helpful!

  2. What great tips and we also love going to our local waterpark when we can, too 🙂

  3. My kids would love this park, I would not get them to leave! I so could use a nice time in a lazy river!

  4. Did you say Oreo Stuffed Churros? I’m dying over here. This place looks amazing…26 acres of kids attractions is crazy! What fun!

  5. Woooow… What a splash.. So many pools and I can imagine Bo et Obi having fun all day long and refuse to go home :). My list will be similar to you for sure 🙂

  6. I love water parks ways more that amusement parks. They just seem safer, relaxing, and fun to me.

  7. That looks like a really fun water park! It is great that they let you bring food in! I wish the one by me did. It is so expensive to eat in the park.

  8. That looks like a great water park. We try to go at least a couple of times during the summer.

  9. If you remember nothing else, remember flip flops. People have warts!

  10. Definitely don’t forget the sunscreen and beach towels. My son is going to the water park tomorrow so I need to go pack those now!

  11. Sunscreen is so important! My husband was badly burnt in Mexico because he didn’t think he needed to apply it. He paid for it for a week!

  12. Instead of flip flops, we go ahead and wear water shoes. It helps protect our feet from the rough surfaces!

  13. I can’t believe how many people will walk barefoot on HOT pavement. It drives me nuts to the kids outside on those crazy hot days, with no feet protection and complaining it’s hot. Duh!

  14. Looks like a great water park. Yup I think you got everything covered with your list.

  15. I always pack sunscreen and water. Those are my must have and a hat for me.

  16. I’m so glad Water Country has added electronic lockers- it makes packing and bringing all your great tips so much easier! We hope to visit before the Summer is over!

  17. What a fun time you’ve had. It always pays to make a list because you never forget anything.

  18. My kids loved Water Country last year. I am hoping to go back there again this year too.

  19. Great tips on what to pack! Kids would love to go to this. Might have to put this on our list of Summer Bucket List.

  20. What a wonderful waterslide facility!
    My kids have never had a chance to go to one outside but I am hoping we can find one before summer is over!

  21. Some great suggestions. Waterparks are something our whole family enjoys. One daughter does not like roller-coasters or spinning rides but she will do water slides and pools.

  22. We have a similar water park and the kids just love going there. We always forget to bring water shoes!

  23. I think you covered everything you need with your list! I’d probably also bring a camera to take some photos of the kids.

  24. You definitely want to have all the right gear so you can spend as much time there as possible. This place looks so fun!

  25. This is a great list.Water parks are so much fun. Now that I live in Florida, the entire state is a water park for me. Yay!

  26. Really good list to pack. That place looks like a ton of fun.

  27. I would love to take my nephew to this water park! Your kids look like they really enjoyed themselves right before they go back to school!

  28. Looks like so much fun! I’ve only been to 1 waterpark in my life and it wasn’t that great. Cash is always an essential when going to theme parks, you just never know when the machines will go down or the atm runs out of cash. Has happened to me multiple times.

  29. WE just went to a water park and I wish we were allowed to bring snacks. We could bring little ones like gummies but I think that Lunchables would have been helpful. That is great that they help parents this way.

  30. What an awesome water park! My kids would have so much fun there! they’d never want to leave! But yes, you are right, you definitely need sunscreen, water and food!

  31. That looks like so much fun. My hubby keeps saying we should go to a water park but we just don’t have the time!

  32. Looks like such fun! My kids would love to do something like this. I wouldn’t even know what to pack so I’m happy for this advice!

  33. Water Country looks very cool. It looks like Raging Waves by us. Great tips on what to pack. I myself am an over packer.

  34. What a fun day and good tips on packing. I have learned to take the dog’s stroller to keep my stuff in LOL

  35. This looks like a lot of fun. I always make sure I pack lots of sunscreen for a day at the water park.

  36. Great list of things to remember! I always also pack hats for the little ones.

  37. Sounds like the perfect packing list. I soo want to go to a water park!!!

  38. This looks like alot of fun for the whole family. I agree with your list of must haves.

  39. This looks like a fun water park!! These are great tips for what to pack, most of it is the same as our list.

  40. Flip flops are lifesavers at a water park and at the beach. The pavement and sand can be really hot. These are all must haves.

  41. That looks like a great place to visit on a hot summer day! My water park must have is watershoes!!! In and out of the pool your feet are protected!

  42. All good tips for what to bring to water country. I used to love that place.

  43. Water parks are a great source of summer family entertainment. I really appreciate the tips, especially the one recommending we bring some cash since I am typically a plastic gal.

  44. What a great tip list. Bringing your own food and drinks can save you tons. Thank you for sharing your fun family advantage.

  45. I have never spent an entire day at a Waterpark, but I have packed most of these things for the amusement park. Sunblock, water and cash baby!

  46. We are firm believers in water shoes here, that way the kids can keep them on while in the water and we don’t have to mess with holding them for them between walks…

  47. Those are some great tips. We got some good water shoes that my daughter can run in all day.

  48. Definitely agree with bringing the extra clothes .. so much can happen when you travel to a waterpark and that sunscreen as it can be so expensive at the Venue

  49. Sunscreen is such an important thing to always have on you. My kids love to go to the water parks.

  50. Water parks are a great way to stay cool and have fun. I always pack a lot of snacks. Swimming makes kids hungry.

  51. Packing extra clothes is always a must for my family. Sunscreen and extra towels are important to bring when you are going swimming.

  52. Great list! Looks like your boys had a blast! We are taking our kids to a waterpark this week! Glad i read this post!

  53. That looks like a pretty neat water park! We just went to one on Saturday, and those shoes are a MUST! We learned the hard way!

  54. Now this looks like a place we would have a blast at. Your list pretty much covers it all.. 🙂 Thanks for sharing…

  55. Beach towels are a must. I have been at water parks before thinking they would supply the towels and have had to drip dry because it was bring your own!

  56. Smart thinking to bring extra towels. Soggy towels are definitely the worst!

  57. That place is huge! I’m sure it was so fun. Sun screen is our #1 need at the pool besides our swim suits and towels.

  58. This is a really helpful list! We’re headed to Aquaboggan, which is a way smaller version of your amazing looking Water Country, next week and these are all things I need to remember to stash in our bag. Someday, I’d really like to take the kids to Water Country too!

  59. That looks like a lot of fun! We haven’t been to any water parks yet. Hopefully next year we can go to one! I’m like you though, I’d rather pack too much stuff, then not enough and really need something we didn’t pack.

  60. This place looks amazing! It looks like there’s a lazy river-which is my favorite thing! Great list.

  61. That looks like such a blast. I can’t wait for my kids to be a little older so we can bring them to Water Country.

  62. AMEN on the sunscreen and cash!! Those are my two must-haves when I go to an amusement park.

  63. OH my gosh!!! I grew up in Masschusetts, and I remember going to Water Country on end-of-the-year school field trips! It was always such a blast–love that place!

  64. So much fun! We love waterparks too and it’s very cool that they allow outside food in. Most theme parks we go to don’t!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  65. Sounds like so much fun! We live at the waterpark in the summer!

  66. My family and I love water parks. You have to know exactly what to bring when you go to one in order to focus on fun and be prepared.

  67. Looks like a huge blast for the entire family! Great place to go too as well, the heat this summer yikes!

  68. Great tips! we could use a day in the sun to escape from the heat here.

  69. You have to be prepared when you go out with kids! You never know when they’ll need more sunscreen!

  70. What a fun place to visit. We are lucky in that we live so close to our water park we can be there in no time. That allows us to go there for just a couple hours so we have to carry less.

  71. I’ve never been to a water park but it sounds like a place I would have enjoyed when I was young. You certainly were prepared with everything you might need for a day in the outdoors-water park or not. People often forget cash–and it really is all some places will accept.

  72. I love water parks and have always been a big fan! They do take out a lot of energy throughout the day! Thanks for highlighting and acting like a reminder what to pack for a day the next time I am off to a water park!

  73. This place looks like so much fun…it brings me back to the days when I went the water park in town…almost every day, lol!

  74. This adventure looks so much fun! Your boys look like they had an amazing time.

  75. These are excellent tips. If you have a younger child, check to see of the water park has life jackets. This was something one if the water parks had earlier this sumner and it made me feel better letting my 4 year old play. Yes, I kept a very close eye on him regardless.

  76. SPF 50 sunsreen that’s waterproof really helps to protect our skin from the sun. It should always be present in our bag even if we’re not swimming or going to a water park since we need to apply it on skin every day.

  77. That’s beautiful! We always have snacks with us when we go to any amusement or water parks.

  78. My son would love all of that water slide options! Definitely a fun family day and thanks for the packing essentials

  79. It looks like it was so much fun! I think my son would have loved the park! Loved your pictures!

  80. We didn’t visit a water park this summer. But I do like the chance to bring in your own food.

  81. Looks like a great water park. We went to a local hot springs pool a few weeks ago. So fun!

  82. We’ve never been to a water park here in the U.S. yet. If only NH is close, we’ll go check it out. That would be the best place to beat the heat.

  83. My 4 year old has never seen a water park before. This makes me feel like it’s time to take him. What a great place and I love the pirate theme!

  84. I am so so jealous! Lol! What a totally fun place to visit, I need to get to a waterpark this year!

  85. These are great tips! The place looks awesome. We love going to water parks, but we’ve never been on this one.

  86. What a fun place! So, did they have fun, or are they still telling you they are bored? LOL Sunglasses are big for me. I tend to buy a few pairs at a time and leave extras in my car. No matter how hard I try, some always go missing.

  87. All of the above plus my phone and camera. That’s awesome that you guys were able to go this year. My boys love #Watercountry!

  88. It looks like you all had a great time!!

  89. Fantastic tips!!! We just love water parks! One of the only things both kiddos and mom and dad can enjoy mutually together!

  90. Can you believe we have yet to get into a pool this summer !
    That trip looks like exactly something we need to take. Looks like you guys all had fun and I love when water parks let you take food into them. Bringing cash is a great tip because you are right there are some of those places who don’t take debt cards.

  91. My kids love the water too. These are great tips… especially cash. The ATM fees are outrageous!

  92. Sunscreen is always first on my list! We don’t leave home without it!

  93. Wow, Water Country looks like a seriously great time! I absolutely love that you can bring outside food into the park with you. That is pretty unheard of. What a great way to save some cash, plus make sure your kids are eating well balanced meals in the midst of all the excitement.

  94. It looks like you had a great time at Water Country and being prepared helps you save time and money. With is being so hot out, I always bring water bottles to keep everyone hydrated. At the end of the day when changing out of the swimsuits i have the girls shower to remove chlorine so bringing shampoo and conditioner is a time saver not having to do it at home.

  95. Wow such a fun time. I love water parks and this one looking amazing. Thanks for sharing the great tips for traveling to a water park.

  96. Sounds like a wonderful water theme park. My kids always loves visiting such places filled with loads of fun. It looks like you had a great time with your family. The tips are really so helpful as well. Would love to plan a trip with my kids!

  97. Sunscreen, extra towels and clothes are so important when going to a water park.

  98. Sounds like a fun place! Don’t forget a plastic bag to add the wet swimsuits into after you change.

  99. It sounds like you had an awesome day at the water park. I think it is great that they allow food inside the park that would save a bundle. I always brought exactly the same as you except I also brought along a couple trinkets I knew my children would love so I didn’t find myself paying $10. for a small stuffed animal.

  100. Looks so awesome! I agree on the towels!! I forgot to pack an extra one and I was freezing.

  101. That looks like SO much fun!!! We love the water park.

  102. Water Country looks like so much fun! I love water parks too. I can’t wait for my little guys to be old enough to go. They love the water.

  103. You guys had so much fun! My kids love water parks and there is one near our place that we frequent.

  104. This is a great list. That park looks so fun! My grand kids would love it there.

  105. I love all the colorful slides. That would be a fun place for a summer getaway!

  106. what an amazing place!! we would need a whole weekend there!! And good tip on the flip flops – my daughter learned just how hot pavement can get recently. Or, how sharp little gravel stones can be too. Why she wanted the bathing suit and rubber boot look is beyond me, but extra note to myself to check her footwear choice before leaving the house next time! ha

  107. Thanks for these tips. We are planning a trip to a water park soon so this list will come in handy.

  108. I have never been to a water park, if you can believe that. We go to the lake and beach a couple of times a week, but never a water park. We plan to surprise the kids with a trip this winter though.

  109. i love water park. We joined Legoland + Waterpark yearly membership. Unfortunately they have blackout dates for summer.. I love clean water park, legoland is very family friendly