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Opened First Aid Kit

When someone thinks of a first aid kit, perhaps only band-aids come to mind. However, a first aid kit is much better off if it has more of the necessities in it. Summer is here and it’s time to ensure you have everything you need in your first aid kid. Here are some ideas:

25 adhesive bandages in various sizes
If you are like me, you go through A LOT of them, so if you are prepared with different sized band-aids, you will be covered for boo-boo’s of all sizes.

Antiseptic Wipes or Alcohol Pads
It’s important to clean the wound before you put on a bandage and keeping wipes in your first aid kit will help you do this quickly and easily.

Antibacterial Ointment
Whenever your child gets a cut or an open wound, it’s important to clean it before putting on a bandage. Using an antibacterial ointment such as Neosporin can help clean the cut and keep the bacteria out.

Not every wound requires bandages, you will want to have some dressing on hand, just in case you need to wrap a bigger wound.

Liquid Bandage
Sometimes your kids get a boo-boo in a spot that’s tough for an adhesive bandage to stick to (think elbows and even knees), so a liquid bandage will protect the wound and more importantly, stay in place.

Adhesive Tape
There may be an incident where you need to “tape” something to the wound, such as dressing. Making sure you have a roll of adhesive tape in your first aid kit.

Latex Gloves
Whenever you’re handling someone else’s blood, you don’t want to have to handle it with your bare hands, which is why latex gloves are a good idea to have in your first aid kit.

The above mentioned items to have in your first aid kit are genius, but here are some other items you may want to consider putting in it.

  • Breathing mask
  • Instant cold pack
  • Thermometer
  • Scissors (for cutting your gauze dressing)
  • Medicine spoon
  • Anti nausea or anti diarrhea meds
  • Sterile eyewash
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tweezers (for removing splinters)
  • Cotton balls/q-tips
  • Safety pins (to help make a makeshift sling by pinning clothing)
  • Anti-itch lotion or cream  (for relief of insect bites)

Having the right items in your first aid kit can truly be lifesaving. The best part of making your own first aid kit is that you can cater it to your family’s needs.

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  1. What a great list. I especially never think of the latex gloves, which reminds me that I really should complete my kit, now. I have one in my car, but really should have a complete one at home

  2. These are great tips! I need to follow them. Our first aid kit has Neopsorin and Band-Aids. And that’s it…

  3. I wish we could keep the stuff in our first aid kit LOL. I have an eight-year-old that likes to use all the bandages in it.

  4. I always forget to check ours. I do need to add bigger bandages. Thankfully we haven’t had an accident in a really long time, but it just takes once.

  5. This is a great list of items to have in a first aid kit. This reminds me that I need to restock mine.

  6. I also like to keep allergy medication in mine just in case. And you can never have enough bandages.

  7. My son that’s in scouts was just going over this the other week! Such good stuff to know and have in needed places like purse, car.. etc.

  8. Hmmm…after reading this list, it appears that my first aid kit is severely lacking. I know I don’t have anywhere near 25 bandaids and never even thought about the liquid bandage. Thanks for the reminders, I should probably refresh and restock my first aid kit!

  9. This is a very helpful list! I think I need to check my first aid kit again. I have a few of the things in the list but I guess I need more to complete it.

  10. We need a first aid kit in our home and car. I notice sometimes we are in need of a band aid or patch and we have to look for it rather than it all being in one spot like in a kit. I’ll make it a family project to go to the store and everyone pick out items to go in the first aid kit. I’ll write down the items from this post so I don’t leave out anything. Thanks for sharing.

  11. These are great tips! I need to restock my kit for the season. My kids go through bandages left and right!

  12. thank you! I am such a bad person in this type of questions . Print and put on the wall!!!

  13. I was just thinking I needed to refill my first aid supplies. This is such a thorough list! I need to add tweezers and a breathing mask if a smart addition.

  14. I need to update my first aid kit. I will have to get a few of these products to add to mine. I need to make a first aid kit for the car.

  15. It is important to have first aid kits that are fully stocked. You gave a nice list of supplies that will help people be prepared for problems that arise.

  16. Great list! You never know what you’ll need when there’s an emergency.

  17. A very exhaustive list and something that everyone should keep a copy of. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I need to replenish my first aid kit. All that’s left in that thing is bandaids. Having latex gloves on hand is always a great idea. I need to put this on my to-do list.

  19. A very good and comprehensive list. We have just done a bit of an inventory and update on ours.

  20. This is an awesome list! I have to get on updating our kit 🙁

  21. We have a first aid kit in several rooms of the house we are so klutzy.. Plus one in the shed, car and by the pool. We have our self covered.

  22. I also like to make sure I have a variety of themed band-aids since they tend to work better than the regular ones (according to my kids). 🙂 I have a mini first aid kit in my purse, a first aid kit in both of our cars and a HUGE first aid kit that we keep at home and take with us on trips! (It’s in a tackle box).

  23. I bought a first aid kit at Walmart once, and I ended up running out of bandages and wasted a lot of the other items inside. I like the idea of creating your own first aid kit so you have just what you need on hand and nothing else.

  24. We have first aid kits everywhere – the car, house etc. We get them with each sports team the kids are on!

  25. My family is really accident prone so we have a first aid kit handy all the time. It looks like your list covers all the basics.

  26. I already have a lot of these in my First Aid kit, but there are also some I don’t have. I guess it’s time to update my kit so I’m covered for anything.

  27. This is a great list! I need to add gloves and liquid bandages to mine. Question for you though. I never thought to ask anyone. Do you replace things after each season? With the hot hot temps, or cold temps? Or just bring your kit back and forth between the car and house?

    [email protected]

  28. This is such a great resource. I thought I had a well stocked first aid kit, but I only have about 1/3 of everything you listed.

  29. This is a great list of suggestions for a first aid kit. I really need to update ours. It’s pretty old. With kids in the house, you never know what you might need and when.

  30. This is a really great list! I’m trying to make a kit that is perfect for at home and sport accidents so I will definitely be using this as a guide!

  31. I definitely need to get a first aid kit together. Some days I’m lucky if I can find a bandage for my kids.

  32. LOVE your detailed list. So important to have this kit and be ready for any emergencies. I need to do this and be organized.

  33. Thanks for sharing all these great tips. My first aid kit is woefully understocked…

  34. Keeping a first aid kit like this is an important way to keep the essentials on hand in case of an emergency. I want to set up a first aid kit like this for the car!

  35. I need to try that liquid bandage stuff. Regular bandaids are so useless most of the time!

  36. Great tips! I just refilled mine and updated it. People do not realize the importance of a first aid kit.

  37. I need to replenish my first aid kits. We have a couple and it seems the band- aids always go missing. ALWAYS. Even if no one gets hurt, its funny how that works! These are some really great tips.

  38. I love this! We are packing bags for both of our kids for sleep away camps next week and I wanted to give them both first aid kits- and wasn’t sure where to start- now I have a list thanks to you!

  39. These are good recommendations! I should probably have a few kits around the house and one for traveling!

  40. This is a great reminder to update my first aid kit and check the expiration dates on items. It is so easy to take for granted that you will have these items available when you need them.

  41. What a helpful, informative post. We have a few first aid kits but I have been meaning to check them for expired products and replenish as needed.

  42. These are all great things to have in your first aid kit. I am really liking these ideas and some I hadn’t even thought of. Thanks for sharing the ideas with me so I can be prepared!

  43. It is very important to have a fully stocked first aid kit. Kids are always getting scratched up.

  44. Those are great items to have in a first aid kit. Going to go fill mine now!

  45. I got one of those kids from Amazon. Has everything we need and everything is contained in a nice stylish box 🙂

  46. Yep reading this makes me realize I need to upgrade our Frist aid kit

  47. THis reminds me that I need to put mine back inside my car especially now that fall sports have started again for my son.

  48. I have an Eagle Scout of my own he always makes sure out first aid kit is full of everything that we would need.

  49. Having a first aid kit is important especially if you have kids at home. I always make sure to restock and check mine. I think this is a complete list of the things that you’re going to need!

  50. We don;t have a first aide kit but we totally need one. I’ll have to make sure I pin this so I can use it to build our’s.

  51. These are definitely must haves. I keep all of these plus I keep saline rinse to rinse gashes and such and I also keep rescue meds for my daughter’s epilepsy and an epi pen.

  52. I am a Nurse and medicine kits are my best friend. I have one in my bag, at work and at home. I have the same list as what you posted here 🙂

  53. This is something I need to put together in my home. I have a bunch of random stuff that probably won’t be easily accessible if there is a real emergency

  54. Great list! I use to keep one but since my kids have gotten older I have neglected this. Need to put another one together!

  55. This is indeed a great list of items you should have in your first aid kit. I do think it is better to make your own so you can fit it to your family needs. Thanks for sharing this list.

  56. Hand wash gel is a must as well! Great list. More people need to get better prepared for emergencies! When it happens, its too late

  57. I need to update my first aid kit that’s in my car. I don’t think I have latex gloves in there, but I really should!

  58. Since hurricane sandy, I am totally prepared with a first aid kit, but some of these items I have even thought about. Like a breathing mask! Definitely going in my kit now!

  59. Thank you for all of these wonderful tips! I will try them.

  60. I tend to have stuff all over the place but really should put it together into a first aid kit. I always have a bit of everything collected.

  61. First aid kits are so important, especially once you have a family. Thanks so much for this comprehensive post.

  62. Ooooo! Liquid bandage is a good idea. I don’t have any of that in my first aid kit and I should.

  63. I have yet to come out with my first aid kit. This really helps and I’ll probably add regular medicines.

  64. Having a first aid kit’s always a practical way to be safe at anytime. I agree with the different sizes for bandages and band aids, though being cautious is always the recommended way to avoid having large cuts and/or blisters.

  65. First aid kits are essential. I have one in almost every room in the house, almost. Just to make sure that we’re ready for anything that comes our way. I think that you pretty much nailed the list of the things that you need to complete a first aid kit. Each on is essential.

  66. Excellent list! I find myself changing up our list now and then to add things I may have forgotten or didn’t think about. I didn’t think to add latex gloves!

  67. I agree with this list. It’s a wonderful list! I think it’s very important to always have a first aid kit. You never know when your’re going to need it.

  68. Since I don’t have kids, it’s been so long since I even seen a first aid kit! I should put one together for my car. Thanks for outlining it all – this is a really handy page to bookmark.

  69. I have a small first aid kit for myself which I carry with me on long journeys. But I have not checked it for a while now, I need to do that. Thanks for the reminder

  70. We all need to think about disaster preparedness, including having a well equipped first aid kit. I should check my stock & make sure nothing has expired.

  71. I never thought about the importance of having a well packed first aid kit so thanks for the reminder! Our family doesn’t even have one, I just have my own stock of bandaids and ointment and that’s all! XD

  72. Liquid bandage is a smart one and I definitely would need that around. I use super glue a lot for that.

  73. Great list! I appreciate the reminder that I need to get our first aid kit restocked. It seems like we never have enough BandAids, no matter how many I buy.

  74. This is a great list. I need to update my First Aid Kit, this is great

  75. I SO need to update my First Aid kit! I have some bandaids but thats about it. These are all great things to add to my kit.

  76. The ointment is so important. I had everything else one time and needed some ointment and was so upset. Also add witch hazel works wonders!

  77. Thanks for posting this. I finally remembered to check our first aid kit and found out that some of the things I got there are already old!

  78. Oh, I will check my first aid kit. This is very helpful especially for a mom like me.

  79. This is a great list. I keep forgetting about liquid bandages. I need to get some for our kit.

  80. Ooooo this was a reminder that I really need to get my first aid kit in order again!!! My hubby used it a few months ago and I never replaced anything.

  81. I pack a small first aid kit whenever I travel. Scissors always seem to be useful on vacation!

  82. I like to buy premade kits so I don’t have to worry that I forgot something!

  83. This is great! I totally need to update my first aid kit.

  84. I totally agree with you list. I alway carry one because my son play basketball and baseball.

  85. A very informative article. Thanks for sharing this blog it helps me a lot.

  86. I need to freshen up first aid kit, especially since I’m down to mostly Band-Aids. Thanks for the reminder!

  87. I haven’t seen an alcohol pads. These are all essential for a first aid kit.

  88. This is a great list! A lot of these I wouldn’t use quite as much if ever so my kit may look a tad different 😛

  89. This is a great list! A lot of these I wouldn’t use quite as much if ever so my kit may look a tad different 😛

  90. My kit needs some revamping for sure. Thanks for the list of stuff that I should include.

  91. What a great reminder! I really need to put together a first aid kit! Thanks!

  92. This is so important! I can’t tell you how many times I needed something on this list, only to have to run to the drugstore in a panic. So helpful. I need to put my kit together ASAP.

  93. Excellent kit, a client of ours gifted us with a med kit for Christmas & they jokingly put alcohol in it lol
    This is super helpful, I want to create a kit just like this. It’s also the perfect gift for my more adventurous friends