Dec 262013

I know some people observe the traditional 12 days of Christmas before they take their Christmas tree down. Others take the tree down on New Years day. As for me, I like to take my tree down on Christmas night. Yes, you read that right. Lucky for us, we had some down time on Christmas morning while the kids were playing with their new toys, so we didn’t have to wait all day to get the tree out of the house – it went out Christmas morning.

I figure that once Christmas is over – it’s over and I like to get my house back to “normal” as soon as possible.  For the most part, Christmas morning in my house looks something like the aftermath of a tornado, so having the tree taking up precious space that I need to occupy with all the kids new toys just doesn’t work for me.

So out to the curb it goes.






You’d never know that I swept up pine needles almost every day since we got the tree on December 1st by looking at this mess that was left behind:


So, when do you take your tree down?

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  1. Usually before New Years Eve. Like you space is precious here. Even though all of mine are fake trees they are huge…

  2. Let the declutter begin

  3. Since you put your tree up so early no wonder it comes down on Christmas day. Growing up our tree went up on Christmas Eve and down Christmas day. I’m not so rigid, but a week or two is tops for me.

  4. opps make that down on New Years Day..

  5. You are hilarious!! We usually wait until New Years or I get sick of it before we take ours down.

  6. I always tried to leave it up before having the girls until after New Year’s, but the past year or two I took it down before. Emma asked me this yesterday and when I asked why she was asking when I was taking the tree down, she told me didn’t want it to come down yet. So, I straightened everything up, but I didn’t have the heart to take the tree down just yet. I think I may leave it up until after New Year’s for them and then take it down. But we will see.

  7. I take it down sometime before the 1st. 🙂 You’re lucky to have a helper!! This year my big boys will be here and they can take the tree to the burn pile, hurrah for that. 🙂

  8. Normally a week or so after Christmas, but this year I might do it sooner because Im ready for a different look.

  9. Yes! I am with you on that..the clutter is unsettling and messes with my sensibilities ..but it bothers no one else and I compromise…..we actually take it down New Year’s Day.

  10. Mine will be hucked back into the attic by 2pm today. Sure, I’ll put the ornaments away, but the tree, lights and all, will be up there TODAY. This house is WAY too small to not use that space another day.

  11. That’s original. We never put one up to begin with, so it’s easy.

  12. We usually take it down close to New Years, but we’ll be visiting the in-laws then. I’m not sure when it will happen. Maybe this weekend.

  13. I’m funny with tradition and superstition .. lol I know it’s crazy but I can’t let it go down until after New Years.

  14. We usually take ours down the day after New Year’s. No real set date though. It is usually when I am sick of it. Our oldest is coming tomorrow for Christmas so I have to leave it up for now. I am dreading taking it down though as that means having to find homes for all the new crap the kids got.

  15. I take mine down New Year’s Day. I also have a fake tree because I don’t want to clean pine needles!

  16. I am Jewish so we don’t have a tree, but I am really amused that you take yours down Christmas day. I always grumble when people are Christmas-y into January and February!

  17. Here’s the convo I had with my husband after your Facebook post of this.

    Me- My blogger friend just took down her tree!
    Jason- What!? Who!? That girl is cray, cray! If we ever go to Mass. we are NOT stopping in to see her.

    Hahaha! We usually take our decorations down on the first, though after the mess in my house this week, I think you have the right idea of getting the house back in order asap. Our outside decorations will be coming down Saturday since it’s suppose to warm up then.

  18. My youngest started taking our tree down on Christmas day. I had only put it up a couple of days before, so it was up for about a week 🙂 I am not a fan of Christmas decorations so I was ready to see it go. Clutter drives me nuts and I like things to go back to normal quickly after the holidays 🙂

  19. oh wow, that is early! Because I do a little entertaining after Christmas, I leave everything up until the weekend before the kids go back to school. But one year, I was crazy busy and the darn thing was up until Feb 6. That as TOO long and it was embarrassing. 🙂

  20. I don’t put one up so do not have to worry about when to take it down!

  21. We actually take it down after new year.. 🙂 You took it down early hehehe. We normally take it down after the holidays 😀

  22. I’ve been battling with this question for the last 2 days… My dog managed to knock our tree over 4 times this year while trying to get the mailman through the window. So, its crooked and will be seeing the curb. I woke up today with a sense of need to get all Christmas put away… but I usually wait until the 30th or so.. I make the rules though right? so maybe today.

  23. I’m thinking about doing mine this weekend – we only have a tiny one and it’s up on the side board so it’s not really taking up much space. x

  24. always after the 6th because we wait to celebrate the 3 kings day. then as soon as I can before life catches up with me in the new year!

  25. I take mine down on the evening of the 25th or on the 26th. I am one of those “Christmas is over, out it goes” people too!

  26. ours stays for a few days after christmas. i usually let the boys take care of it. it’s a plastic one so it could stay as long as we wanted to and now have to worry about dried up pines all over the floor

  27. We always decorate a fake tree. Typically, we take ours down right after New Years or earlier.

  28. I take our tree down the day after new years eve.

  29. We usually leave our until after New Years but this year were cleaning up early.

  30. haha you sound like me. I usually take mine down the day after Christmas. Luckily for us this year we didn’t even have a tree since we weren’t home for Christmas so there’s no tree to take down this year.

  31. Christmas morning, ok just kidding. Maybe a couple days after. I just want all the stuff put up away and to start cleaning where the tree was.

  32. I remember getting a real tree one Christmas and I didn’t like it coz of the needles. I only have artificial tree this year and I usually take down artificial tree after Epiphany.

  33. Wow, you sits do take it down early. But I get it about getting back to normal.

  34. We don’t take our Christmas Tree down until after January 6th, which is 3 King’s Day. It’s important to keep it up until then to preserve our Latin traditions.

  35. We take our tree down on January 1 st. That was always the tradition at y house so I keep it up. No odd back story to it. I will tell you I am ready for it to come down.

  36. after New Years Day, my kids love to keep it up a little longer so we decided the day after New Years

  37. jeje well, we don’t do this Xmas in this corner of the world, but I always wondered about the mess. Seems kind of annoying but traditions are worth it!

  38. We have a fake tree and usually take it down sometime around January 1. We have so many family gatherings we wait until every one is officially done before the tree comes down.

  39. I usually wait until a day or two after New Years. Sometimes though, I am lazy and leave it there for half of January! Of course, having a fake tree makes it easier to keep up longer!

  40. We don’t put up a tree. We don’t have room for it (or space to store the decorations during the year), the kitties would see it as their personal toy and we don’t do Christmas.

    If you’ve had it up since December 1 then it’s okay to get it down and get back to normal.

  41. Well, that poor tree sure did lose most of it’s needles. I haven’t put a tree up in a couple of years. if I don’t put one up, I don’t have to take it down.

  42. My in-laws are Russian Orthodox so we keep ours up on after Russian Christmas. But the rest of the decorations go on Jan 1!

  43. That’s another reason why I haven’t put up a Christmas tree (except for once or twice), because I’m too lazy to take one down! ~lol~

  44. We usually wait until the first weekend in January to take our tree down. This year was actually the earliest we have ever taken ours down – 12/27. Things would probably be different if we had a real tree though.