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Are your kids full of excuses when it comes to going to bed?  My oldest has always been pretty good about going to bed, but my little guy on the other hand is full of reasons why he can’t just close his eyes and go to sleep. The thing is, I used those same excuses back in the day, in fact I think I invented the art of bedtime stalling, but now that I’m the mom, by 8 pm I am just too tired to argue with him.


Here are just a few of the excuses he’s given us as to why he can’t go to bed:

  • I just slept yesterday
  • I want to stay up to watch the moon
  • I’m afraid there’s a monster in my closet.
  • I just don’t feel safe
  • I need a drink
  • I have to pee (even though he just went 5 minutes before)
  • I don’t like my pajamas
  • My feet are hot/cold
  • I need a tissue
  • I need another blanket
  • There is a dog barking loudly outside

Turns out, the bedtime excuses are universal –more than 60% of parents around the globe are dealing with kids’ stall tactics before bed, adding up to nearly 20 minutes every single night. But guess what? It’s time to take back your night with a little help from Netflix.

Next time you find yourself in the bedtime battle, just tell your kids they can watch an ENTIRE show before bed. Yep, you heard me right, and no, I haven’t lost my mind. Netflix and DreamWorks Animation launched recently launched Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites, new episodes of the latest hit, all in a nice little 5-minute package — letting your little negotiator think they’re getting away with the age-old ‘just five more minutes’ ploy. In a mere 300-seconds, your kids will be speechless as they march themselves up to bed knowing they got exactly what they wanted. You: 1, Kids’ stalls: 0.


‘I Can’t Sleep, My Socks Hurt!’ and Other Tall Tales –
Even the best bedtime excuses have met their match with Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites. You can help spread the word – download the video below and share on Instagram using #5MoreMinutes.

5 more minutes

Oh, and be sure to check out what’s new on Netflix this month:

new on netdlix

What are some of the crazy excuses your kids have given you to stall bedtime?

Note: I am a member of the Netflix StreamTeam.  As part of the #streamteam, I have received product and complimentary service, but all opinions are 100% my own. 

  116 Responses to “When Your Kids are Bedtime Stallers #StreamTeam #5MoreMinutes”

  1. Oh I so have to try this for my little one as she is a bedtime negotiator pretty much daily here. So thank you!!!

  2. My childhood was pretty much this- My father only saw me for a short time before my bedtime during the week, so he was an enabler. I’d work ‘5 more minutes’ all night long! I remember being so proud the night I stayed up a whole 40 minutes later!

  3. My kids are at the age where they beg for more tv at night, or a light on. I try to do lights out by 8pm!

  4. Aw they get so very creative when they want to stay up longer! It’s amazing how they come up with the craziest and most inventive things!

  5. Oh yes! My daughter is the queen of excuses when it comes to bedtime! And she is VERY creative!

  6. My youngest is always trying to stay up late. In his defense, it is a challenge when you share a room with older boys who don’t get sent to bed as early.

  7. My kids are older but they have definitely had reasons to stall bedtime in the past. Netflix is great for those times with kids.

    • Mine are older now too, but they were the worst bedtime stallers when they were little. My daughter would have stayed up all night if she could.

  8. It’s always the “I’m hungry” ploy, even though I would purposely feed him a healthy snack or a bowl of cereal close to bedtime just to keep that from happening. The Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites sounds like such a great idea! I bet many kids are going to bed feeling like they totally won. 🙂

  9. Allison still pulls that “I’m Hungry” crap still. I tick her off by telling her that she can eat, but she has to brush her teeth again after she’s done. It does make her trip downstairs less frequent now that I do that lol.

  10. LOL you have to give him credit, these are great excuses! It is funny with the things they come up with!

  11. That is so my son! He comes up with so many excuses….Love your post!

  12. Oh geez, I can’t remember that far back but I’m thinking the ones your son gives are very similar. Kids are such stinkers.

  13. I must say, I do like his dog is barking to loudly reason. I find myself using that excuse sometimes.

  14. My youngest always comes up with lots of reason for not going to bed. I read her a story and she usually ends up falling asleep.

  15. Isn’t if funny how universal bedtime excuses are with kids. It can be a hard habit to kick when kids start to use excuses.

  16. My kids do the same thing! Loving that Netflix is offering these 5 Minute Dinotrux shows – they will come in handy with my toddlers!

  17. Kids come up with the best excuses! I have to try the Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites.

  18. If kids could only realize how much they need the sleep. It would make the end of the day so much easier.

  19. Cute and wonderful idea! We have the opposite issue with my daughter with getting up because its too early and the bed is really warm.

  20. OMG. I think they’ve used every excuse in the book! This is super cute. 5 more minutes!

  21. Yep, my kids definitely use most of those excuses. My son loves DinoTrux will have to look for the 5 minute episodes.

  22. Oooh, you are one sneaky mama! And I love it. Bedtime can be exhausting for parents and you’ve just made it a bit easier.

  23. I am in the 60% of parents who deal with the bedtime stalling! I love the idea of this 5-minute show. My son would love DinoTrux!

  24. My boys like bedtime as it means story time. They are also very tired.

  25. My niece and nephew used to be HUGE bed time stallers. My sister had a really difficult time with it.

  26. My kids were both bedtime stallers. I love that these episodes are exactly five minutes!

  27. My kids are notorious stallers. Thanks for sharing this post. I’ve been trying different strategies lately.

  28. my oldest has always been great about bed but it’s my youngest daughter (middle child) that gives me grief. Not really full of excuses she just wants to sit up in bed and play. It’s a nightly battle. I love the idea of these short cartoons and then when it’s over it’s over and that’s bedtime!

  29. Ours goes to bed alright, but has a hard time falling sleep. I wonder if a little show would help him calm down.

  30. Haha I love ‘ I just slept yesterday’ a classic move on the children’s part. My favourite is I cant because I need to do homework forgetting that you did their homework with them earlier lol.

  31. My kids are epic bedtime stallers. They seem to remember everything they needed to tell me, be super thirsty, and decide it’s playtime when it’s time to go to sleep.

  32. That is a cute idea. You can use it for other things too. “Ok you can watch one more show then TV is off”

  33. My daughter is totally one of these kinds of kids. It went unnoticed for so long but now I think I have a handle on it.

  34. My kids try to do the “5 more minutes too”, especially my 12 year old who is obsessed with Minecraft. I love Netflix’s 5 minute shows! They will be perfect for my younger children, especially my 4 year old who is loves anything with dinosaurs!

  35. My daughter is a night owl and she gives me 101 excuses on why she can’t sleep. My favorite one is when she tells me she can’t seep because her hair keeps falling in her face.

  36. Children will be children haha, I remember I had this much excuses or even more as a child.

  37. Son was a good about bedtime and now that he is a teenager he puts himself to bed. That said we do love to snuggle and watch old movies together on Netflix

  38. hahahaha…I just slept yesterday is a good one! My 3 year old has been HORRRRIBLE about going to bed at a decent time lately and it is just getting bad. It all happens because she refuses to take a nap at a normal time so then she ends up passing out on the couch at 5pm which leads to a 11pm bedtime. Help me Lord!

  39. My kids were always notorious stallers. My daughter would just flat out say, “I am not sleepy. I don’t want to go to bed.” She would skip the excuses. lol

  40. Okay, those 5 minute episodes are genius! My little guy tries it EVERY NIGHT! I’m going to have to try this when he asks for 5 more minutes!

  41. I love the timing of these episodes puts the little one to sleep at the right time.

  42. I slept yesterday! ahahah. I haven’t heard that one before. My oldest is good but all my other kids? Not so much. My girls are the worst for bedtime and I’m seriously at my wits end about it at this point too. I’m so over it.

  43. Oh man, my son is the worst at going to bed! Usually he calls out for water like 100 times.

  44. My kids are expert stallers at bedtime. They use all the above excuses, great idea giving them 5 minutes more where they think they are winning!

  45. Oh now that is a fantastic idea! My daughter is pretty good about going to bed, but there are times where she is to “scared” to go to sleep. Which is why she has a super bright night light haha

  46. Oh my goodness, I have heard all of these excuses and DinoTrux are my son’s favorite! I am checking these out asap!

  47. I wonder if kids that do not try and stall before bedtime actually exist? My son used to ask my husband to beat up his bad dreams as a way of prolonging the inevitable. I love the idea of allowing them 5 more minutes via a Netflix short.

  48. Wow quite the reasons to avoid bedtime… not sure how you don’t laugh at some of those. Thankfully we don’t have much of an issue here at our house but I can see how it would get frustrating.

  49. Clever plan here – I will have to try this idea the next time I babysit my nephews!
    Thanks for the parental arsenal 🙂

  50. These are great tips. My kids would readily go to bed, but sometimes, they are afraid. So these tips would really be helpful.

  51. My son was always thirsty the minute his head hit the pillow. Then a few minutes later he had to go pee. Very helpful tips!

  52. That sounds like an awesome plan. And the best part is you don’t have to be mad or upset and the same goes for the kids.

  53. We definitely have stallers here. I am loving these 5 minute shows!

  54. Stallers? Oh yes, I have two of those and now the teen has started being a staller. Drives me bonkers. The most talkative the kids are is right before bedtime, ever single night.

  55. I have a couple of those tonight the deal was to ask a thousand questions to try to stay up just a bit longer tomorrow night who knows what it will be

  56. My all-time favorite stall is “I forgot to brush my horse down after dinner and he won’t be able to go to sleep if I don’t go out and get it done.” When I was a kid, I just knew my parents wanted me to go to sleep so I’d miss out on all the fun. This is a great list of reasons to stay awake and a wonderful way to get them to go to bed quickly to live up to their part of the deal.

  57. Kids certainly come up with some of the funniest excuses. One year when I was a camp counselor one of my campers refused to go to bed. An hour later she was in tears telling me she couldn’t sleep because her pillow was flat. I never laughed so hard as at that moment. – Katy

  58. i suppose i stalled for sleep. i use to hide a flashlight and read books when i was supposed to be sleeping

  59. I let my son read an entire chapter of his Geronimo Stilton book and then he goes to sleep. It also works like a charm.

  60. This is great, those shows sound like something my boys would love.

  61. There are many great tips here. I want to try to use these tips to get my nephew to bed more quickly.

  62. My twins are terrible about stalling…they’re itchy, they heard a weird noise, their sheets are wrinkly, their pajamas aren’t soft enough, their socks are on backwards…you name it, we’ve heard it! I’ve been reading through all the Nancy Drew books with my kids and I’ve bribed them with “If you don’t come back down or stall tonight, you’ll get an extra chapter or 2 tomorrow.” It seems to work for us. If it loses its power, I’ll definitely check out these awesome 5 minute Netflix videos!

  63. I think as parents we have all heard these excuses a million times it seems. These videos are a good idea. One excuse I have heard is “I forgot to give you a hug and kiss goodnight.”

  64. This is too funny. 5 minutes of movie time and it’s off to bed. My kids always use the “I’m thirsty” excuse.

  65. LOL, sure I will do check netflix for 5 more minutes.

  66. My little ones are notorious bedtime stallers. They take their time doing everything and since they share a room, they talk to each other constantly.

  67. When my granddaughter is over she too tends to stall going to bed. The sleep literally has to knock her out. 🙂

  68. I dont have kids and the dog sleeps when i sleep but I know there are friends of mine who have children and those kids do want 5 more minutes so I will share this with them, Robin.

  69. Our big one is “I need water.” Always makes me laugh because she’s so like me!

  70. My kids always say I want to play more, but this is a great idea.

  71. These are many great tips. I will use it for my son. thank you for sharing this ideas

  72. Oh my goodness! I think my daughter gave me every one of those excuses when she was a kid. I love the video idea from Netflix. It’s genius actually 😉

  73. I can totally relate. My 4 year old son does this all the time! bed excuses!

  74. My kids always make excuses during bed time. We have Netflix and I’ll check out this new show tomorrow

  75. Mine just keep trying to play and run around the house. Since I have 3 it is like rounding up cattle to the corral and my husband and I work as a team to settle them down.

  76. I can’t sleep my socks hurt, hahahaha Totally one my granddaughter would use if she thought of it. Right now it’s, “I can’t sleep, my legs hurt.” 🙂

  77. Haha wow! I don’t have kids yet but I know this will be a challenge. They are clever!

  78. my four years old boy is like that too but i will just close my eyes and don’t talk with him when all things i tried is futile, i guess it’s the best one since we end up both asleep. lol.

  79. Brilliant! I so remember trying to think of excuses as a kid too! Lol

  80. Kids are genius when coming up with reasons to stay up! I have to try the Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites.

  81. Those 5 minutes favorites will probably be good for my own bedtime staller.

  82. Kids can get very creative with their reasons! I think the Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites will work for the twins.

  83. Lol! “I just slept yesterday” – that’s a good one, why didn’t I think of that as a child? It’s funny how we change, now I literally can’t wait to go to bed haha

  84. My son gioes to bed at 8:30 every tume but my daughter is a certified bedtime staller. She makes a lot of excuses not to go to bed early lol.

  85. Oh my gosh. These sound so neat. Oh boy I really remember the stall-outs at bedtime.

  86. I have a feeling my kids will do this today, since they are off of school! LOL.

  87. You are so right bedtime stalling is universal, in every culture and language. What a great idea to let them watch one whole show as a treat to calm them down and actually look forward to going to bed every night.

  88. I love this idea. My boys are always stalling at bed time!

  89. Haha I was always a staller when I was little! Too cute, love this!
    xo Adriana – Daily Dose of Design

  90. ROFLMAO last night my hubby and I switched spots with the kids and made our son tuck us in and turn off the lights and say our prayers then when he closed the door and went to his own room we started yelling out ” I’m thirsty, I need a drink” ” I need to go to the bathroom”… we were all in hysterics at the end of it. So funny to have stumbled upon this today 🙂

  91. This is a great solution when the kids juust want a few more minutes before bed! My kids love Dinotrux

  92. I have to kids yet but I heard this agony from my friends who has kids. I guess some kids having a hard time going to bed because they are destructed with video games or shows in TV.

  93. My two year old son can’t go to bed, his excuses he wanted to watch his favorite educational song, The “Family Finger Song” He always says “heyayem hawdudu” LOL .

  94. I am seriously trying this tonight. No joke, you know my child is not sleeping.

  95. DInoTrux. My daughter, for some reason, always talks about those. Lol. I never knew what they were… Anyways, my daughter is pretty good about it. She likes to sleep with us so if there’s ever a problem, it’s just that she wants to sleep in mommy and daddys bed.

  96. We are all sleep lover around here. The triplets are in the bed by 6:00 and the younger girls are in bed by 7:30. Sleep is something I really value so mamma don’t play.

  97. I have had to deal with 3 kids like this. Why can’t they just go to bed! I do like the idea of a 5-min episode. My youngest loves this show.

  98. Last night my son was the worst staller. He kept coming out of his room and wouldn’t go to sleep. He finally went to sleep around 9:30, but was back in our bed around 12:45.

  99. My kids are stallers, lol always have been. It’s not that bad though, kinda plan on it and if I tell them to get ready early they end up in bed on time even with the stalls. haha I am sneaky

  100. It is always a big challenge to maintain the bed time of kids & these Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites looks like great idea to divert them & put to sleep.

  101. My daughter does it when we have visitors. She will only sleep when everyone else does. She just gets really excited and says she isn’t tired even though she is exhausted.

  102. They don’t really come up with excuses…..We do let them stay up a little later on the weekends.

  103. I am cracking up, my daughter is three but she isn’t so bad with the stall tactics. When my son was younger I would get crazy responses. lol

  104. Ahhhh thankfully my child is still too young to realize she doesn’t have to go to bed lol… She thinks I say bedtime and that it has to be bedtime lol….Dreading the day she realizes that she could stay up if she wanted to….

  105. This is really a great idea! What kid doesn’t want to extra they’re getting away with something extra? Little do they know, momma totally won this round.

  106. This is the story of my life, my son is always trying to dodge the bedtime bullet.

  107. don’t they have the best reason + arguments? my little man also has so many excuses when it is time for bed and I won’t even mention the ones he makes during afternoon naps!

  108. My 9 year old has been putting herself to bed since I can remember, her most famous tired line has been, “My bein’ a cab ass, I’m going to bed now.”. Said this when she was about 2 or 3 I believe. My middle child who is 5 has always hated bedtime, although now he’s been asking for bedtime as that is a break from my youngest who will soon be 4. But once my 5 yo is in bed he acts as though he is starving to death or is going to die of thirst. My youngest will only go to bed once daddy gets home from work… at midnight… ugh.

  109. We always seem to get the i have to go pee, or i’m thirsty, or my favorite lately is i don’t love them and that’s why im sending them to bed. I cant help but giggle when they use that one.