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Why Legos are Great for Kids

Everyone has encountered Legos at one time or another. If you’ve had kids that love them, hate them, or you’ve stepped on one with your bare foot and experienced the most painful three minutes of your entire life, you know that Legos can be both a blessing and a curse! The good news is that Legos are an obsession you can feel good about encouraging! Legos help kids in a bunch of different ways without them even knowing, which is great for stubborn little ones!

Legos Develop Creative Thinking

Without having to sit them down and encourage them to complete complex problems or puzzles, Legos are able to develop creative thinking skills in children and young adults. This is a skill that can really pay off down the road, later in life. Creative problem solving comes with the territory when building anything with Legos. Sure, there are instructions and pictures and YouTube tutorials, but in the end you really have to be able to see what you want to build and find a way to make it happen. These trial and error experiments and forward thinking puzzles can really help kids and teens learn how to solve problems creatively. The best part about all of this is that you don’t have to fight with them, they’re learning without even realizing!

lego pizza

It Might Not Be Sports but at Least There’s No Screen!

Legos are a healthy passion that you can encourage your youngsters to pursue! In such a technologically advanced society we are forced to choose between the things our children like and the things we feel good about them doing! That is a total non-issue with Legos! Kids will be away from the screens, learning how to build, solve problems, and fine tune their motor skills without any fuss or fight!

If you are worried about encouraging your kids to do something that seems like a solo activity you can sign them up for COUNTLESS Lego clubs and classes. They’ll make friends who share a similar passion and you can feel great about them enjoying what they do while still building social skills. Legos are so popular that in almost any city, state, or small town there can be found a Lego club; if you can’t find a Lego club you can start one!

Lego bricks

Fine Tune Those Motor Skills

If you’ve ever touched a Lego set you can relate to the minute adjustments that are required to fit those little suckers together just right…This is excellent for growing kids! The fine motor skills required to complete some of these movements and projects are built up over time and if they’re constantly in use while building Lego mansions you can be worry free about development issues in those areas! It is amazing what kids can do, the things they can design, imagine, build, etc. with just a pile of plastic bricks! In no time at all it seems like they’ve mastered their Lego craft!

Legos set

Finally, if for no other reason, Legos are fantastic for building imaginative skills in children. With almost no effort they can take a thought, dream, idea, or drawing and turn it into a 3 dimensional representation of something that was previously only known to their minds! It’s a great way to encourage kids to have a healthy outlet for thoughts, feelings, and emotions! Building with Legos can help them develop a physical representation of their thoughts which can be really helpful and soothing while also helping them learn to visualize and create! Having a house littered with those devious little blocks might seem like a nuisance at times but in all reality they’re doing more good for your family (just not your feet) than you might realize!

Speaking of Legos, Netflix launched two new shows on March 4th: LEGO Bionicle and LEGO Friends.  We’ve been watching LEGO Bionicle over here pretty much every day since the launch.  My little one loves that he can play with his Legos and watch them on the tv at the same time.

Leho netflis

Do your kids love Legos? Do they build from the heart or do they like to follow the kit instructions? Do you belong to any local Lego clubs?

Note: I am a member of the Netflix StreamTeam.  As part of the #streamteam, I have received product and complimentary service, but all opinions are 100% my own. 

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  123 Responses to “Why Legos are Great for Kids”

  1. My girls love Legos and couldn’t agree more with you on the reasons why Legos are great for kids overall 🙂

  2. I don’t think my boys could ever grow tired of Legos. They love them.

  3. Yes, legos do capture the imagination and our kids love them as well
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  4. Allison used to love those Lego Friends. I cringe thinking about how much money we’ve spent on them over the years.

  5. I agree with you that creating things with Legos help kids to learn problem solving skills. The best part is that they get to use their imaginations while they are doing it.

  6. I never had them when I was a kid but probably would have loved them 🙂

  7. It is good coz it actually encourages them to be creative and to explore. My son used to have a thousand pieces to play with.

  8. Personally, i think ‘play’ is good for adults too. Have you seen the TED talk from Shonda Rhimes about how playing with her children soothed her soul?

  9. Yes Legos are great for fine motor skills. But they really hurt to step on. Your pizza dude Lego is really cute by the way.

  10. We have always been a lego family for as long as I can remember. Our kids have a ton of sets. Some they made into what they were supposed to be and we have a hug box for imaginative play. I have to admit that I go a little crazy when I go to the lego store. The sets are crazy!!

  11. Sure, I fully agree ! Legos are creative, educational and great for developing fine motor skills! Perfect for kids and for all family!

  12. Kids – what does being a kid have to do with Legos – they are perfect for all ages. In target, TODAY, the guy in front of us on line had three of the big themed boxes. I laughed – the box says 7-14, and I said, “We all know these are for you” and he said, “of course they’re for me” and he had to be in his late 20s. And I have the lego board game and I played it about a year ago with a friend and we’re … let’s say passed our late 20s.

  13. I agree with your list.
    And no matter how many times I step on the legos, I still want them to have them and continue to enjoy building creative themes.
    I see how proud they are to show me what they have created!

  14. Love this! I think Legos are amazing and at almost 30, we still love playing with them. Sometimes for inspiration we head to the Legos store downtown Chicago. Their displays are always so colorful!

  15. We love Legos. My girls are always asking for new sets. It makes me happy seeing them building and having fun.

  16. My kids both loved Legos when they were younger. My son was especially obsessed with them.

  17. I like Legos for kids. My nieces and friends kids and I enjoy building all sorts of fun things

  18. My boys love Legos. I think it has made them them smarter.

  19. LEGOS are the BEST! We love them! Hell, even I like playing with them!

  20. My daughter loves her leggos.. I do find that they’re a bit expensive though… but I just get her the ones that are on clearance lol and all is good!

  21. They might be great for kids for all those reasons but they’re horrible in my house so I don’t buy them. Stepping on a Lego is the worst feeling ever!

  22. We are just staring to get into Legos now that my boys are a bit older. We used MegaBloks first and quickly saw how they love building things.

  23. Legos are fun to play with, it’s nice to see kids run to a box of legos than to a smartphone to play games. I really do second the fact they develop creative thinking. Thanks for sharing.

  24. a great list! We are a little lego crazy in this house! (my brother still loves it at 14 too) but they are a nightmare to tidy away!

  25. I so agree with this! I have been a big fan of Legos since I was a kid, myself haha

  26. My nephews love legos so much! They are so much better at them than I am. Love how it teaches them so much.

  27. We love Legos in this house! The problem is my son likes to put everything together but he doesn’t like to take it apart once it’s put together. I need to get him a set that he can just build stuff over and over again.

  28. My husband is a huge lego fan so I don’t think we’ll have to do too much convincing! These are great reasons and I love all the options.

  29. Legos are fantastic! One of the best toys around!

  30. We love Legos around here. I’m trying to plan a trip to Legoland which will be the ultimate Lego fun.

  31. I loved Legos as a child but now they are even cooler since they have “girl” Legos. I can’t wait for my kids to be old enough to plan with them because there’s so many lessons to be learned from them (like you mentioned) that they are doing without even knowing they are learning!

  32. I loved Legos. I think they are a great hands on creative toy for kids.

  33. These new shows look great. My kids did love Legos. They built all sorts of worlds with them!

  34. I remember loving lego as a child and it is wonderful to see it so loved still and how it has evolved. x

  35. My son, at the age of 30, still has a pretty extensive Lego collection. It’s a great way for him to destress.

  36. We are at the “duplos” stage but Jett absolutely LOVES them! We build ALL sorts of things with them – everything from big trucks to microphones to flashlights. They are really great for encouraging his creativity!

  37. These are all great reasons and I love giving LEGOS for gifts. The kids use their imagination when playing with them and I think it’s important for them to do that.

  38. I loved legos gowing up and I always buy them for friends kids

  39. We love Legos! My son has so many we gave him part of the basement. It really helps him be creative.

  40. When I was a nanny, we played Legos all the time!

  41. I even love legos as an adult ! Keeps the brain cells moving, awesome toy !

  42. I grew up with legos and so did my husband. They encourage creativity and imagination! Not to mention, a child steps on one once and they’ll remember to put them up 😉

  43. My kids love Legos. They have both kits that they follow the instructions to build and they also have tubs of bricks. I love seeing what they come up with!

  44. Absolutely agreed. My kids love love love their Legos!!

  45. I’ve always loved legos! When I use to babysit I would spend hours making creations with the kids. It was always interesting to see which kids would throw away the instructions and which kids wanted to make what was on the box.

  46. Following directions is also a great skill to perfect with Legos.

  47. Any time kids can use their creativity is good.

  48. My daughter loved playing with Legos when she was growing up. I made sure to save some of them for when I have grandchildren.

  49. We love Legos here! The boys and I still need to check out those Netflix shows.

  50. My husband still plays with Legos. 😀 It’s our go-to gift for our nieces, and I’m sure our kid will have TONS of them!!

  51. Trust me I am forever stepping on lego! Who knew it hurt so much but Lego is fantastic for kids. I used to love playing with them.

  52. We love legos at our house. They make such great gifts and the shows are pretty fun to watch!

  53. Legos are the best! We have a huge bin of them and build stuff often. You can never have enough Legos 🙂

  54. My son just loves legos! It totally feeds his creativity! Such a great way to play for kids.

  55. My boys love Legos!! They can play with them for hours!

  56. I have always liked Legos. I remember growing up playing with them.

  57. Legos are our go to toy! They are wonderful for creative play! I love them, not stepping on them though!

  58. I love legos, they have been part of my kids’ childhood and mine. I agree, they definitely fire up those creative juices and makes your imagination come to life as well. Legos are one of the best classic toys out there! Definitely!

  59. My oldest son has always enjoyed Legos. My youngest son is still a bit to young for the smaller legos. We put up the Legos so that my youngest can play with them once he is old enough.

  60. My kids love legos! It is great to see how creative they can be with them.

  61. Lego is an amazing toy for kids. I love these sets but nothing is better than a huge tub of lego left to the imagination.

  62. My daughter used to love playing with Legos when she was a kid. A lot of creative thinking is required to build so many different things!

  63. My boys loved legos, my daughter never played with them. They could entertain for hours.

  64. My son loved Legos, he always wanting these, so glad to know that this is great for kids

  65. Love this toy. I still play it with kids or with my little cousins. They really love it! They are so quite when we’re playing legos, obviously because they use their mind to think what to build.

  66. I loved Lego when I was a kid and my kids loved it, too. I’ve always known that Lego is great for kids.

  67. my godson loves the lego video games but i can’t get him to play with legos. I wish he would though, it is a great brain exercise!

  68. My son was love playing Lego and I know he can learn from that game

  69. These days, this toys “Legos” is the one chasing activity that kiddos would loved so much. Its build there creative thinking about this.

  70. We have a whole family of Lego lovers! My son loves to use the instructions and my daughter is more of a free spirit!

  71. i think legos are fabulous for children and even though i didn’t get into them i can appreciate how cool they are. i love visiting the lego store at downtown disney to see what they have put together

  72. My kids really love Legos. It enhances their skills and they’re being creative.

  73. Legos are great. All my kiddos love playing with them. They can make so many things and get creative.

  74. We must have at least ten boxes of legos. I love the creativity that comes with playing with them.

  75. My daughter loves all kinds of building blocks! We just got Netflix couple of weeks ago and we haven’t had time to check out the Lego Friends yet, but I’m sure my daughter will love it.

  76. I totally agree. Legos are great for kids. My daughter has a very impressive collection. lol

  77. Legos Legos!!! I love them I can play with them for hours with my kids!!

  78. Lego was one of my kids favorites when they were younger. It is a great way to be creative.

  79. My kids love playing with Lego. It is so easy to clean them if you put them in a mesh bag and run them threw the washer.

  80. My kids LOVE legos. I actually just bought them new legos the other day to add to their collection. It’s the one thing they can all sit down together and do without fighting lol

  81. We are a home absolutely drowning in Lego… and I don’t mind one bit! As long as it stays off the floor!!! My son has so many kits Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Avengers, Minecraft, and so much of just the standard blocks. He will disappear in his room for hours. We had to put 4 shelves in his room just to hold his favourite pieces. And now my girls love the Lego Friends too. I much prefer this imaginative play to the glow of screens!!

  82. Legos are so much fun for kids and adults. I love them for their bright colors, delightful things to make, and the way they encourage hand-eye coordination and inspire imagination.

  83. Legos are fun and it will develop kids creativity and patient. They are much better that high tech games you can buy in the market nowadays.

  84. Other than the fact that I hate stepping on them in the middle of the night, Legos are awesome lol My son loves them and yes, it is way better than screen time for sure.

  85. I so agree! Legos are neat for kids – boys and girls!

  86. I love the creativity that LEGOs inspire in my kids. They build the most amazing things – and who knows, maybe someday one of their crazy creations will someday will become a reality!

  87. My son is fascinated with LEGOs. He has a few sets and uses them almost at the same time to make different things. It’s great to see him letting his imagination run free.

  88. Legos build a creativity of child minds, that’s why I love LEGOs for my son.

  89. Mt brother had bins of lego as a kid and we still build legos at the office sometimes! It’s our treat to ourselves 😉

  90. My kids are crazy about LEGOs. That’s why we have more LEGOs in our house than in the LEGO store.

  91. Legos have been around like forever–I remember stepping on them at friend’s houses and even in my own. I used to keep a set there for when they all came visiting. It is great to keep the Dad’s busy also!!

  92. The floor in my oldest’s room is made up entirely of LEGO. I won’t go in there for fear of injury. But I let it be because he doesn’t want to move his creations or disturb his creative process.

  93. We seriously have so many Legos in our house! My boys love Legos and there are so many awesome cognitive and creative skills that are mastered with them!

  94. My niece loves the legos that they have for girls. She puts together the little scenes and is great at following the directions.

  95. There are so many things you can do with Lego. I love that kids can use their imagination and build whatever they want.

  96. My daughter is Lego obsessed!!!! I was never into that kinda stuff as a kid so I don’t get the fascination at all, but omg I do love them now though because they keep
    My child entertained for hours!

  97. Legos are such great toys. I loved them growing up and now my daughter loves them.

  98. My son loved Legos for a long time. He still ahs boxes of pieces. They were great for his development

  99. Legos clearly understands child development. They target every age group so successfully. We love their sets.

  100. I definitely see Legos as great learning tool for kids. My two youngest love them. They learn how to build and make things, and it teaches them great skills.

  101. We love legos! I don’t think I could imagine our house with out them, Thank you for sharing.’

  102. We love Legos too and my youngest had a grand time at Lego Land a few months ago. I also believe that they are great for our children’s development.

  103. My daughter loves lego. She’s got a huge collection to play with. Her favorite is the lego doll house.

  104. Legos have been in our home for as long as I can remember. My kids started with duplo.

  105. Legos really are good for so many reason. My four kids all love them, and they are varied in age. Even the grown ones get into it if a set is out.

  106. My kids are a big fan of legos, we have so many here at home. IT sparks creativity among the kids.

  107. Legos can be really educational too. I will choose it over any other kind of toy because of how makes my kid enhance his creativity.

  108. We love love love Lego’s! Kiddo and I still play with them when we hang out. I’ll probably play with Lego for the rest of my life.

  109. So great to watch our girls who r 4 and 5 build things with Legos! I’ve totally stepped on a few though which is not fun haha!

  110. I totally get that they support creativity and imaginative play, but I hate legos. I feel like a terrible parent for hating them, but the tiny pieces just annoy me.

  111. I love Legos for kids!! They really get their imaginations going and like you said, no screens!!

  112. Our kids love playing with LEGOs! They always put them up after building them and then build things with the extra parts.

  113. legos are the bomb! i haven’t really thought it about it in this way before, great post!

  114. LEGO clubs! I didn’t know about those. I’m going to look in the area for one. My son loves his Lego sets.

  115. They really do help kids with fine motor skills. I love all the creativity that Legos help to inspire in kids.

  116. I agree with you that creating things with Legos help kids to learn problem solving skills! I love it!

  117. you can build a lot of things with Legos…definitely a great toy invention for kids and adults too!

  118. My son loves Legos and I agree that they encourage creative thinking and play. I love to see the creations he comes up with.

  119. My son used to be obsessed with Leggos. He is older now and moved on, but it kept him busy and creative. Love Leggos.