Mar 252014
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Chris and I recently went on a little adventure to Connecticut.  Although the plans we originally had for the day didn’t work out as planned, we ended up stumbling across this interesting place called Wild Bill’s Nostalgia Center in Middletown, CT.

Let’s face it, it’s hard not to stop when you see this as you’re driving by:


And have a look at how the building is “decorated”.




Since the outside looked like that, we were both excited to see what the heck was inside. We weren’t disappointed, either. The store is filled with, for lack of a better word, junk.

Have a look at what I mean:











Yes, these are record albums:


There were also several arcade games & pinball machines for sale there:


And hey, I got married by Elvis (really):


I could have spent all day in there looking at all the stuff he had. It was really cool and yes, Bill was there working that day.

Out in the back, Bill boasts the world’s largest Jack in the Box and had a haunted house in the fall.


Oh, and then there is this:


If you are ever in the area, this place is definitely worth a stop. It’s located at 1003 Newfield St in Middletown, CT

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  125 Responses to “Wild Bill’s Nostalgia Center”

  1. I could never let my MIL go in there…she’d be trying to load the back of our SUV to the hilt (after she’d filled up her own trunk, of course). 🙂

  2. i love places like this! i never buy anything, but like looking around!

  3. You guys live near a bunch of interesting places. I bet it was fun to look around!

  4. Wow, looked like a very interesting place to indeed stop at and thanks for sharing it here today 🙂

  5. Ha! Wow, Now that is a nice little unexpected find! I would have totally stopped too if I saw that. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Middletown CT.. I can’t place where it is! I will have to check that out next time we’re up for a little road trip!

  6. Oh I love it what a find, I have never seen a funfair in snow either heheh!

  7. I could easily drop 10k in there and can’t wait to go back at Halloween

  8. OMG how cool are all these shots, interesting things from years ago.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!!

  9. I could spend hours and hours there! Just love places like this.

  10. Really interesting curios shop.. really a lot of weird and unusual stuff for sale there.

  11. I want the E.T. doll! HA HA What a fun place!

  12. I love stopping at places like this while I am on road trips.

  13. This looks like a freak show of a place and I love it!!! My sister would really want to check this out!! Thanks!

  14. Wow, I don’t think I could pass by without stopping either!

  15. looks cool – if ET wasn’t $350 I might want it – lol

    probably a cool haunted house – are you guys gonna go? 🙂

  16. This makes me want to jump in my car and go for a little road trip down to Connecticut! What a fun find!

  17. This place looks insane! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  18. Haha! I would’ve totally stopped! That place is a phobic person’s worst nightmare.

  19. Oh my gosh. This is basically the best store EVER!! I want to go there immediately. How fun.

  20. Hari OM
    Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, I have GOT to get me a horse thing… What a fabby place, but am glad it’s over your way. I am going mad enough in similar places over here!! Have a great week, YAMxx

  21. Holy Heck! The fun house I’m sure would be so fun to go back to!

  22. I am going to have to check this weird place out.

  23. If I saw all of that stuff outside I would definitely stop! That display sure is eye catching. Have a terrific day!

  24. That is awesome! I have never seen such a wild and exciting looking place from the outside followed up with a fantastic inside! Looks incredible! My boys would be in heaven!!

  25. You stop at the funnest places! Love the eclectic collection of stuff for sale. I love quirky places like that and I’m sure the owners were fun too!

  26. Haha-this is such a cool stop. I would so go there if I could.

  27. I think some of the stuff would creep me out, but I do appreciate old records and fun memorabilia, so I know it’s not all creepy.

  28. Oh my goodness! WHat an awesome place! I wouldn’t be able to resist checking it out with the outside decor!!

  29. Wow, this looks like such a fun place to go to.

  30. That car would have totally caught my attention as well. I am really amazed at all the pictures you shared. So cool!

  31. is that an optical illusion, or is something supporting the car? cool though.

    one word is coming to mind about that place: groovy.
    would love to wander in there.

  32. I would definitely have had to stop there also-I mean how could anyone just pass by a place that looks like that! I bet there are a couple of gems hidden amidst the junk!

  33. Ooooh my gosh. I think I need to go there sometime in my life. That looks like such a fun “junk” shop!

  34. Packing bag and coming to visit you have awesome places around you.

  35. That is beyond words! I wonder how much business they get?

  36. I would have had a ball walking through there. He has a ton of neat old stuff.

  37. I love all of the great vintage stuff in there! The clowns would trip me out a little… but I’m a bit of wimp when it comes to clowns 😉

  38. Oh my goodness, what a fun place to visit… seems like a lot of great stuff to look at.

  39. How fun! I love all the bright outside, I bet there was a ton of neat things to look at 🙂

  40. My hubby would love that place. I would get a kick out of taking photos.

  41. That sounds like a cool place! I’d find some treasures in there for sure.

  42. You always visit some of the craziest places! I wanna goooo!

  43. This place looks amazing and fun!!! I love to look at “junk”!!!

  44. I would have a hey day in there! That kind of junk is right up my alley, the hubs would have to drag me out of there because I’d want it all!

  45. that would be an awesome place to visit, flashback!

  46. Interesting! You have some weird places and things around you.

  47. That is hilarious!! What an adventure you guys had that day!?!?!?!

  48. Whoa. Now I want to go to CT!!

  49. This place looks awesome!

  50. Oh my gosh how cool! I love the “Horse Thing!!”

  51. Wild Bills definitely has some very interesting items! I’d love to go and explore this place!

  52. It reminds me a little bit of a restaurant on Captiva Island that is filled with nostalgia pieces and old photographs.

  53. These place looks so cool! I loved the E.T and Elvis statues! I’d love to spend an afternoon here just loving at all the cool stuff!

  54. How cool! Definitely would make me want to stop and check it out!

  55. I’m always looking for fun & crazy roadside attractions. Looks like you found an awesome one in CT. I need to remember this if I’m ever out on the East coast.

  56. Definitely a cool looking place to stop by to see, if I ever get this part of the country again! Thanks for sharing your awesome adventure on WW!

  57. Wow, what an interesting place! I love that E.T.

  58. This place looks so FUN!

  59. What a fun and ecletic place.. would love to go!

  60. Wow, all those things are so cool. If we’re ever in that area of CT I’m definitely going in there. Thanks for sharing the address. 🙂

  61. I {heart} Elvis! This looks like a really fun store. Thanks for sharing.

  62. Okay, I had to scroll really fast past the clowns! Looks like a cool store. I’d never be able to go in though, because of the clowns. LOL.

  63. I saw this place on TV. I can’t remember what show, or even what the show was about-but all I can remember thinking was how junky the place was. I guess that’s the point though, but they seriously need to de-clown the place, lol.

  64. This place is amazing… How lucky that you were able to go here.. The crazy outside is fantastic.

  65. That place looks crazy! But I would so stop there myself! Loved the stuff they have! I love finding little gems like this and looking at the old nostalgic stuff they have. Sometimes it brings back great memories too. Thanks for sharing!

  66. How cool, yet creepy at same time. I would love to take a peek at this place for sure. I think it would be a great adventure to do with the fiance one weekend!

  67. What a fun store to visit! I would visit it just to see the outside of the building!

  68. Looks like the creepiest, yet coolest, place. I’d be happy to spend all day browsing that place!

  69. What a crazy place! I can see what drew you in.

  70. WOW, that place looks like so much fun! Totally draws you in! I love the decor and the stuff inside is so much fun! -Amber

  71. OMG I have to tell my husband about this place because he would love to visit there. This is so up his alley and it looks so interesting.

  72. Lol. I’ve never seen a store quite like this. I wondered where people always found these old items and now I know.

  73. I LOVE the way the building is decorated!! So fun!

  74. Totally bizarre. I wonder if Bill ever sells ANYTHING?

  75. Wow! That’s crazy! What a great place to pass some time, though!

  76. Looks like a really fun place to swing by and visit.

  77. No you couldn’t miss that. How do they stand the car like that?

  78. Kind of scary, LOL, but my kind of place. I would love spending time looking through that and my husband would too. Pretty cool and if we are ever in the area we will be sure and stop in.

  79. This is awesome. I’d totally have to stop here. Love E.T.

  80. I love places like this! How neat it would be to take time and look at everything in that place! Love it!

  81. What a walk through the past, wonder if they have any Q-Bert games. I loved that game (probably better if I do not find it as I would get nothing else done!). I love the ET – so glad the front of the place made you stop.

  82. Coool….so many mementos from certain period of time :D…I guess I would spend the whole day there as well if I came ..thanks for sharing it…

  83. Those decorated buildings are really cool! Can’t understand how do you find so great places to visit all the time 😀

  84. My husband had a boss who collected stuff like this, he called it “Schlock”. He would LOVE this store!

  85. Ok, this looks like a WILD and CRAZY place to visit! The car standing straight up in the air would have stopped me in my tracks ….lol. And I love the decorated outside of the building. Thanks for sharing!

  86. That looks like a place where you’d have to stop if you were passing by! So many interesting things to look at.

  87. This place looks totally awesome and totally creepy all at once! It’s definitely somewhere you’d have to stop and check out on your way by.

  88. This seems like the kind of place you could spend hours amusing yourself in.

  89. I would get lost in memories walking through that place. Would take me forever to get through and who knows how much I would buy!

  90. Wow, what a wild place! I’ve never seen anything like it!

  91. This seems like such a great place. You can spend hours looking around and then leave with an item no one will be able to stop talking about.

  92. Wowzers, this is interesting to say the least. The talking Snooki and Sarah Palin Dolls are definitely different, not to mention the decor of the building.

  93. I love this kind of stuff. it reminds me of when I went to the wax museum

  94. Wow! This is really cool! Thanks for all the pictures! I loved checking everything out!

  95. Is that an actual car hanging there like that? Holy Cow. I would love to know how they managed getting that sucker up there. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Looks like there were a lot of collectibles and random objects in there! I like the giant ET!

  96. What a totally cool place! The car in front would definitely make me stop too. I think I could spend hours inside looking at all the cool stuff from my childhood!

  97. I could every easily get lost in a place like this. I could spend all day in it just looking around. Adding this place to my list of places I HAVE to see.

  98. Okay that is actually a pretty cool place. However, ET is not junk LOL

  99. My daughter hates clowns!!! But she LOVES Marilyn Monroe! Dilemma! Haha! I so wish this was closer to me so that we could take her for a visit. 😉

  100. I think I’ve heard of this place before! I love the price tag that says Horse Thing! That’s awesome!

  101. I would have had to have stopped to check it out. such interesting vintage items–love the old school video games.

  102. WTF I’m so creeped out now. TOO MANY CLOWNS lol

  103. Well at least with all that stuff there’s plenty to look at! It sure does look diverse! It reminds me of the saying “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.

  104. Intriguing, but kind of creepy! LOL. What a fun place to look around

  105. You seem to find the most interesting locations! I would love to venture through a store like this, just to see what all it has to offer.

  106. girl you get around. And you happen to find the most interesting places to visit. I loved the strawberry shortcake for a garden fixture on one of the shelves.

  107. Besides all of those freaky-as- hell clowns, that place looks like a blast! I’d love to spend a few hours just browsing!

  108. I want to know how they did that with the car! Also I had to share this with my friend because she has an irrational fear of ET.

  109. Oh how fun! I’m so glad you stopped!! He seems like such a character! 🙂

  110. What a wacky place to visit!! Too funny…I love places like this.

  111. That is wild. I might end up coming home and having nightmares though. Some of that stuff is freaky.

  112. That place looks so cool! I love how you seem to visit lots of “off the beaten path” destinations and you describe them so well!

  113. Whoa! What a bunch of great crap!

  114. That’s a crazy place! It’s just packed with all kinds of wacky stuff!

  115. What an interesting area! I bet the people there are fun and creative types, aren’t they? It looks like you stayed pretty entertained during your trip to Connecticut.

  116. It looks really interesting. Some of the masks looked a bit creepy though. 🙂

  117. That’d definitely be an interesting place to visit! Looks like there’s a whole variety of stuff to see.

  118. OH man! Thats a place I could get lost in for DAYS!! 😀

  119. Clowns normally don’t creep me out, but those are some creepy clowns!

  120. That looks so stinkin’ fun, love it! I would have stopped by as well 😛

  121. I would love to go here just to take pictures of all this fun stuff. Our Wild Bills here is a tattoo shop with some crazy cars.

  122. That stuff is just completely random and I love how they included “thing” as part of the description on something! What a fun store to check out though!

  123. I absolutely love curio shops like that. My great grandmother was a curio and antique dealer so it’s in my blood. Exploring through everything is so much fun.