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No matter what time of year you choose to visit Boston there are plenty of activities to entertain you during your visit. If you haven’t planned your trip just yet you might want to consider checking out some of these activities before you book! There are seasonal activities in Boston to suit any taste, some are perfect for a family outing while others would make a wonderful date night. I’d be the first to tell you that making more than one trip to Boston so you can take advantage of all these great seasonal activities is a great idea.

As with most places in the Northeast, Boston is in full bloom during the spring. Nothing says “get out and explore” quite like the crisp spring air. Warm sunny days invite you to get out and enjoy the beauty of springtime in Boston. These are some of the awesome activities you can enjoy during the spring in Boston.

  • The Boston Marathon: 3rd Monday of April
  • The Duckling Parade: Mother’s Day
  • Check out the fresh blooms in the Arnold Arboretum
  • Hop a ride on the Old Town Trolley
  • Freedom Trail walking tours will take you past 16 of the most historical sites in Boston
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a big deal in Boston…in case you didn’t know!
  • Boston International Film Festival: typically during mid April

Summer in Boston is full of seasonal activities. There are sporting events taking place during the week and weekends, and the city is buzzing with the tourists and locals out enjoying the sunshine. If you are planning to visit Boston in the summer these are some must see attractions.

  • Boston Harbor Islands Ferry Cruise
  • Hit up Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Fenway Park, and Gillette Stadium for some awesome summer concerts
  • Boston Whale Watching Cruises
  • Independence Day Celebrations are also a pretty big deal in one of the oldest cities in the USA!
  • Garden tours are amazing during the summer while everything is in full bloom

The northeastern United States is known for it’s beauty during the fall. Boston is no exception. There are, of course, plenty of places to check out the foliage but you can also catch some other fun activities happening during the fall in Boston.

  • Salem Witch Museum is the perfect Halloween themed destination
  • Boston Children’s Museum has special fall installations
  • The Freedom Trail Walking Tour will get you up close and personal with the changing leaves and Boston’s most historic locations
  • Day of the Dead Celebrations at the Peabody Museum
  • Fright Fest at Six Flags New England is close by and a great option if you have a day to spend at the park!
  • Charles Riverboat Cruises are gorgeous during the fall
  • Brewery Tours are in full swing during the fall and especially during October
  • The Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival
  • Opening our Doors – Fenway Fest
  • The Boston Book Festival

You might think that traveling to Boston in the Winter is a silly idea. Sure, it’s cold and blustery sometimes but for the most part Boston is as beautiful (if not more so) during the winter as it is any other time of the year. If you will be in the area, these are some of the most popular things to do in Boston in the winter!

  • Skiing locations in and around Boston are great during the winter…even if you don’t like to ski!
  • Ice Skating on Frog Pond
  • “Frost Bite” sailing
  • Sledding at Boston Common
  • Self-Guided Winter Walking Tours
  • Catch a show in the theater district
  • Take a Boston Brewery Tour
  • Or a Trolley Tour with the family

No matter when you decide to visit Boston…or if you decide to visit more than once…there are plenty of activities for you and your family to enjoy!

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  1. Boston is a great walking city. We took one of the self guided walking tours one summer when with visited friends,

  2. Oh I would love to visit Boston. I hear it is beautiful in fall. So much to do, one of these days I’ll make it there!

  3. I have never been to Boston and I really hope to get there someday. It looks and sounds like such a fun place to visit!

  4. Growing up in the Canadian maritimes Boston was the city everyone travelled to for adventure. I am kicking myself for not making that trip when I still lived in Canada; it looks like a fab place to visit! Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Oh cool! Thanks so much for sharing all of these. I’ve always wanted to go to Boston, but I haven’t been able to yet. Bookmarking!

  6. I’ve always thought it would be interesting to see Boston- it’s such a historic city! The fall activities look amazing!

  7. I have never been to Boston but have always wanted to go. It sounds like an amazing city!

  8. Now that we are officially “Massholes” ourselves, my kids keep telling me things they want to do in Boston. I wouldn’t mind going to the St Patrick’s Day parade but there’s no way I’d be bringing my kids, that would be MY day.

  9. I had NO idea Boston had whale watching cruises!! So much to do in Boston I will try going there sometime and enjoy many things you listed! The winter activities look great for family fun!

  10. I’ve only been to Boston once when I visited Boston University. The city was very picturesque. Next time I’m in NY we may take a ride up there.

  11. My husband wants to go back there. He loves Boston. I’m pinning this for sure!

  12. I have never been to Boston, but I so want to go and do the historical tour. Thank you so much for making a list of things to do, I am going have to keep all this in mind when I plan my trip.

  13. I am glad to know that there are a lot of activities you can do in Boston. I have never been there but I hope we could visit someday.

  14. Sounds like Boston has a lot of places that are fun to do no matter what time of year it is. At some point I will make it out to Boston and took out a lot of these places that you mentioned.

  15. Wow, there is so much more to do there than here. I’d love to go to Boston in the summer to go on the Boston Harbor Islands Ferry Cruise.

  16. Boston has so much history it is one place I have always wanted to visit. Thinking during the fall is when I would love to visit.

  17. I love Boston. I’ve done the Freedom Trail and it was actually very cool! Dying to go back to the city. I had so much fun when I visited!

  18. Boston is such a beautiful location! I would love to take my family there someday.

  19. I know there is so much to do in Boston. I’d love to visit one day. We were going to but the weather didn’t cooperate.

  20. This is fantastic. I need to get to Boston sometime on our road tripping adventures. Love that you can find things to do in Boston all year round!

  21. Thanks for sharing these! I love Boston, but I still haven’t seen everything there is to do there.

  22. Thank you for sharing this, I was just speaking with my sisters about a trip this summer. Boston came up as a possible. Looks like there will be some fun stuff going on during the summer.

  23. I’ve been to Boston once and LOVED it. We did the Freedom Trail and visited Cheers. Absolutely beautiful town!

  24. It sounds like there is something for everyone in Boston all year round. I have always wanted to visit in the fall for the beautiful foliage.

  25. I went to Boston for a family reunion many years ago when my oldest was a baby. This great list has me wanting to go back now that the kids are old enough to enjoy it.

  26. I have been hoping to take a trip out to Boston sometime this year. These are great ideas on when to go and where to go. Thanks so much!

  27. My cousin lives in Boston and I have been planning on visiting him for sometime now.

  28. I have only ever been to Boston in the summer. I would love to go back in the fall! I bet it’s gorgeous!!

  29. It’s great that you broke this down into seasonal attractions! That makes it easy for anyone looking at this post to choose when they want to visit based on what they’d rather do OR find the right fun things to do based on when they can travel! Awesome idea!

  30. This all sounds like a blast! I love Boston so much. I love history and Boston is rich with it.

  31. I still have Boston on top of my list..can’t wait to visit this beautiful city

  32. Haven’t been to Boston yet but my hubby has and he says there’s so much to do!

  33. We love all that Boston has to offer. There are just so many things to do that even I have not done with my family.

  34. Ahhh!! Love this. I just moved here. I love it so far. Even the winter!!


  35. I think I would enjoy the trolley. Those fireworks are gorgeous though.

  36. I am looking forward to going to Boston in the Summer. I will have to check out a Boston Whale Watching Cruise. The kids are going to love it.

  37. I haven’t been to Boston in decades. Definitely keeping this in mind for when I am able to head that way in the future. So much to do!

  38. Thanks for this seasonal guide for what to do in Boston. It’s a brillinat idea and so helpful when planning. If you had to recommend one season to visit, what would it be?

  39. When I came first time to the US, I visited boston , great and beautiful city, loved all the places , we plan to come back this the spring

  40. I never thought about all the great things Boston had to offer! The news always gave attention merely to the marathon – it seem like a GREAT city!

  41. Great ideas for the seasons. I love the Boston area. I’ll be sure to check out some of these I haven’t yet next time

  42. Great to know about the summer activities. My family will be in New England this summer.

  43. What a great list. I’ve passed through Boston many times and have only been able to stay overnight once. But didn’t get a chance to do anything. Hopefully next time…

  44. These are great ideas for Botson in the winter. I love Boston anytime of the year. It is so beautiful!

  45. I have never been to Boston (but I would love to one day!) but my friend visits sometimes and i know she would enjoy this awesome list of things to do! I would particularly love to visit in the Fall, there is some awesome stuff to do!

  46. Thank you for posting this. Now there is no more excuse not to visit Boston, because it is offers events year-round! I would love to see the Duckling Parade. That would be awesome!

  47. Wow! So many interesting and different activities to do in Boston for every season.
    I would love to explore all these activities , specially the Independence day celebration and Book festival.

  48. I’ve never been to Boston but I am looking at this list of amazing fun and it makes me want to visit. I love that the city offers so much and works to keep citizens engaged and involved. Too cool!

  49. I wanted to try that Trolley tour in winter where I can enjoy the view of the whole place together with my family.

  50. My kids want to go to Boston this summer but I think any time if year would be great. Definitely adding these to our list!

  51. i have always wanted to visit boston. i heard it is such an amazing place

  52. We have a good friend who is from Boston.
    We have had some good times up in that area.

  53. These are fantastic suggestions-thanks for these! Boston has been on our bucket list so definitely saving these insider suggestions! 🙂

  54. Lovely things for every season 🙂 I love Boston in Spring <3 Thanks for sharing with us

  55. Wow! Boston has been on our list for must see places! Lots of activities to enjoy!

  56. We are planning a visit there and now I know what out itinerary should consist of thanks to this post! bookmarking it so I can plan accordingly- for every season! BRILLIANT!

  57. I’ve never been to Boston but it looks like there are some really fun things to do there. If I ever make it out that way I will definitely do a few of these. Thanks for sharing.

  58. Boston is a super festive city. I see they celebrate every holiday to the max thats cool! I have yet to visit.

  59. Wow, this is a great list– thanks for all the ideas. We are definitely checking these out next time we’re in Boston!

  60. This is great! So many times a travel blog (or blog post about traveling) only highlights the activities that can be done during the season the blogger visited. I love you have stuff that can be done no matter what time of the year it is!

  61. We have explored so much of the West Coast, we are really eager to see the east coast! It will have to start with Boston!

  62. I consider myself SO lucky to live here… there’s so many things to do all year long. I love playing tourist in my own town!

  63. Thanks for this great list of things to do year round in Boston. I will probably be in that area in the Summer.

  64. So many things to do! We have never visited Boston, and I know my husband would love to see it. I would want to see where all our history happened in the beginning of our country.

  65. Seems like the fall is really interesting in Boston! Wish I will visit Boston one day.

  66. So what you are saying is that Boston is a great place to visit. It also looks like it is a great time to visit, any time.

  67. Wow!! There are so many things to do in Boston!! I definitely want to visit there one day!

  68. I have been wanting to visit the east coast. Hopefully, I will be able to do that in the not too distant future. Boston is definitely on my bucket list.

  69. I love Boston. I am kind of hoping my daughter gets into Harvard…that way I can visit Boston more often!

  70. I would love to try a duck tour in Boston. I would also love to try some of them yummy restaurants.

  71. I would love to try a duck tour in Boston. I would also love to try some of them yummy restaurants. 🙂

  72. I would love to try a duck tour in Boston. I would also love to try some of them yummy restaurants like the pizza places.

  73. We are hoping to do some whale watching soon. Someone told us that summers are the best time for it.

  74. I’ve never been to Boston, but it sounds like such a neat place. I’d love to visit the Salem Witch Museum.

  75. I think it would be so interesting to visit the Salem Witch Museum! I’d love to go and see what they have and what history they talk about!

  76. We were in Boston a few years ago and I wish I had known about the Salem Witch Museum. I would have loved to go to that!

  77. Thank you for putting this list together. Must pass it over to a friend who will be visiting later this summer!

  78. How amazing, there is never a dull moment when visiting Boston.

  79. Wow, such a lovely place indeed. I’ve been to Boston years ago. That’s such a vibrant and happening place. I’d love to make it for these activities, again!

  80. Boston sure looks like a great place to visit!