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Fright Fest 2015 at Six Flags New England is in full swing. Like in the past, this year they have some seriously awesome haunts that are guaranteed to make everyone’s hair stand on end.  This year there are over 20 chilling attractions and over 200 petrifying characters. When you’re there, be sure to enter the Big Top and experience the all-new Slasher Circus 3D. If you love getting scared by sinister clowns, this is the attraction for you.  The clowns make it their mission to terrify people as they roam through this 3D attraction.

**Disclosure:  My family and I were invited to experience media day at Six Flags New England and received complimentary admission.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.


If you have little ones, don’t worry – there is something for everyone at Six Flags New England this Halloween season. Here’s the full Fright Fest breakdown.


Thrills By Day:

Mayhem Mission: The lab is brewing with our Ghoulish Game show as brave souls are sought to bring the master plan to life. Join our Scientists for plenty of hands-on excitement and horrifying hilarity in this family show! Saturdays, Sundays & Columbus Day. Approximately 25 minutes long.

Trick or Treat  Trail: Younger Guests embark on a journey and find great prizes & sweets. $1 donation benefits Six Flags Friends.

Spooktacular Street Party: Get your ghoulish groove on with our creepy crew as they dance to classic Halloween tunes during the Spooktacular Street Party. Approxiamtely 15 minutes long. Location: Main St. Gazebo Saturdays, Sundays & Columbus Day Only.

Graveyard Groove: An array of monsters are unleashed from their tombs in this live singing revue filled with petrifying parody, dance, and hit music to get your blood pumping and feet jumping!


Fright Rides: Be sure to take a screaming spin on the Fright Rides including: TERROR TWIST (Tea Cups), VOODOO VORTEX (Kontiki), RAGE IN THE CAGE (Bumper Cars) and LightmosFEAR at the Pandemonium ZOMBIE COASTER!


If you are a haunted attraction junkie like I am, you are going to want to walk through some of Six Flags New England’s amazing haunted houses, but before you get started, you are going to want to make sure you have a Scream Pass.

Here are your Scream Pass options:

    1. One Day Scream Pass: Unlimited Admission to all Premium Haunted Attractions day of purchase.
    2. Season Scream Pass – Unlimited admission to all Premium Haunted Attractions every day of Fright Fest!
    3. VIP – VIP front of line access upgrade available for both One Day Scream Pass and Season Scream Pass!

You can purchase your Scream Pass at the Main Gate, Main Street Rentals, Main St. Gazebo, Crabby Jack’s, Midnight Mansion, and Picnic Grove entrance. The Scream Pass is non-refundable and all attractions close when the park closes. Attraction popularity and lines increase as the night goes on, so you should plan accordingly.


Premium Haunted Attractions:

The Aftermath- Zombie’s Revenge: Hells Gate Park has fallen to the recent zombie uprising. Your mission is to survive the journey through this nature refuge. Hunt or be hunted! Opens at dusk. Scream Pass Wristband Required.

Total Darkness: You will be blinded by darkness as you find your way and face your fears in this haunted maze. A simple rope is your only chance to stay together and not get trapped in these halls. Opens at 6pm. Scream Pass Wristband Required.

Midnight Mansion: A dreaded curse lays over the Mansion whose master was tragically murdered! You are invited to his final party! Opens at 4pm. Scream Pass Wristband Required.

Wicked Woods: Take a terror trip through the haunted trails of Happy Valley where the dead never rest. Crazed creatures await your tour. Opens at Dusk. Scream Pass Wristband Required.

All new Slasher Circus 3D: 6-12 brave souls venture out with their 3D glasses to experience live circus performers around every turn!  There are 8 Multi themed circus rooms with lasers, sound, scented fog and other scare tactics.


As you walk through the park, you will notice haunt zones that come alive with zombies, witches and other monsters starting at 6 pm every night.  If you have little ones with you, you may want a “No Boo” necklace to ward off monsters, which is available at any gift shop. They do NOT work in our Premium Haunted Attractions, but do work in the haunt zones.

Here are all the Haunt Zones at the park:

Undead Alley: This is the site where Mayor Slayer emerged to reign over Fright Fest. Zombies freshly unearthed from their graves roam the deserted graveyard.

Demon District: This abandoned warehouse district looks pretty harmless, mostly old and dilapidated. … except when the sun goes down.


Main Street Graveyard:  Creeping caution is required as you enter the park through our crypts and graves.


Roswell/Area 51: The Inter-Galactic Alien Invasion has begun! Be cautious of alien beings and flying saucers in Rockville USA.


Tombstone Terrortory: A curse came over the Western Territory causing ghosts and zombies to rise and roam the streets of this Ghost Town each Halloween season.


And be sure to check out some of these scary shows:

Haunting Illusions: Master Illusionist David Garrity matches wit and magic amongst paranormal puzzles, terrorizing traps, and a haunting mystery. Approx. 25 mins.

The Awakening: Mayor Slayer arrives to reign over Fright Fest and calls forth demons, monsters, ghosts, and ghouls to join him in celebrating the nightfall. Approx 10 mins.

Mort’s Used Coffins: Tombstone Terrortory’s resident salesman is having a moonlight madness sale & the only good customer is a dead one in this ruthless riot, morbid and maniacal show.


Creepshow Freakshow: Put shards of glass, nails & fire on stage with the performers of Sideshow Thrills and you get an Extreme Show! Not for the young or faint of heart & WARNING: don’t try this at home! Approx. 25 mins. Not recommended for younger Guests!

Showdown in Tombstone Terrortory: Legend has it that many moons ago, the Bandit Brothers were wrongly executed and they return to haunt Tombstone TerrorTory every Halloween. Approx. 15 mins.

Verdict of Sorcery: The town finally has the mysterious Abigail Dickinson in their capture. Witness justice as she is brought to trial for acts of sorcery and witchcraft, but only if you can bear to watch the power of the blade. Approx. 10 mins.


There is so much to see and do during Fright Fest at Six Flags New England and here are some things to keep in mind if you visit.

Tips For Your Fright Fest Visit:

  • There is no park reentry after 6 pm. Guests, including Season Pass Holders, may not leave the Park and re-enter after 6 pm during Fright Fest. Please plan accordingly for weather and your family needs.
  • Strobe lights and fog machines may be in use at some shows and attractions. Please ask usher staff if you have any questions or concerns prior to entering.
  • Show Times are subject to change or cancellation without notice due to technical difficulties, weather conditions, or special events.
  • No touching of anyone or anything is allowed in any Premium Haunted Attraction or Haunt Zone.
  • Do not climb on any props or scenery. Failure to adhere to safety guidelines will result in ejection without refund.
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to shows for best seating and viewing.
  • Characters at all shows are available after each performance for meet and greet, autographs and photo opportunities!
  • Slasher Circus 3D, Midnight Mansion, Total Darkness, Wicked Woods & The Aftermath are not recommended for children under 13.
  • To keep ghouls from scaring our younger guests in the midway haunt zones, “No Boo” necklaces are available at any gift shop. They do NOT work in the Premium Haunted attractions.


The BIGGEST Fright Fest ever runs weekends through November 1 (Open Columbus Day). Enjoy Thrills by Day with their world class attractions, but be leery, when the sun goes down at the clock strikes 6:00 pm, the haunting will commence.

If you love Halloween attractions, Six Flags New England is THE place to be to experience them in this area.

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