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Whale's Tale Waterpark is the best place in the White Mountains to slide, swim and splash!

Tucked into the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Whale’s Tale Waterpark has been thrilling families for over 30 years. As a matter of fact, Whale’s Tale Waterpark was recently voted one of TripAdvisor’s Top 25 waterparks in America! It’s a great place to cool off, relax and spend some time with friends or family. A visit to Whale’s Tale is a definite wet and wild experience for the whole family.

Don’t worry if you’re not a thrill seeker – I’m not either.  Whale’s Tale has something for everyone. My family recently spent the day at Whale’s Tale and we had a blast. Here’s everything you need to know to ensure you have the best possible time at Whale’s Tale.

Whale's Tale Waterpark is the best place in the White Mountains to slide, swim and splash!

Attractions at Whale’s Tale Waterpark:

Poseidon’s Voyage
Their most thrilling ride yet. Riders of Poseidon’s Voyage begin in the SkyBox; a nearly vertical launch capsule, which is the steepest drop in the industry, with a trap door on the bottom. Tension builds as you hear your heart pounding. Then adrenaline kicks in as the floor suddenly drops out and you accelerate to the top speed of 38 feet per second. Powerful G-Forces glue you to the wall the entire way around the tight 360° SuperLOOP.

Jonah’s Escape
1/4 mile lazy river gently sweeps riders around the waterpark passing under a covered bridge and past waterfalls. Unwind as you float around the Whales Tale Waterpark on a ride that never has to end.

Whale's Tale Waterpark is the best place in the White Mountains to slide, swim and splash!

Eye of the Storm
After travelling down a dark, enclosed tube at a 50 degree angle, riders are thrust into the light as they enter the “eye of the storm” at speeds of up to 35mph. Rotations are made around the sloped bowl until an inevitable 4′ drop is taken into the pool below. Awesome! A crowd pleaser. Take a spin yourself or climb to the first landing to watch the fun. *Riders must be able to swim

Banzai Pipeline
The Banzai Pipeline sends you into the quarterpipe at top speeds – so hold on tight and experience the Banzai rush! *Height & weight restrictions apply*

Willie’s Wild Waves
The giant wave pool brings the thrill of the surf to the White Mountains. We’re making waves the size of ocean breakers, so come join the beach party at the Whale’s Tale.

Whale's Tale Waterpark is the best place in the White Mountains to slide, swim and splash!

The Plunge
Take the Plunge if you dare. Experience our dual speed slides and reach speeds of up to 40mph. Riders can race each other and prove once and for all who is the fastest.

Whale Harbor
Youngster’s can drop anchor at Whale Harbor, a special activity pool that gets no deeper than 16″. 4 waterslides, 3 fountains, a water see-saw and other features allow even toddlers to experience water-fun at The Whales Tale!”

Whale's Tale Waterpark is the best place in the White Mountains to slide, swim and splash!

Zip through the turns of the two Downpour slides. The 430′ long winding course starts 50′ in the air. Then climb back up and do it again!

Beluga Boggin
This 360′ tube ride lets the little ones get in on the action. No height restriction and a gentle figure 8 course makes this attraction a family favorite.

Shipwreck Island
This state of the art water complex will entertain the entire family for hours! Watch out though, you WILL get wet!

Whale's Tale Waterpark is the best place in the White Mountains to slide, swim and splash!

Harpoon Express
400′ long and nearly 7ft. wide this attraction sends from 1-3 riders down a bobsled style course. Built in the summer of 2000, the Harpoon Express combines a thrill and family ride into one

Castaway Cove
Come get away from it all in their 85 foot heated pool, surrounded with three giant hot tubs. Shaped like a whale with underwater seating built into the tail, fins and head , this pool’s temperature will be maintained at 88 degrees with the hot tubs set at a comfortable 104 degrees.

Whale's Tale Waterpark is the best place in the White Mountains to slide, swim and splash!

See what I mean when I say there is something for everyone? We set up base camp at Castaway Cove, which is located in between the lazy river and the wave pool. While the kids and my hubby did some of the slides, the majority of our time was split between the other three.

Before we left for New Hampshire (we spent the week up there), I made this printable Waterpark Scavenger Hunt to do with the kids while we were there.  Even in a place as fun as Whale’s Tale, sometimes my kids need a change of pace – especially my little one who has ADHD.  This scavenger hunt was a perfect distraction for him and by the time he was done with it, he was ready for a lot more water fun!

Whale's Tale Waterpark is the best place in the White Mountains to slide, swim and splash!

Give it a try when you go to Whale’s Tale – it’s wicked fun (and easy). Print your full size Waterpark Scavenger Hunt right here.

Whale's Tale Waterpark is the best place in the White Mountains to slide, swim and splash!

Know before you go:

  • Believe it or not, a perfect weather day is not always the best day at the Whale’s Tale.  That’s because you and everyone else decided to go on that day, too. Think about going on an overcast day – there will be practically no lines, plenty of seating, and more opportunities to truly enjoy your day. Note: the park will close for thunder and lightening and reopen when it is safe to enter the water again. Whale’s Tale Waterpark does not give Refunds, but if the park is forced to close due to weather they will issue you a rain check to return for the time you missed.
  • Admission is required for anyone entering the park, even if you are not swimming, and admission prices are for each person in your party. For ticketing purposes, toddlers are guests age 3 & under that are able to walk. Toddlers receive a free swim diaper with their admission. Seniors are 70 years of age or older. Infants (children unable to walk) are free.
  • Check out their “After 3 Tomorrow Free” deal.  The After 3 Tomorrow Free Special Offer entitles the ticket holder to access the park from 3pm until closing on the day the ticket is purchased and then return for another full day on any day in the next 7 days of operation. The After 3 Tomorrow Free Special Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or coupons and are non-transferable. It’s only $39 for all that fun!
  • Season passes and locals discount tickets are available at Whale’s Tale Waterpark.
  • Most of the seating in the park is available on a first come first serve basis. Seating areas near the food and beverage establishments are reserved for patrons purchasing food.
  • If you want to ensure that you have a seat for your family and friends, you can reserve a private cabana for the day. Call them at 603-745-8810 to make your reservation.
  • Whale’s Tale is situated on 17 beautiful acres and they have a lot of green spaces. Feel free to bring your own chair or blanket and find a peaceful spot to hang out.
  • They offer locker rentals on a first-come, first-serve basis. For a $9 fee and a $6 key deposit, you can access your locker throughout the day. When you return your key you get $6 back.

Whale's Tale Waterpark is the best place in the White Mountains to slide, swim and splash!

The Food Situation

Yes, coolers are allowed in the park, so you can bring your own lunch, snacks and drinks. If you don’t feel like packing a lunch, Whale’s Tale has a wide variety of food options:

  • Harborside Café features burgers, chicken fingers, fries, salads, sandwiches, beverages and more.
  • Porthole Pizza features pizza, subs, fried dough, dippin’ dots and draft beer.
  • Oasis Beach Bar – Mixed drinks, smoothies, bottled and draft beer. Open weather permitting.

Whale’s Tale is located at 481 Daniel Webster Highway, Lincoln, NH.  Two large parking lots provide plenty of easy access parking for car’s, RV’s and even buses. Parking is always free at Whale’s Tale!

If you ask me Whale’s Tale Waterpark is the best place in the White Mountains to slide, swim and splash!

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